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Art Of The 30 Years War

Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. Video: Historical Background Part 1

  2. List of artworks in the video

  3. Why we fought and what we gained

  4. Video: Historical Background Part 2


Video:  Historical Background To The Art, Of The 30 Years War, Part 1

Clicque here, to see a list, of the artworks, that are shown, in the video.


The many oil portraits, of Gustavus Adolphus 2, of Sweden , betoken the hope of a planet, that is threatened with enslavement, from an attempted fascist "new world order".

In this video we see the makin of the threats, that sensitized the Northern folks toward abuses from Rome .

As a pastor, or as a parent, this video can give you tons, of ideas, for a Christian sermon.

This superb video leads you, to a fine art gallery, where you will be able to locate many Biblical and historical masterpieces, available, to you, as hand-painted reproductions.

Biblical Bible quotations, particularly the Book of Revelation, chapter 17, show, to us, that Rome is the great whore of Babylon , dressed in scarlet and purple.

You will see an illustration, of this, in the part 1 video. You, as an artist, could conceive of many original paintings, on that topic, as well.

The attitude, of our people, toward the “priests from the East”, goes back to 2092 B.C. which is the year, when some of Finda's folk, led by their priests, wandered into Scandinavia.

Video: Historical Background To The 30-Years War Part 2



Artist paintings abound, on those bloody events, but scarcely ever on the hand-of-rome behind them.

Bible facts, throughout the book, support the view of rome , and eastern priesthood, as being the adversary, the satan. Any oil painting artist will find a rich field for subject matter, in Bible facts.

Gustav Adolf ii King of Sweden led the defense against the foreign priesthood of rome, and truly effectively, for a short while. He, and his deeds, are shown, in a much of artwork for sale at the linked gallery.

Portrait oil painting is the type, of art oil painting, that appeals to the type, of person, who relates more, to a personality, than to a scene, or an event. Or you can show both portraits and scenes, together, on your wall, in a montage.

The 30 Years War, and the 3700 year prologue, and the aftermath, up til even today, are fertile topics, to be seen in the posters for sale at the Erik the Vermilion Ministries website.

Oil portraits, of Gustav Adolf ii, King of Sweden, are an excellent choice, of décor, for any true-hearted folks, particularly those, of us, who respect the Old Testament Bible.

Tru Keesey's research, into the Infinity Bible Code, revealed to Al Neal, suggests that, perhaps, Sargon i is to be blamed, rather than Nimrod.

The Christian Bible lays all the murders, and tortures, and misery, in the history, of the Earth, since the great flood, at the feet of Mesopotamia, and the priesthood.

The Bible scriptures tell, to us, that the Tower of Babel was abominable to God. Likewise, I believe, are all skyscrapers. Mention is made, of the baddies, and their towers.

Bohemian grove, I must assume, for now, has also been a continuation, of the scattering of Babel .

The bloody priesthood and sorcerers came from babylon, a daughter of Sumer . They builded pyramids, and ziggurat.

Jack Stand, the art critic, is the narrator.

Tru Keesey Ministries is approved by God, as the nucleus, of the true new world order, to replace the old order.

Quoted from “Unsolved Mysteries” http://hellhorror.com/mysteries/dogon , accordin to Fair Use Law:

“…a Babylonian historian named Berossus - a contemporary and apparently an acquaintance of Aristotle (fourth century BC)-

“claims in his history, of which only fragments survive, that Babylonian civilization was found by alien amphibians, the chief of whom is called Oannes – the Philistines knew him as Dogon.

“The Greek grammarian Apollodorous (about 140 BC) had apparently read more of Berossus, for he criticizes another Greek writer, Abydenus, for failing to mention that Oannes was only one of the "fish-people";

“he calls these aliens "Annedoti" ("repulsive ones") and says they are "semi-demons" from the sea …. Homer's Sirens-mermaid like creatures who are all-knowing and who try to lure men away from their everyday responsibilities actually "Sirians", amphibious goddesses

“There are many other fish-bodied aliens in Greek mythology, including the Telchines of Rhodes, who were supposed to have come from the sea and have introduced men to various arts, including metal work. Significantly, they had dogs' heads.”

The prayer, in the Bible, says “save us from the power of the dog”. The Hebrew word for “Sirius” means “black”.

The destruction of the protestant town, of Dresden , was done, after the war could have ended. The war was prolonged, in order to destroy that city.

The Latins, the Etruscans, and the romans are all featured, in this joyful video.

But freedom and justice are bein established, even as you read this. Rome will be soon destroyed, ja, it is in the Bible's prophecy.

Hollywood , and the film industry, have been controlled by the mafia, which is an agency ruled by the vatican . They have tried to poison our minds, for many years, now.

Mick Snutz Art Department is the producer of this fine informational video, that shows how the church of rome, exploiting the gullibility of the catholics, and their un-holy roman empire, were the baddies, from long ago.

[2016 update: Sabattaean Frankists took over vatican in 1958. They were fake Roman catholics before then who liaised between the pope and Hollywood.]

Iraq , Serbia , 9-11 World Trade Center bombings. Kabbalistic Babylonian human sacrifice ritual directed by the Roman priesthood [after takeover by Sabbataean Frankists]. Business ownerships and market dominances were transferred from non-Babylonian to Babylonian factions.

Sumeria was the land, where the towns, that were built, by Nimrod, began to worship the twisted fish god, head of the nommo. You can see pictures of the priests, of that area, wearin their fish costumes, in the video, and also how the pope's (perp's) pope-hat is a part of that fish costume.

Nick O'Lothian produced the music, that was used, in this most enjoyable, and educational, video.

Bible scripture tells, to us, that babylon was the first attempted “new world order”, or “united nations”. Whatever man creates, it ought to be small. No big buildings, no big bridges, nor dams, and no big organizations.

Akkad was a part, of the Mesopotamian culture, and, hence, of the priesthood, that eventually became the papacy.

Witches On The Mayflower

Protestants were accompanied by witches in the Mayflower. In fact, they owned the ship, the witches. I have to, for now, assume that the witches were also part of the scattering, of the folks of babel.

Survivors, of the flood, may have included those, who dwelt beneath the sea. They may have been the “people from the east”, who took over the towns of Shinar .

Telling stories, of Bible history, becomes a lively event, when there is an oil portrait in view. Many freemasons, and occultists, claim, that their Babylonian traditions originated with Nimrod, and his priests.

Noah is mentioned in the video, though his role, in the drama, is not, at first gazin, so dramatic, as is that, of, say, Gustavus Adolphus ii. However, he must have had to struggle, to preserve the necessary discipline, to maintain himself within the scope of God's approval, in order to be chosen, to preserve our bloodline, and that of the beasts, birds, and beasties.

The Bible meaning is made clear, to our folk, and to our children, by story telling. The arts for sale help, to visualize the scenes, that are told of, in the stories.

The Writings of Beden show, how Italy became dominated by Finda's folk from Troy . Later, Simon Magus transferred the babylonian priesthood to Rome , and founded the catholic church, or the church of rome. You can buy posters on Biblical and historical topics, at the links, to be found, on Erik the Vermilion's website.

Of course, the term, “Protestant church” puts everything into the context of their relationship to the enemy rome . A clever oil painting artist will be able to portray Christian churches, in their direct connection to Jesus Christ, not as a reaction to the enemy rome .

Oil painting portraits, from the 30 years war, can be used, by the storyteller, as you familiarize our people and our children, with the true foundations of our history and our culture, in original artwork.

The prophesy, the prophecy, of prophetess Gosa tells, to us, how the priests were to bring a bloody bad time, which we have already observed in history, only the “hand of rome”, in makin the events to happen, has often been hidden.

On the topic, of the catholic inquisition in 21 st century Iraq , bear in mind, that george bush, the leader of the inquisition there, is son and brother to 2 knights of malta . Knights of malta is a catholic warrior club.

George bush was photographed bowing to the pope the pontifex maximus, the bridge builder, the “man of iniquity in the temple of God”, who is more properly styled “the perp”. You could design a painting for sale, having those connections – bush-vatican-Iraq – as the theme.

No force, in history, has ever been more invasive, intrusive, and un-freedom-loving, than the catholic church, and its associated economic, political, criminal mafia, and intelligence institutions. You can form many top-notch Christian sermons, based upon that topic alone. Many oil painting artists have illustrated the point, for us, as well.

There are so many excellent portrait oil paintings available, as reproductions, that it is hardly excusable, for any prosperous Christian home to be without at least 4 of them.


ART WORKS FOR SALE ONLINE : These are the titles, and the artists, of the oil paintings , that you see, in the video. Click on the name, to find out about orderin a hand-painted reproduction on canvas .

When you arrive at the gallery, use the "Search" field in the upper left.

1. Gustavus Adolphus II King of Sweden on Horseback
Jacob van der Heyden

2. Gustavus Adolphus II in the Battle of Luetzen on 16th November 1632 , c.1635, a painting by Palamedes Palamedesz. (Stevaerts, Stevens).

3. Noah Leaving the Ark -- 1663 Adam Colonia

4. The Construction of the Tower of Babel or Nimrod talking with Architects , a painting by Frans the younger Francken.

5. Portrait of Gustavus Adolphus II King of Sweden on horseback in the Battle of Stralsund , a painting by Jacob van der Heyden.

6. Gustavus Adolphus landing at Stralsund in 1630 -- Georg Koler

7. The Death of Gustavus Adolphus at Lutzen , an illus tration from The Lion of the North A Tale of the Times of Gustavus Adolphus and the Wars of Religion by G.A. Henty, pub. London , a painting by Johann Nepomuk Schonberg.

8. Gustavus IV Adolphus 1778-1837 King of Sweden -- Pierre Duflos (this one got into the review by mistake)

9. Portrait of Gustavus Adolphus the Great , King of the Swedes 1592-1632 -- 1650, a painting by Pieter Claesz. Soutman.

10. St George and the Dragon -- James Gillray

11. St George and the Dragon -- Raphael

12. Saint George and the Dragon -- 1870-89 Gustave Moreau

13. Achilles Dragging the Body of Hector arou nd the Walls of Troy , a painting by Donato Creti.

14. The Burning of Troy -- Louis de Caulery

15. Simon Magus Offering St. Peter Money -- 1470-75 Liberale Da Verona

16. Fall of Simon Magus -- Benozzo di Lese di Sandro Gozzoli

17. Etruscan Dress -- Albert Kretschmer

18. Etruscan Tomb -- c.1780 Franciszek Smuglewicz

19. Frescos from Etruscan Tombs -- c.1780 Franciszek Smuglewicz

20. The burning of Troy -- Francisco Collantes

21. The Burning of Troy -- Pieter Schoubroeck

22. Aeneas And His Family Departing From Troy -- Peter Paul Rubens

23. Aeneas and his Soldiers -- 1919 Georgy Narbut

24. Aeneas at the Court of Latinus -- Ferdinand Bol

25. Drawing of the Etruscan bronze of the She Wolf Suckling Romulus and Remus , a painting by Antonio Lafreri.

26. Rape of the Sabine Women -- Pietro Da Cortona (Barrettini)

27. Lictors Bringing Brutus the Bodies of His Sons -- Jacques Louis David

28. The Reconciliation between the Romans and the Sabines -- Frederik Valckenborch

29. Horatius Slaying His Sister After The Defeat Of The Curiatii -- Francesco de Mura

30. Capriccio of a Roman temple with Alexander the Great entering in triumph , 1755-60, a painting by Hubert Robert.

31. View in the Roman Forum The Temple of Peace -- Ab raham Louis Rudolph Ducros

32. Capriccio Romano, Colosseum ruins and Vespasian Temple -- (Giovanni Antonio Canal) Canaletto

33. The Ruined Temple of Saturn in The Roman Forum -- T. Caffi

34. Rome- View of St Peter's and the Vatican Seen from Prati Di Castello , a painting by Caspar Andriaans Van Wittel.

35. Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of the Empress Josephine 1805-07, a painting by Jacques Louis David.

36. Coronation of Harold King of the Anglo-Saxons -- (after) Maclise, Daniel

37. The Coronation of Charlemagne -- Raffaelo Sanzio

38. Christmas in the Royal household of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria 1717-80 with her husband Francis I 1708-65 and children Maria Christine Ferdinand I later Duke of Modena 1754-1806 Marie-Antoinette 1755-93 and the infant Maximilian, a painting by Archduchess of Austria Maria Christine.

39. Marie Antoinette 1755-93 in her chamber at Versailles in 1777 , a painting by Jacques - Fabien Gautier - Dagoty.


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