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Horary Astrology Articles

Horary Astrology Discoveries Not Found In Other Sources

What Is The Ruling Planet Of My Question?

Horary Question:  Is The CIA Evil?

Horary Question:  What Kind Of Meat Is It Really?

Horary Question:  Is The "Course In Miracles" Diabolical?

Horary Question:  Is The Prader-Willi Syndrome Real, Or Is It A Symptom Of Somethin Else, As In The Case Of Bipolar Disorder?

Horary Question:  What Will Happen In 2012?

Horary Question: "Is it true, that the Oannes / Nommos / Dagon were amphibious space travellers, rather than humans, who came in ships, and were later 'mythologized'?"



What Is The Ruler Of My Question?

When there is doubt about what may be the ruler of the question that you are askin, the chart tells you.

Here are ways you can find out what the question is about:

  • The first house rules the question. Whatever sign is on the first house, the question is about that. This can be an asteroid, or a hypothetical planet, if it fits the question.

  • The planet in the first quadrant, which is closest to the ascendant, is what the question is about.

  • The house havin the part of fortune tells you what the question is really about, you know sometimes people ask the wrong question, and they really have somethin else in mind at the bottom of it. That is shown by the part of fortune.

  • The lord of the first house applies to a conjunction of a planet that rules the question.

Now I'll give to you a few examples.


Horary Astrology Question About The CIA

One time I was askin a question about the CIA, and I was not sure what house or planet to use to represent the CIA. The horoscope (ascendant) was 29 Scorpio, and Lilith was also 29 Scorpio. So that tells us that the CIA is evil, deceptive, and demonic, for those are keywords of Lilith.

[I am referrin here to dark moon Lilith, a satellite of Earth, that has been sighted by professional astronomers, recorded in professional journals, and later suppressed and covered up. Not the empty space in the Moon's orbit, and not the asteroid Lilith.}

It also tells us that Lilith rules the CIA.

A late degree (27-29) on the ascendant means that I already knew the answer, CIA is evil.

Scorpio and Pluto have to do with espionage, and, with Scorpio on the ascendant, I was askin about an espionage agency.

Glenn Malec's chart, for the CIA, has the south node, of Moon, at 29 Scorpio.  That is more than coincidence, it means that the horary chart is radical, even though "too late degrees" are on the ascendant.

We have to watch out for that.

Often we don't know the birth's chart, we can't tell if a "too early" or "too late" degrees chart is, or is not, radical.  The books say it is not radical.

Some books say "unless conjunct a natal or progressed chart degree."  To that I would add a solar return chart, lunar return, or a diurnal chart.


Horary Astrology Question - What Kind Of Meat Is It Really?

Today I was concerned, a friend brought to me some Chinese food from a restaurant. It is in my refrigerator. I have had this dish at the restaurant before, curry with eggplant and, allegedly "chicken".

I was concerned to hear that Chinese restaurateurs have been found to be dishonest about substitutin one kind of meat for another.

In youtube videos and email forwards I have seen evidence that they eat anythin, even puttin aborted Chinese fetuses in butcher shop windows for sale as food.

I found that, after eatin this dish, eatin so much of the alleged "chicken" that I was full of it, then goin to home and seein a chicken in my fridge, I was still cravin the actual chicken.

Now I know from experience, that if I eat a lot of chicken, I don't crave more chicken. It actually makes me want to leave off of chicken for a few days.

Are you gettin this? The white meat in the restaurant did not look quite like chicken, it did not taste quite like chicken, and it did not feel quite like chicken. I ate a lot of it, then went home and lo -- I still craved chicken.

I had to conclude that it was some other kind of meat, not bird. What could it be? It had to be large enough to make chunks about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch, so that rules out insects. It was white, so it is not a mammal. I concluded that it must be a reptile - lizard, snake, or crocodilian.

I wanted to see what horary astrology would say about the question, so I ran a chart.

I did not know whether to use the 2nd, 4th, or the 6th house to represent food, for I have heard of houses used for that matter, food.

I have not answered the question yet, because I became very excited about writin this article. You are goin to be able to follow my thinkin process as I analyze this chart!

So here is the information for you. First I'll show to you the chart:

Horary Astrology Question: What Kind Of Meat Is It?


  • The sign Virgo is on the horoscope (ascendant). Virgo is the sign concerned with the quality of nutrition, as opposed to Moon and Cancer which are more concerned with the indiscriminate act of feedin folks and with emotional choice of food.

  • Notice that the onliest planet in the first quadrant is the Moon. Moon rules nutrition and feedin and food, so the question is ruled by the Moon.

  • Part of fortune is in the 6th house, so my question is, at bottom, ruled by the 6th house. That means either that the 6th house rules food, or else my question is actually more about health than the particular food itself, or both.

    Sixth house rules the things we must do to maintain health in a material way, like food, medicine, hygiene, and protective clothin and shelter. My concern is connected with the health guidelines for food in the King James Bible, issued for freckled people (Israelites). Vegetarianism is best, but for meat-eaters certain animals are unhealthy.

  • Rememberin that asteroid Ceres rules nutrition, I decided to add Ceres to the chart. See that the lord of the first house, Mercury, applies by conjunction to Ceres. Ceres also is lord of the first house, since Ceres rules Virgo.

Asteroids And Unconventional Planets In A Horary Question

Put them in the chart only if they rule somethin in the question, or if they conjoin a ruler of somethin in the question. In the latter case, they become co-ruler.

Sometimes you can learn more about the meanin of an asteroid or unconventional planet if it is in the first quadrant near to the horoscope (ascendant). That means it rules whatever you are askin about. It is a good research tool.


Ceres As Ruler Of Virgo

I first saw that Ceres ruled Virgo when my teacher, the homeless astrologer Bill Anglin, pointed out one afternoon that, as he and I were spendin a pleasant afternoon together, Ceres was conjunct Venus. His Sun's sign was Virgo, and mine was Libra, at the time.

Since then I have had a second birth, and have been growin away from my birth's chart, but at that time Venus was my ruler.


Ceres In Birth And Transit Astrology

The conjunction of Venus with Ceres showed that a Virgo and a Libra were together. It also showed that the dispositor of the Sun is one of a chart's rulin planets, in birth astrology. I take that matter up in much more detail in my learn astrology course .


Why Did I Not Know Already

Anyhoo, gettin back to this chart about food, the question is ruled by Moon, Ceres, Virgo, and the 6th house. I did not know all this before I ran the chart. Why did I not know it? Because there is much confusion in the literature, and this was only my first experience with a question about food.


Look At The 6th House!

Neptune is in the 6th - deception! Bam! Right off the bat we find a stron showin that wrongdoin has been wrongdone. Moon's last aspect was to Neptune, showin that the last thing that happened, before I asked the question, was the deception about the food, and also that the food was unhealthy at that time, since Neptune is in the 6th house.

Moon cadent and south latitude means that this has been goin on for a very lon time, it is not somethin that has been just recently begun.

North node in the 6th suggests that there may be some positive nutritive value to the food, while Neptune there, havin squared the Moon, suggests unhealthfulness.

Neptune is in mutual reception with Uranus, so it is not so bad as it would be otherwise. Saturn, lord of the 6th is in the unfortunate 12th house, showin unhealthfulness of the food, and is afflictin the sign of Virgo, nutrition, so another showin of bad food.

Mercury rules myself in the chart, first house. It aspects both Uranus and Neptune, which are both connected with the meat, 6th house, and so if it is good meat it helps me and if it is bad meat it hurts me.

Ceres also rules the meat, and is conjunct Mercury, which means that the meat is benefitted by a planet in its dignity. Another indicator of good meat.

Remember I was askin what kind of meat it was, but my real question is about my health. Healthy meat or unhealthy. Mercury in dignity conjunct Ceres means healthy meat. Neptune square Moon means unhealthy meat.


Moon In Its Fall

Moon rules the meat (because it rules food; and it rules the subject-of-the-question -- food -- because it is next planet to rise from the first quadrant), and is in fall in Scorpio, so bad meat, but no very bad, since Moon is not very bad in Scorpio, just bad, but not very.

A planet, in this case Moon, in its fall means that somebody is not bein "up-front" with you, thins are not "on the up-and-up". The restaurateurs are not bein up-front about what kind of animal it is.

Good meat, bad meat.

It is both good and bad at the same time. In other words, it helps me in one way, and hurts me in another. Like eatin dirty food, you get nutrition, but you get polluted at the same time.


What Kind Of Animal Is It?

Always prefer the planet in a house to the other rulers outside of that house. So Neptune is most probably goin to be the answer.

My friend, who brought it to me, thought it was some kind of Chinese bird. Saturn rulin the 6th is in Virgo, which is farm birds, like chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas. Libra would rule songbirds and pretty birds, Scorpio rules eagles and birds of prey.

Neptune in the 6th house, it is very likely some kind of shellfish or octopus or squid, somethin like that. But it is not like any seafood I ever had. It is more dense than crab, lobster, or squid.

I don't remember ever eatin octopus, but my guess is it is less dense, like those others. It could be a snail, like conch, but that is more expensive than chicken, so it would not make sense economically.

That puts us back in the ball park with birds and reptiles again. Other than turtle soup, I have no experience with reptiles (unless Chinese "chicken" is reptiles), so I have to rely on the chart to tell me.

If I eat turkey or duck, I don't believe I am goin to crave chicken when I go to home. I keep thinkin it must not be a barnyard bird. So it could be another type of bird, say a seagull, vulture, hawk, or eagle? Seagulls are plentiful to the point of overpopulation, so that is a possibility.

Vultures are probably hard to catch, and hawks and eagles are too rare to supply a great number of Chinese restaurants.

So that leaves probably seagull or reptile. Seagull might be ruled by Neptune, it is a bird associated with the ocean. I don't believe it would be associated with Virgo (Saturn in Virgo in this chart, lord of the 6th).

Pluto and Lilith I believe rule reptiles. Some say that Saturn rules reptiles also. Here again the literature is confused. Saturn, reptile, in Virgo, bird. It can't be both.

Nothin is connected to Lilith (29 Sagittarius) nor Pluto here. So it does not look like it is a reptile.


It Is Not Chicken

The bottom line is, I do not have enough information about the thousands of species of animals, havin dense white meat, that could be ruled by Neptune. Without that information, I can only guess what animal it might be.

If somebody paid me to answer this question, I would be forced to bill them for the time it took me to find out that I couldn't answer the question fully, except to say, "It is not chicken", because of the deception angle of Neptune in the 6th, and Moon in Scorpio.


Horary Astrology Question - Is The "Course In Miracles" Diabolical?

I have been watchin videos of talks by folks inside the fake "illuminati" and inside the "propaganda due" masonic lodge of the vatican's organization, as well as former high level occultic whistleblowers.

What I "took away" was that a lot of money has been spent by the fake "illuminati" and by propaganda due, to have fake books written.

Another "takeaway" is that publishers, of books, movies, and music, give their master copies over to a witch coven, to invoke a devil to follow every copy of every book, cd, and dvd that they produce.

Therefore, if you have any of those in your home, you can count the number of devils in your home by countin the number of rock cd's, dvd's, and mass-distribution books.

I have thrown away books in the past, for ethical reasons, and regretted it later, so I did not want to be quick to act with this book. I listened to Prem Rawat for a few seconds, and did not become clear about the matter, then I decide to try a horary chart.

Lore for the question are: Saturday, February 14, 2009, 6:07 pm EST, Frostburg, MD.

Horary Astrology Question: Is

I decided that the answer would be shown by planets in and rulin the 3rd house, and aspects to the 3rd cusp. If any of them were lilith or the planet misnamed "hades" (surt is one of the true names), then the book is demonic. I should have also included the Moon's next and last aspects.

Part of fortune in the 4th means that the question was really about housecleanin. I wanted to get the excess stuff out of my house.

Zero degrees of Virgo, on the ascendant, means that it is too soon for me to obtain the answer whereafter I seek. Since the question is about whether to keep or toss the book, it means I won't be able to make that decision rightly, based on this chart. But it does not mean that I can't learn somewhat about the book itself.

The next planet to rise will be Saturn. Always consider the next planet to rise, and also consider the Earth's-satellite lilith in the chart. The next planet to rise always rules whatever you are askin about. So, in this chart, it rules the book.

Saturn risin didn't tell me much. By itself, Saturn could mean a "weighty" tome, one that requires deep ponderin. Saturn rules the 6th house, and the sign intercepted in the 5th.

Now that I look back, bein lord of the 6th, and without bein in its essential dignity, Saturn shows some harm to be done by the book. The lords of the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses always show harm, unless they are essentially dignified, or unless they also rule either the 5th or the 9th house.

In this case, Saturn interferes with the 5th, but does not properly rule it. So the book interferes with the right or best way of process in 5th house stuff, such as "manifestin".

Moon in the third in Scorpio, any planet in its fall means "not on the up-and-up". There is some deception behind the production of the book. Venus, lord of the 3rd, in its debility, shows the same thin: "not on the up-and-up."

Moon rules the intercepted sign in the 11th house, so it means that the Moon, which is the book, interferes with the right or best way for the 11th house processes to be done.

Moon's next aspect is to Jupiter, which rules both the 5th and the 8th. When a planet rules both a bad house, and also the 5th or 9th house, then it is a good planet, unless it is in its fall.

So Jupiter should be a good planet, and should mean that the book has some good to it. But wait. Look at the degree and minute on the 5th cusp. It is almost in the next sign. If my location is off by 1/3 of a mile, or if I am usin the wron house system, then the next sign, Capricorn, would be on the 5th house's cusp.

That would mean that Jupiter would be a bad planet, because of bein lord of the 8th, and it would mean more additionally that the book is bad, harmful.

However, if that is the case, then Saturn would now rule the 5th house, and would no loner interfere with the 5th. Except that Saturn is retrograde, so it retards the 5th and causes it to fizzle out as a dud.

Without further knowledge, I mean, the listed coordinates of Frostburg, Maryland, are they for the post office, the edge of town, or what? And how precise are they anyway? So it would be easy for the coordinates to be wron for my exact spot within Frostburg, see what I mean?

And who ever knows which cusp system to use? Without further knowledge, I have to be open to the idea, that there may be SOME benefit to the book, if Jupiter rules the 5th house, even though all the other testimonies are overwhelminly negative.

Whenever you have a 1:1 ratio of positive to negative, the question is undecided. To make a definite, clear, and justifiable decision, the ratio must be 2:1.

Here we have 3 negative to 1 possible maybe positive, but I haven't considered the Moon's last aspect, nor the aspects to the 3rd house's cusp yet.

The 1 positive is reduced by more than half, by the fact that Jupiter is in the destructive 6th house. Chiron is the next planet to aspect the 3rd cusp. Chiron rules the 5th house here, and, so, the same discussion of Jupiter also applies to Chiron, except that Chiron does not rule the 8th house, as Jupiter does.

So Chiron is also in the 6th house, diminishin any value that it may possess. And Chiron either rules the 5th house, or else rules the sign intercepted in the 4th, if Capricorn is actually the sign on the 5th house cusp. Either way, it does not add much to the plus side.

Venus is in the 8th house, a destructive house, but I can't put that to the minus side, because the 8th is one of the spiritual houses, and Venus is a benefic, and the book is a spiritual book, or, at least, claims to be.

All I can say about Venus is, not on the up-and-up, there is some kind of hanky panky or skulduggery, some kind of a scam goin on, perhaps.

Moon's last aspect will be a square to Sun. Sun rules 12th house, a bad house, and ... guess what! Sun in its detriment in Aquarius -- not on the up-and-up. There is a lot about that book that has been kept hidden from us.

So what is the tally? At best, if Jupiter and Chiron rule the 5th house, then the ratio is 4:2. Except the "2" has to be made lower, because of Jupiter and Chiron bein in the 6th house.

So the best possible score, that we can allow, says that the book actually does more harm than good.

"How can this be", you may well ask? My anser is, there is a right and natural way to carry out "manifestin" and it is by not tryin to do it yourself. It is by obedience and bein given a gift from the Creator.


"Is it true, that the Oannes / Nommos / Dagon were amphibious space travellers, rather than humans, who came in ships, and were later 'mythologized'?"

Horary Question: Were the Oannes / Nommos / Dagon real?

A few minutes ago, I was readin L.A. Waddell's history, of how the first Egyptian dynasty was founded by Menes, the son of Sargon the Great. This is a true history, and I have no doubt of it.

The oldest mummies have blond hairs, and the oldest Chinese histories state also that the founders of the Chinese culture had blond hairs. The reason why I mention that fact is to establish that Sargon and Menes were not amphibians from Sirius.

I formed the question, in my mind, then what about the Nommos, whom the Dogon have claimed to have been amphibians in a space-ship? Were they actually Sargon and his family, converted to mythological attributes, that they did not possess?

Or were they really space-travellers and amphibious. So I did the chart, that you see above this text. Lilith is in the 3rd house, which means bad news. To me the news about them is bad news, because I compared the word for Sirius in the Infinity Bible Code and came up with negative in chapter after chapter.

It was hard for me to reckon which house to choose. 12th house and the planet "Cosmos" rule e.t.'s but also fake e.t.'s, such as the greys, which are actually terrestrial in origin. But, for the sake, of the question, I can't assume that they were e.t.'s. So I thought I'll let the chart tell me which house to use.

Definitely I thought there was a matter of Neptune involved, since we are dealin with the sea, and with possible mythology.

Whatever sign is on the ascendant, the question is about, and whatever planet/s is in the first house. Leo is in the first house, which didn't make sense to me, but ultimately I found out that the question has to do with royalty.

The lo'ward of the first, Sun, is in the 4th house, of my ancestry. Let's skip that issue for now.

The 7th house always rules whatever you are askin about. Either the lo'ward of the 7th will be in the house, or the lo'ward of the house will be in the 7th, or the lo'ward of the 7th will be conjunct (maybe parallell) or in mutual reception with the lo'ward of the house of the question.

As you see, the lo'ward of the 8th is in the 7th, and the lo'ward of the 7th is in the 8th. So the question is about the 8th house. Neither of them has any essential dignity, and they are both malefics, and both connected to the 8th house, so the bad news are true.

Here are some other clues, that confirm that the bad news are true, usin the only horary book that works, which is Ivy Jacobson-Goldstein's book:

Is there any planet in the house in question (8th)? If you use Uranus, then yes. I might have used only the "karmic 7" planets, plus Lilith (dark moon Lilith -- always include it).

A question like this, where the rulers of the question are undefined, and which might be about extra-terrestrial and "way out there" truths, I decided to add in Uranus and Neptune.

Yet, every question should be answerable with only the "karmic 7" planets.

Is the Moon with its north node? Yes. "With", in this context, means in the same house or the same sign. Moon is in same house and sign as her north node.

Al Lopez pointed out that the mean node is actually the true node, and the so-called "true node" is not the true node. Don't be fooled by labels. Barbara Waters found out that the mean node works for foretellin disasters, but the so-called "true node" (which it isn't) does not.

Are the angles in fixed signs? Yes.

Is the Moon angular and in bad aspect to a malefic? This means an answer, of "yes", if the question is about bad news. The Moon is combust the Sun.

As it turns out these amphibians apparently did some kind of genetic graftin, to create a royal bloodline, that would not have to go into the water all the time, and that is one of the contributin bloodlines to the modern royal houses.

In particular the House of Guise, is one of the stronest of these, known as the "13th eliminati bloodline", which is exTREMEly stron in my ancestry. So that explains why the part of fortune and ascendant were Leo and why the lo'ward of the 1st was in my ancestry-4th house.

If you want to know more about this topic, I just found a link, that is fairly fascinatin, and ought to help you to get a reality about it:

The entire vatican culture is secretly based upon this, and is not Christian at all, just for the payin believers or suckers, whichever you prefer to call them. The pope's hat is a fish's mouth, and used to be attached to the body of a fish that ran down the back.

Pope's Hat of Fish Oannes Nommos & Dagon

Look! There will come a time, when there will be a perfect master in your time, and it is up to you to determine whether or not you follow.


Erik the Vermilion @ Clairvoyance · 53 Meshach Frost · Frostburg · MD · 21532 · USA


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