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Why Do You Want To Know The New Latest Song?

Which one, of the followin folks, is you?

Because you are an addict. You are addicted to novelty, to whatever is new. Substance addicts have found, that the desire for alcohol, or other drugs, even sugar, is a substitute for the satisfaction.

Same way, addiction, to novelty, is a substitute, for contentment, serenity, and satisfaction.

Because you want to "fit in". You don't really care about the music itself, you care about the folks, in your surroundins. You want to fit in with them. You want to join the conversation.

Or maybe you want to "fit in" on a larger scale, to be one, of a large number of "fans" or "audience" who responds to the mass media, to be a part of "the crowd". This is called the "mass mentality", or the "herd mentality". It is a different kind, of "fittin in", but similar to the first kind, above.

Because you are in business. Your particular business deals with trends and the latest popular music.



Find The Latest Music Refrains Of Your Favorite Musical Composer!


Davidson's Latest Music (click)

Swedish Singer-Songwriter-Producer Davidson At Emergenza MORE NEW FABULOUS PRODUCTIONS

Part from some new videos, my new album
is about to be released. The exact date
will be announced shortly.

Meanwhile, I'm planning more videos
and will continue with a new exciting
project together with a very talented artist.
More about that will be added throughout
this spring.

To stay updated on my progress, I
strongly suggest you subscribe to the

Swedish Singer-Songwriter-Producer Davidson


Monongahela Ted (click)


Nick O'Lothian

Anthony Wayne mp3 - Original work, on latest albums 1) Way Out There  2) Dig This


Pastor Peters And Congregation Hot Song


God's Vengeance Is Risin, Scroll forward to 9:34


Relik Nissassa

Rellik Nissassa's youtube's channel.

Rellik Nissassa's soundcloud's channel.


Original Song Genres and Subjects


Sound Samples Of Original Work


New Latest Albums



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09 Jul 24

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