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You Can Own Famous Paintings in Reproductions!

I wanted to help you, to select the online gallery, that offers, to you, the best service, and the best quality painting.  I checked every one, of the top online galleries.  Only one, of them, has a large number of testimonials.

I checked the forums and groups, to see if anybody had complained about that gallery.  I found no complaints online.  Furthermore, it is the only gallery where you can get large reproductions.

All the work is hand painted, oil paint on canvas, and you can read or watch videos of hundreds of satisfied customers telling their tales.

You want to see customer testimonials, of course, and find out about all the details. Follow this link now:

Acquire Your Own Famous Paintings

You will arrive on a page that looks like this:

image 1st art gallery



Bible Code On: Art Paintings

Ever since critters have learnt how to paint, we have been interested in art painting that shows images. The word, "images" is from the word for "imitation". Painting, for a long, long time, was imitation, and only imitation.

Among the earliest, and most famous painting art, are the paintings of aurochs beasts, in the caves of Lascaux. These are not abstract art, but they are "images", imitations of live, real aurochses.

I wanted to know, what paintings ought to be offered for sale, and what ones ought to be burned. The first step, that I chose, was to find out what the Infinity Bible Code has to say about art and painting. I'll not resplain that code here, but if you want to find out how it works, then watch Al at this link: Bible Code

There is no word for "art", "artist", nor "painting" in the Bible, as we use the words in this context. I had to think. The word "paint" is not found in Strong's, and the word "painting" is used only in reference to women's cosmetics. (continued below)

So far as I know, there is no mention of a painted picture, in the Bible, but there is mention of decorative metalwork and carving or, as it is called "graving". I suppose that there were no artwork paintings for sale in the Hebrew civilization.

The best synonym, that I could find, for the type of painting, that was done in those days, was the word "image". There are several Hebrew words, translated as "image", so I chose one that fit the best, for starters. It is the word "tselem", which means "likeness".

The code led to Deuteronomy Chapter 7. In that chapter, (with the help of cross-referencin) the children of God are instructed to destroy the images of the children of the devil. The intent is the destruction of idols, of objects of worship.

We are warned against bringin any of their images into our houses. As it turns out, they have been imbued with devils. Sometimes it has been done consciously, as by spells, and, at other times, just by the nature of the artist, he can't help but put his own diabolical nature into his work.

The same procedure would apply equally to videos, as well as to sculptures, such as the "statue of liberty", which is an idol of freemasonry. Ever since it was installed, the quality of life has gone increasingly "downhill", because of our negligence, in failin to destroy it.

That means, when we go to an art gallery, to look at fine art for sale, whether it be oil paint, acrylic paint, art prints, posters, or canvas, if we want our world to get better, then we should discriminate.


Canvas in the Code

Next, the code led me to 2 Corinthians chapter 7. There were references to satan makin himself and his "ministers" into images of Christ and his, and references to "gravers" or carvers. Those do not concern painting and paintings, but I mention them for you, so that you can see that the code is "hittin" on the topic of "image".

I conjecture that the chapter mentions "canvas", and here is my argument for you: There is no word for "canvas" in the Bible. Canvas was originally used for makin sails for ships and boats. It was first painted in Venice, durin the big "renaissance" on banners made of sailcloth.

There is no mention of "sailcloth", either, in Strong's Concordance. The word "Damascus" is mentioned in that same 2 Corinthians 11, and the word means "weavers of sackcloth". I believe that is the closest word to "canvas", to be found in the Bible.

I conjecture, that its presence, in the code, shows God's approval of the use of canvas, for the painting of images, provided that they are not for the purpose of bein worshipped, nor are imbued with diabolical energies.

The code led to 2 more chapters. Although I found no more specific references to painting, in those 2 chapters, the word "art" is mentioned 4 times in Ruth chapter 3, and Aaron's golden calf is mentioned in Acts Chapter 7.


Oil Paintings

Oil painting on canvas is considered, by many, to be the fine art medium par extraordinaire. Oil paintings for sale ought to be designed, according to their symbolic message to the unconscious, not just to give pleasure to the viewer. This is also known as "subliminals". Subliminals are famous for use by crooked advertisers or perverted entertainment companies, but they can also work for health, love, and prosperity.


At some time, in the future, after The Symbolic Saviors of the Divine Perection Patterns in Art will have made our impact, the value, of art, will be largely steered, by

The presences of Divine Perfection Patterns in the art,

Or else by the potential, for the particular work, to be used in a room arrangement, that forms a Divine Perfection Pattern.

Let me restate that, for you. If an art oil painting, or any artwork, forms a Divine Perfection Pattern, then it will be valued. In the future. If it is able, to be used, in an arrangement on a wall, of several pieces, which, together, form a Divine Perfection Pattern, then it will be valued.

If canvas oil paintings, or any other art works, can be used, in an arrangement of furniture, so as to form a Divine Perfection Pattern, then they will be deemed worthy.

Any oil painting for sale, or other art work, that cannot be used in the above manner, will be deemed less worthy, or, even unworthy, regardless of the beauty or skill, that it shows.

As investors, when we buy oil paintings to resell, in the near future, then it doesn't so much matter, what the symbolism is, now does it. I mean, who cares, in 2014, or in 2015, whether the art oil paintings have positive messages, to the viewer's unconscious, or unknowin, mind?

Yet, the worm turns, the tables turn, the dog's day will soon be over, and Rome will be soon destroyed. After that, a new class of folks will determine the aesthetic, and it will be based upon unconscious symolism.

Therefore, to buy oil painting, to hold, and to sell in the distant future, we ought to learn as much, as we can, about symbolism, and, in particular, about Divine Perfection Patterns. I expect, that oil paintings on canvas will still be the formost medium, for fine art investment; but the standards, of worth, will change radically.


Famous Paintings

Folks have been learning, of late, that the creation of fame is an art-in-itself that has been utilized, by malefactors, through the millenia. If you haven't learnt this yet, then you are goin to have to catch up, ere long.

The action, of creating a holy painting, is different from the action, of making an existing painting to become famous.

The creation of fame, to make famous a particular art painting, is of a kind, with all other fame. In other words, art-fame is the same as people-fame, or historical-event-fame, or any other fame. It requires a special skill or technique, to create fame.

Positive fame is also called "celebrity". In Hebrew, a word for "celebrity" is "Judah" or "Judas", which means someone whom people shout about.

You will find a gallery and reviews, of famous paintings, by clicking the link.


Painting Artists

There are and have been thousands of tremendously good painting artists. To consider them all individually would be a hardship.

I have selected a list for your consideration, some contemporary, some famous.

Browse through the list and pick an artist you would like to learn more about, by clicking on this link:

Painting Artists


Original Paintings for Sale

Fine contemporary art is readily available for you at affordable prices. These can be original paintings on canvas or an art print.

You can have your own unique original art in your home.

Here you purchase artwork from an art gallery online.

Whether you are lookin for contemporary or antique art, you are sure to find something exciting!

Click on the link below to see the original paintings of Mick Snutz:

Divine Perfection Patterns

Abstract Painting for Sale

Here, at Mick Snutz's Art Department, we specialize in the most beneficial kind of art -- Divine Perfection Patterns. If you want to check out how Mick's art looks, in this genre, I have put some samples on a separate page, where you can read about them or even buy originals oil paintings or prints. Click on the link and enjoy investigating!

Abstract Painting for Sale


Modern Art Paintings

Do you want modern art for the walls of your home?

Artists during the Modern art period tried to break from the traditions of art that came before them.

Modern wall art will perfectly compliment your home or office. Find here an abstract painting painted during the Modern art period.

Popular Modern art paintings can be purchased as a print, too.

Get you a frame, for your art print, for a better look.

Can't afford an original Modern art oil painting? You can also buy hand painted fine art reproductions done on canvas.


Fine Art Paintings

Fine art is art that is created for you to look at instead of practical uses.

The most expensive paintings are the originals. But a highly treasured print can sometimes have a higher price than a less worshipped original painting.

Can’t afford an original or reproduction of an artwork, done in oil paints? Why not get your fine art as art prints?

The artwork you will find on this site is perfect to decorate your home or office.

You will be sure to find find an artist perfect for you.

You may find a local fine art painter near you.

A fine art poster or print can be framed.

Here we have a special department for your abstract fine art.

Discover Original Paintings by Mick Snutz!


Paintings by Cats


Paintings by Elephants

You can buy paintings by Elephants at the following links:

Painted Tee Shirts

Bali Adventure Store

Exotic World Gifts

Asian Elephant Art & Conservation

The Elephant Art Gallery




"Click Now The Image Below, And You Will Get Access To

The Elephant Art Painting Poster In Various Sizes, Unframed, Or Framed!

Click Here To Get Your Elephant Art Poster


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