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Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. [skip to next part, if you like history] Why This Old Lore Is News: "That's News To Me"

  2. Learn The Definitions: The Real Illuminati Not The Counterfeit Illuminati

  3. What Is With Leo Zagami?

  4. Leo Zagami And Benjamin Fulford

  5. Find Out More: The Real Illuminati

  6. Learn The Beginnins: The Counterfeit Illuminati Began With Allegedly Nimrod, But Probably Sargon 1

  7. Go More Deeply, Into The Lore: Origins Of Fake Illuminati, Pontifex Maximus, And 666

  8. Find Hidden References In Popular Media: My Generation, Escape To Witch Mountain

  9. Learn USA History: May 9, 1798 - Jedediah Morse's Warnin!

  10. Learn The Secret, That Other Websites Haven't Told To You: The Cecil Family As The Rulers Of The Bloodlines Of The Fake Illuminati (Not)

  11. Become More Conversant: Cecils As Marquesses Of Salisbury, Til Today

  12. Sharpen Your Knowledge Base: Other Cecils

  13. Find Out More, About The Rothschild Spawn

  14. Skip To The Bottom Line!  Craig Oxley's Revelations, about Who Is at The Top, of The Heap

  15. Eliminaughty Have Been Responsible For All The Persecution Of Christians

  16. Get A Load, Of Some Examples, Of The Eliminati's Murders: JFK, JFK 2 (Junior), And The Bush Connection - Click To See Video

  17. 'Tis True -- Rome Is A Goner: Book Of Revelation And Rome's Death




The old expression "that's news to me", means "I haven't been told that before".

The organization, known as "the illuminati" have kept much secret, until recently. For a while, in past yearhundreds, much was known about several of their branches. Then that was covered up.

Because of all the secrecy, any lore about them, no matter how old, is "news" to most folks.

What would be the point of tellin you the latest gossip, about Cecil, headman of the so-called "illuminati", unless you knew the tradition that he has been secretly upholdin? His deeds are meaninful to us only when we know somethin about his goal and plan.

And his goal and plan are traditional, not personal, not recent at all.

But if you have never been told about them before, then those old, old traditions are "news to you".



Warnin: You may have been hypnotized, or programmed, to run away, when you see any of the words, "God", "Jesus", or "Bible". Let this be a test for yourself, to see if you have been.

Accordin to many of the best Bible book researchers, the devil, the foe, the "badmouther", has forever used a strategy of makin a counterfeit of every institution in God's plan.

Thus you have a counterfeit world order, and a real world order.

Thus, you have the real church, which is the human heart of the devoted servant of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; then the counterfeit church consists of what the Bible book calls the whore of Babylon, and her daughters.

You have counterfeit illuminati, and real illuminati.

The whore of Babylon, and her daughters, are the Roman catholic church and all other organized religions, lately come together in a conspiracy.

Another fake church, of the fake new world order, is the network of entertainment media, which have functioned as a surrogate religion for many folks.

23. The real Israel migrated into Europe from Assyria and, earlier, from Palestine, and is comprised of the Teutons, Scandinavians, Scots, Anglo-Saxons, Franks, Lombards, and kindred folks. This has been proven in a book by the honored archaeologist, E. Raymon Capt, and alluded to in the book Holy Blood Holy Grail.

The counterfeit Israel are the jews and the state of Israel. The headmen of the "State of Israel", which is the counterfeit one, are all masonic.

The real "New Jerusalem" has been called, by freemason reps, "North and South America". That is their name, not ours, but it is the name by which Beulah Land has come to be known.

The illuminati "America", which means "land of Venus", usin the Egyptian root-word "mer", is their conspiracy plan for "The New Atlantis" of Francis Bacon.

The fake "land of the promises" is the state of Israel, also made up by the fake illuminati.

The illuminati even made up the phrase "conspiracy theory" as a tool to help to cover their tracks.

The real "tribulation" was from the moment, of the coup d'etat assassination against JFK, which made the sexually confused potentate, Cardinal Spellman, the ruler of the USA, until the second comin of Jesus Christ.

The fake "future tribulation" theory was made up by the jesuit branch of the illuminati to hide the role of rome in the book of revelation.

The Spellman regime was the time, when the sons of Jacob, in the new Jerusalem, were sore oppressed by sorcery, drugs, and prejudicial practices in schools and in the workplace. Conspiracies theory? Get out of here!

The drugs and discrimination destroyed many careers, and, in fact, many lives of the children of Israel, at the hands of the servants of the sexually confused devil, Francis Spellman, our foe.

The real "second comin" of Jesus Christ, to the children of Israel, in their "new home", as prophecied in the Bible, was the arrival of Prem Rawat in the USA in 1971. He alone has the grace to make an aspirant into an illuminatus.

He, in various forms, is always alive on Earth, but the prophecies are about his return to the children of Jacob.

He came in the clouds, and was joined in the clouds by 10,000 followers, whom he had "raptured", as they flew to be with him again and again at conventions.

The number at the conventions, then, was usually about 10,000, most of whom flew to get to the conventions, so that they "joined him in the clouds".

So the fake "second comin" and the fake "rapture" are in the future. The real rapture, insofar as it involves the children of Israel, is now.

The fake "light" taught to freemasons, is the fallen angel called "Lucifer", "The Devil", "The Dragon", "Satan", and many other names. The real light is inner light shown by Prem Rawat.



This man, Leo Zagami, went public, with a lot of inside lore, about the eliminati. This comment, about him, is not to fill you in on who he is, but I am writin this, for those of you, who are already familiar with him. If you want to get familiar, search after him on youtube and in blog searches.

What I want to say here, about him, is why I trust that his conflict, against the eliminati, is genuine, and not just a pose. He was interviewed by one Cassidy, who is a penetratin, yet nevertheless occassionally gullible, interviewesse. She would not leave him alone, about tellin the reason, why he was let out of jail.

I don't mean to be rude toward Cassidy, by leavin out her Christian name, I just don't want to bother to look it up right now. I am gettin this section written for you, because I feel that you are goin to visit soon, and I have to get it upladen fast, then get back to other thins asap.

If his adversion against the eliminati had been fake, then his jailin would have also been fake. If his jailin had been fake, then he would have had a story ready, to explain how he got out. When Cassidy queried him, over and over, he was again, and again, at a loss, as to what to say (because some lore he wanted to keep hidden).

His lack, of a readily made explanation, causes me to believe, that his jailin, and, hence, his adversion against the eliminati, were real.



Meanwhile, let me give, to you, a little word of advice. Be aware, that Leo's exposeés were ended, when the eliminati (who were his family and his relatives), desirin to take him back, into their team, tortured him, until he agreed to do their biddin. After that, his videos and appearances have not been of much "face" value.

He has been seen in videos with a critter, a journalist, who claims to be headman of an anti-eliminati mafia group. The guy has also given clues that he is a sodomite. Don't let him fool you, it is a put-up job. The critter's name is Benjamin Fulford.




Leo Zagami grew up in the hereditary fake illuminati. He said there are 3 kinds of "illuminati". One, said he, is the hereditary, the families who have networked within the so-called Nimrodian system (which I suspect to be Sargonian, not Nimrodian), since the time of Nimrod (or Sargon).

A second, said Leo Zagami, is the outward organization, begun by the jesuit Adam Weishaupt.

A third type, said Leo Zagami, is any number of organizations that are "knockoffs" of the Weishaupt organization. These are businesses that appeal to the pompous egos of would-be "insiders", who like fancy titles.

There is nothin to them, no connection to any of the points of leverage, that have been built up by the hereditary fake illuminati.

What Leo apparently did not know about, is the real illuminati, the real enlighened souls. Enlightenment is given by Jesus Christ, in his many embodiments, time after time. Those, who have been revealed "The Knowledge" "The Name" "The Word That Cannot Be Spoken", are the real illuminati.

Enlightenment is called, in the Bible, the "baptism in the name of Jesus Christ". The name, that can't be spoken, that is, not the name that can be spoken.

Just as the real church is in the heart of the individual, the real illuminati are not an organization, but separate individuals.  UPDATE:  Temporarily there is an organization, of volunteers, from the real illuminati, for the purpose of sharin, with you, illumination.  Clicque this linque, to find out more about the real illuminati, and how you can be one, of us.



After the Great Flood, Nimrod began a Kingdom. He has been accused of beginnin celebrity-worship, human sacrifice, sorcery, and other doins, that were designed, by the devil, to separate folks from the "still small voice" within them.

The same folks, who have been followin those ways, since those times, have credited Nimrod as the founder of them.

However, compare Bible and Akkadian history -- after the buildin of Babylon, a people came from the east, and I believe they were led by Sargon, and were different from the children of Noah, and not related. They may have survived the flood underwater.

Durin the course of time, his organization branched off. Different branches went to different places, includin Tibet, Scandinavia, South America, India, and just bout every place on Earth.

The allegedly Nimrodian organizations in history can be recognized by their practices of worshippin live and dead celebrities, and callin them "gods", of "occultism", "spiritualism", sorcery, bloody sacrifices, sodomy, and whatnot.

These branches of organizations kept in touch with one another, and became known as the hereditary aspect of the fake illuminati. 13 main bloodlines have been nurtured at the top of the network.

A more thorough handlin, of the Sargon/Nimrod controversy, you will find in the second half of the program, called "Chapter 4" at this link: Story Telling Mythology Tales And Legends Old Testament Bible History Chapter 4



Nimrod (or was it Sargon) built a bridge. Latin for "bridge" is "pontus". Nimrod was the first "Pontifex Maximus", or "Pope". Here is a pair of videos that tell to you the story:




In the Bible, the word "generation" means "race", "bloodline", "nation", "goy". Noah was perfect in his generations, meanin he was racially pure.

The branch of the fake illuminati, which became known as the "freemasons", has chosen to include the letter "g" on one of their emblems. Several explanations have been given, as to the meanin of the letter g, as they have used it, but the top sources have said that it means "generation".

They have explained that it means the sex act.

However, I suspect that is a cover for the fact that it represents the 13 bloodlines, or, perhaps, one of them. The idea would be, that the purpose, of the freemasonic organizations, is to serve, protect, and perpetuate, that bloodline, or those bloodlines, that generation.

As the 13 bloodlines all stem from the bloodline of Nimrod (or Sargon), I think it refers to the race, the generations, the spawn of Nimrod (or Sargon).

The son, "My Generation", I believe was a reference to some race, perhaps the same one referred to on the freemasonic emblem? Look at the mysterious name of the band, who recorded the son, "The Who". As if to say, "We are the secret society. We are 'the race'. And now we will sin a son about our race."

John Todd was born into a family of the fake illuminati. His rank was truly high in their organizations. He came forward with inside lore about them. Here is a sound-video, in which he tells to us that the fake illuminati believe themselves to be of a different race -- a race of witches. Scroll forward to 9 minutes 43 seconds:



Here is the same thesis, in more detail:



That is the memorable date, when Jedediah Morse spoke from pulpits in the neighborhoods of Boston and Charleston, Massachussetts, warnin that the European illuminati club had invaded the U.S.A.,

and that their intent was to overthrow the religion and government of the children of Israel in the new Jerusalem (my words), in other words -- us.



The name "Cecil" comes from "Caesar". I was told, by a member of the Cecil family, that they are spawn of Julius Caesar, whose eyes were black.

The role of the Cecil family, in the fake illuminati, is introduced in this wonderful video by Milan Martin, beginnin at video #6, 9 minutes, 6 seconds, if you will scroll forward. It runs about 7 minutes into the next video #7, below.






Sources claim the modern political branch of the Cecil family to be jewish. I accept that there is a jewish strain in their bloodline. But, until I get more lore, I do not accept the claim that they have been workin toward strictly jewish racist aims.

Here let me point out that researcher Milan Martin claims that the Cecil family has been dominant over the Rothschild family. John Todd, an insider from the "council of 13" witches, made claims that would imply that the Rothschild family have been at the top. Check his testimony in a sound-video, below, under "Rothschilds".

By the time we find out what is what, that entire network will have been so destroyed, that it will be only a matter of record, and of no further strategic importance, to know which family may have been dominant over the other.

Here are some facts from the book They Cast No Shadows, by Brian R. Desborough:

  • A critter, of the Cecil ilk, was private secretary and whoremaster to Elizabeth 1.

  • !The family, of Robert Cecil (1864 - 1958), covertly directed the affairs, of British Intelligence, on behalf, of the jesuits, since the time, of Elizabeth 1! Robert became a foundin member of the Pan European Union in 1923.

  • The Cecil family was involved in the coup, that gave to James 1 the kingship, of England.

Accordin to John Coleman, The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, the family, of Robert Cecil, was jewish. That does not mean that all Cecils were jewish, only that the branch of the family, that moved in the government known as English or British, was.

Accordin to The Illuminati News, March 19, 2007, by "Mr. X",

  • The Cecil family, of the aforenamed Robert Cecil, was jewish by birth and conviction, though camouflagin themselves by professin to be Christians.

  • Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (1830-1903), a knight, was father to Robert Cecil. The father was prime minister of UK 3 terms. He was given the title, "Lord Salisbury" [Specifically "3rd Marquess of Salisbury" ed.].

  • The mother, of Gerald and Arthur Balfour, was sister to Robert Gascoyne Cecil.

Carroll Quigley taught at a jesuit university, Georgetown University. Accordin to him, in The Anglo-American Establishment:

  • The ilk of Cecil, under Robert Gascoyne Cecil (1830-1903), called "Lord Salisbury", made a bloc, called the "Cecil bloc".

  • The Balfours were in the Cecil bloc. Their in-laws, and they, began the "Society for Psychical Research".

Craig Oxley said that the hofjuden Cecil family has been workin for the Paravicini family, also spelt Parravacini.


Accordin to Wikipedia:

  • The son, of Robert Gascoyne Cecil, was 4th Marquess of Salisbury. He was called "conservative". He held several offices, such as lord privy seal, president of the board of trade, "Lord President of The Council", chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, leader of the house of "lords".

  • The son, of the 4th marquess of Salisbury, was the 5th marquess. He was "conservative". Like his forebears, he held several offices in the government of the UK. He was active in 1945.

  • His son, the 6th Marquess, was not so well able to be seen, as were his forebears. His doins were more hidden.

  • 2003 his eldest son became the 7th Marquess. He is called "conservative". He was called into the "House of Lords" by a "writ of acceleration". In order to keep his family legally in the upper house of parliament, he was given a life peerage called, "Baron Gascoyne-Cecil of Essendon".



  • Michael Cecil is the 8th Marquess of Exeter.
  • Baron Rockley is a spawn of the 2nd Marquess of Salisbury.



In this video, John Todd, erst of the Council of 13, tells the fake illuminati's view of the Rothschilds' blood.

Milan Martin's video (see "The Cecil Family", above, 1:00:35 til 1:08:52) said that the families of Rothschild and Cecil have intermarried for nearly 200 years. Therefore each family can be included in any discussion of the other.

I think that Milan Martin may be, like Carroll Quigley, Stan Monteith, and Alex Jones, pointin a finger away from the top of the "slimy mess" and toward some of its lesser cohorts.  Here is a quotation from Craig Oxley, which, for now, at least, I consider to be the "bottom line", of the subject (underthrowin):

" The Black Pope is the 'President of the World'. He is a part of the Arcana Arcanorum controlled by the Papal Bloodlines within the I-Mori. These bloodlines are the omega point of control. These are the Farnese, ORSINI, Aldobrandini, Somaglia & Breakspear.

"Their war room command center is within the Borgo Santo Spirito which is missile protected! Viktor Emmanuelle IV wanted to nuke this region of Rome. Henry Breakspear and Pepe Orsini are in high control! Jesuit Assistancy Soldier, James Grummer SJ controls the United States Corporation.

"The next confrontation should be within either Georgetown 'military fortress' University in the U.S or 114 Mount Street in Westminster, London. Both control each corporation (U.S & U.K). Its about time the real enemy ROME was confronted not their little nobody Hofjuden Sabbatean Frankist Talmudist slaves like Rothschild.

"Time for a second real Reformation to come forth and defeat this Satanic/Luciferian Zoroastrianist set of Papal Bloodlines. Adolfo is not of Papal Bloodline, he is a commoner like the current Pope!.


"For real truth on the World Conspiracy:

"For vindication that Jesuits rule the NWO [clicque here]"

Quoted from Craig Oxley, in accord with the Fair Use Law



Peep Into One Illuminati Family's Doins:  "The Cardinal's Hat: Money, Ambition, and Everyday Life in the Court of a Borgia Prince" (Paperback) by Mary Hollingsworth

  • Paperback: 308 pages The Cardinal's Hat: Ipolito d'Este

  • Publisher: Overlook TP (May 2, 2006)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 9781585678037

  • ISBN-13: 978-1585678037

  • ASIN: 1585678031

  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 5 x 1 inches

The cardinal's hat is, of course, more than just headgear; it's an emblem of his leverage.

An intricate narrative sewn together from apparently copious documentary sources,

...this book describes--indeed, details--how Ippolito d'Este, second son of Lucretia Borgia, illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI and icon of Renaissance deadliness, maneuvered his way into the trappins of stolen authority.

Although it shows dark reality, the tale of the ambitious Renaissance man on an upward trajectory is but half the story, nearly overshadowed by the captivatin social history of his household, revealed by ledgers, receipts, and correspondence.

The parallel tales explain each other: analysis of Ippolito's books show us how much he spent greasin the palms of those around him; his letters show us whom he was entertainin and why he spent so much on luxurious food.

Ippolito's servants, cooks, and bookkeepers figure as prominently as dukes and other cardinals.

Mary Hollingsworth is an art historian. Once was she a reckoner of sums, but no more.  She told both stories meticulously and blent them seamlessly. The result is a creative, rigorous fusion of modern social history and old-fashioned biographical history.

If you want to own this book, then click this link:  The Cardinal's Hat



JFK converted to Christianity not lon before he was ritually sacrificed, under the direction of Cardinal Spellman, a subordinate of the jesuits, of Fordham University.

That sacrifice marked the beginnin, of the 7 years tribulation, for the Children of the House of Israel, in their New Jerusalem, "between 2 oceans".

After his conversion, he made a speech that obliquely condemned the agencies of the vatican in the USA, then energetically began to take them apart.  Specifically, the CIA and the mafia have been 2 of the vaticans stronest agencies in the USA.  Headmen of the CIA have been consistently Knights of Malta.

Also, efforts were made against the Knight of Malta, Castro, in Cuba.

It was Knight of Malta George Bush the elder, within the CIA, who organized the plot to ritually sacrifice JFK.



"Unless you understand Bible prophecy, you won't be able to understand what is goin on in the world today" -- paraphrased from Pastor Peters

The Kennedys were fightin against the Vatican. The Bush family have been Skull and Bones (formed from a jesuit organization, the "Bavarian Illuminati"), and Knights of Malta. That means that they worked for the vatican. Mafia works for the vatican. CIA directors, mostly or all Knights of Malta, therefore CIA has worked for vatican.

Here is an explanation of the Book of Revelation, that clarifies much. I do not agree with every statement in the videos. The overall theme becomes more convincin, due to the abundance of detail to be found, in the Book of Revelation, as the events approach the fallin of Constantinople:




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