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Hindu [Vedic (sic!)]
Electional Astrology
Is The Supreme Astrology!

"We Make Heaven Happen"
With Muhurtha Electional Astrology


How To Use Muhurtha

I hope to be addin more detail to this page, as time goes alon. That is not a promise, but an intent.


Sidereal Zodiac Always

Sidereal zodiac is always used. I use Lahiri Ayanamsa, which means that 0 degrees Libra is exactly at the longitude of the star Spica, which in Sanskrit is Citra (Chitra).



The simplest method of Hindu election is called "tarabala". It is used for the commonest purposes, those that are less important than weddin, applyin for a position, and so on.

Not quite your "everyday" doins, but thins you may do only once or occasionally, but that are not of the greatest importance.

You find out the nakshatra of Moon at your birth (or at your initiation if you are an inititate). Start countin nakshatras with your own as #1. The 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 9th nakshatras are all good.

Then count again. The next 9 nakshatras are counted the same way as the first 9. And the next 9 after those the same. There are, in all 27 nakshatras, which are 3 x 9, so there are 3 sets of 9 nakshatras, beginnin with your own.


Published Calendar Makes It Easy For You

I used to publish a monthly calendar whereby you could tell your good times for tarabala, without too much knowledge or work. If/when I feel there is enough demand, and if I have enough time/help, then I'll publish it again for you.

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Improve Your Golf Game -Using Astrology    Muhurtha Hindu Astrology    Love Horoscopes

Chinese Signs And Ascendant Compatibility    Horary Astrology Articles


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