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"He Will Learn

How To Unlock the Mysteries

In Less Than 14 Days!

Birthday Gifts For Him:




Did you ever feel the frustration of wishing you could understand himself better?

Did you ever feel that you were in the dark, wishing that you could

know the TRUE personality and motives of himself

  • REALLY KNOW his mind
  • REALLY KNOW his innermost motives
  • REALLY KNOW why you do what you do


He Won't Just "Read About His Sign" -- You'll

Give Him The Ability To

Peer Inside The Zodiac Reality About


Because of your gift, he will learn about how to decipher himself -- his motives, his hangups, who he really is. He will be so grateful to you!

He will excavate nuggets of truth about:

  • Learn the truth about himself
  • Decipher his friends
  • Understand his family members
  • Decipher his children
  • Penetrate the mind of his rivals
  • his favorite Historical personages
  • his favorite Celebrities

You will give him ACCESS to tons of INFORMATION about himself and others . Here are just a few examples:

  • Why he is are the way he is
  • What does he really want?
  • What will work for the success and happiness of your relationship
  • What parts of his body need to be strengthened
  • What would be the most satisfying and successful choice of career for him
  • Will college help him to succeed?
  • How he can improve his relationship with you


Birthday Gifts For Him:

How My New Course and Method

Are Designed To Give

Deepest Understanding
Of Himself!

Since 1975 I have been helping people like the two of you, to solve problems of

    • understanding each other
    • luckiest vocation
    • health
    • relationships

and in a multitude of ways that astrology can help you.

On a more mundane level, I studied under such famous and respected astrologers as

  • Adele Barger Wilson (Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays)
  • Michael Munkasey (Astrology of the Future)
  • Rob Hand (Ancient and Mundane Astrology, and Special Research Topics)
  • Robert Schmidt and Project Hindsight (Ancient Hellenic Astrology)

...just to name a few. I have also had correspondence relationships with:

  • Al Morrison (Innovative Astrology and Archaeo-Astrology)
  • Robert Zoller (Medieval Astrology)
  • Roger Jacobson (Hamburg School Astrology)
  • Hans Niggeman (one of the Hamburg School pioneers, the first to bring their teachings to the USA)

So, you see, my teachers are among the best and the most reputable in the "learn astrology" field. And now


I Was Flabbergasted

When I Found Out


When I eventually got my first astrology book in my hands, it was a mass-consumption "Sun Sign" book. Perhaps you have seen similar books in grocery lanes or periodical racks.

I was very impressed, even shocked, that the book spoke about my sign in the very terms that I had used to describe myself to other people -- "fair, impartial, able to see both sides in a dispute".

Now, mind you, the book was just flattering me, I doubt whether I was as fair and impartial as I supposed myself to be, but that is beside the point. It was kind of spooky. It was like somebody had been following me and listening to what I said, then put it into that book.


Birthday Gifts For Him:


From My Years Of Study

And Research!

Besides learning from among the most erudite and respected teachers in today's world, I devoted about 20 years of my life to full-time astrological research and study. By learning new tidbits of information and synthesizing them with traditional lore,

I discovered scores of new principles and techniques that I would like to share with you.

YOU CAN'T GET THESE DISCOVERIES ANYWHERE ELSE! -- They are my personal discoveries!


My 40 Years Of Experience

In Helpin People

-- By Usin Their Birth Astrology --

Helps Me To Teach You!

What I enjoyed most about astrology was hearin people tell me that I had helped them. I helped them to find a satisfyin vocation, to reconcile with their loved ones, to improve their health, to be secure in their mind about whatever was botherin them. That was rewardin.

I wanted to reach as many people as possible with the plethora of information I was gaining from my research and studies. I wanted to help people to learn astrology.


Birthday Gifts For Him:

Obtain These


While I Am Still Alive!

Time advanced, I grew older, and I began to see that many of the secrets I had learned, the very secrets I was using to help people in my consultations, might pass with me into the grave some day.


Because Of My Past Hesitation



I was as slow as molasses in January about "taking the information to the streets", as it were, in other words, makin

virtually unknown discoveries available to you online.

Finally (after El Morya prodding me for about two and a half decades to get this information out to people) I accepted the notion that I should make these secrets available to you.

All this time I was studying like a madman numerous different systems of astrology, and putting them together into a single system.

So, you see, YOU ARE THE GAINER from my waiting so long


Finally I have broken out of my academic "ivory tower" and, for his benefit,

I now present my life's work to YOU.


My NEW System:

You Get Synthesized TEACHINGS

Of More Than 8

Astrology Horoscope Traditions!

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Medieval Astrology
  • Western Astrology
  • Humanistic Astrology
  • Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson Astrology
  • Hamburg School Astrology
  • Jaynean Astrology
  • Free Will Astrology (this is my own successful method for transmutating negative energy into positive)

Birthday Gifts For Him:

Here Is What You Get
In The Introductory Level
Astrology Horoscopes




You Will Learn ALL Of The Followin

Information About ASTROLOGY CHARTS:

How To Read The Glyphs (Symbols) Of The:

    • Planets
    • Signs
    • Aspects

The 3 Circles

    • Tropical Zodiac
    • Houses
    • Moving, Or Sidereal Zodiac

The Four Elements (The Four Triangles):

    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Air
    • Water

The Three Crosses

    • The Cardinal Cross
    • The Fixed Cross
    • The Mutable Cross

Major Aspects And Parallels

    • Conjunctions
    • Oppositions
    • Squares
    • Trines
    • Sextiles

Strengths Of The Houses

    • Angular Houses
    • Succeedent Houses
    • Cadent Houses

What Planet Rules What Sign

    • What does "ruling a sign" mean?
    • The Karmic Planets group
    • The secret of finding the TRUE position of Earth in a horoscope chart (no, it is not the position opposite to the Sun)
    • Planet group with Vulcan, Earth, and Apollo
    • Planet group with Uranus, Neptune, and Ishtar
    • Planet group with Krishna and Jaynean planets Njorth and Freyja (information that will put you in the forefront of advanced astrological thought.)
    • Planet group with Pluto and the Hamburg School's Planets
    • The Centaur group
    • Kuiper Belt Objects -- Plutinos, Twotinos and Scattered Disk Objects
    • The three Liliths -- most astrologers are confused about this subject. I will clarify it for YOU.
    • The seventeen Epochal Planets (This is my secret method for combining Mark Edmond Jones's patterns with the new planets)
    • Asteroids
    • The Jiva -- This is a TOTALLY NEW concept that I now present to the astrological world.

Dignities Of The Planets

    • Major Dignities, including dignities of many of the "newer" planets,
    • Minor Dignities, including my PERSONAL SECRET for calculating minor dignities of the "modern planets", such as Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
    • Essential Dignities
    • Accidental Dignities

How To Calculate And Print his Birth Chart Online - You will be able to read ALL the symbols in the printout. If you want to get his own astrological software, I'll advise you in this.

What Are The "Ruling Planets" Of his Chart - You learn to identify the "key" planets in his chart, or in anybody's chart. There are 13 types, or 13 means of determining the ruling planets of a chart. This is my personal secret, not known to any other single astrologer.

You will learn all of these. A wealth of information becomes available to you, after you determine the ruling planets of a chart. This is a COMPLETELY NEW SECRET that I am now REVEALING FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Birthday Gifts For Him:

Here Is What You Get In The
Intermediate Level Birth Astrology

You will learn ALL of the following information and skills:

  1. How To Recognize Major Aspects At A Glance
  2. How To Tell If A Planet Is In A Benefic Or Malefic Condition
  3. Whether A Planet Is Well Aspected, Afflicted, Or Mixed
  4. The Meanings Of Each Planet -- Human Characters And Occupations Symbolized By The Planets
  5. How To Create An Amazingly Accurate And Detailed Character Description Of Anybody -- And Recognize Their Main Interests

Here Is What You Learn In The
Advanced Level How To Learn Astrology

You will learn ALL of the following information:

  1. How To Create A Psychological Profile Of Anybody From Their Birth Chart
  2. How To Recognize The Most Important Things In A Person's Life
  3. How To See In Any Chart The Greatest Opportunities For Love, Success, and Money
  4. Finding A Person's Blind Spots , Where They May Be Hurting Themselves, And How To Prevent It
  5. What May Endanger A Person, And How They Can Be Safe
  6. Basic Remedies For All Their Weakest Areas
  7. Basic Strategies for:
    • Vocation And Money
    • Relationships
    • Knowing Whether It Is Worth It To Go To College
    • Whether A Business Partnership Would Be Worthwhile Or Not
    • How To Stay Healthy
    • Much Much More
  8. Introduction To Esoteric Astrology And The Seven Rays (The Astrology Of The Soul)

You Will

Be Among The First To Learn The


For Plotting The Position Of Planet Earth
In Any Chart

Planet Earth is definitely a planet. But most astrologers don't even use planet Earth in the charts that they do. How complete can a chart be, when a major planet is missing from the chart?

Birthday Gifts For Him:

You Will Learn

What Today's Astrologers

Don't Even Know Yet!

Those few astrologers who include Planet Earth in a chart -- they plot the position of Earth, as it would be seen if they were standing on the Sun. While this is not totally incorrect, it falls short of using the real geocentric Earth position that
I am going to teach to you!

The so-called Hypothetical Planets


So many other astrologers try to get out of facing the fact that there are many undiscovered planets, that astrologers have found positions for, and that these planets work. Some of these planets are ENERGY LOCI, and cannot be detected with a telescope.


Until NOW, there was no system for integrating them ALL into a chart!

I have spent literally decades, devising a new system in which you can work the so-called "hypothetical planets" into his interpretations, and get tons of valuable information from them.

Most Astrologers

Are Totally Bewildered

By "The Three Liliths"

There are 3 positions that can be put into any chart. They are all different, and they are all called "Lilith".


Birthday Gifts For Him:

Will the real Lilith please stand up

One of these three is much more important than the other two (normally). In fact if you really want to learn astrology, no chart is really complete without it. Yet astrologers rarely use this "original" Lilith because they are totally confused about it.

I am going to tell you how to find the ORIGINAL Lilith, the one that matters MOST

Most astrologers are at a loss...

There are some important astrological techniques that are difficult to use, when you add newly discovered planets and special planets into a chart. These are the "pattern" techniques of the famous astrological pioneer, Marc Edmund Jones.


I have been shown a way

When you get his introductory course, you will learn my secret method for including the new planets, while still being able to use these important techniques.


Other Systems Can't Reckon

The "Minor Dignities"

For Most Planets

OK, you don't know what "minor dignities" are. But let me tell you, they can be really important. The ancient system only allows for Sun, Moon, and the 5 visible "naked eye" planets.

But I have discovered the secret of how to figure the minor dignities of lots of the new planets. I will show you how this is done.

Birthday Gifts For Him:

Take Advantage Of My

Special Introductory Offer


SAVE $100,000.00!

You can gain from my desire to hurry up and get someone started in this awesome course. In order to quickly get a large number of students started in the course, I am willing to offer it for less than 2/3 of its real value.

Normally, you would have to pay $397,000 for this complete, extensive astrology character-reading course.

However, to "get the ball rolling" and make things happen fast, I will let you have the entire course for only $297,000.

HURRY! This savings will only be made available to the next person who claims their discount trial of the Complete Astrology Course.

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If you are already excited about all the awesome benefits you will receive when you get his Complete Astrology Course, you are going to be marvelously pleasd by what I am going to share with you next.

As my way of saying "thank you" to everyone who takes me up on my generous offer, and to further guarantee his pleasure with the information you are already getting,

I've decided to throw in $300.00 worth of bonus that will make this the most incredible life-improving offer ever presented!

Bonus 1

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"Cruise Through Life With Plenty Of Money -

Usin his Birthday Astrology


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Do you feel that you need more money? When you get his bonus ebook, "Cruise Through Life With Plenty Of Money - Usin his Birthday Astrology", you find out in 2 simple steps:

  1. What is the biggest mistake you are makin, that is keepin you from prosperity?
  2. Learn simple, appealin strategies for attainin a perfect balance between his material life, and fulfillin all his emotional, social, mental, and spiritual needs!
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his fantastic bonus ebook "Cruise Through Life With Plenty Of Money - Usin his Birthday Astrology" -- which is yours to keep, no matter what you decide -- will walk you through these eye-openin realizations step-by-step.


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Birthday Gifts For Him:

his LIFETIME Complete Satisfaction


Look, I already know that you are going to be amazed and impressed by the way his complete 128-lesson astrology course is going to work for you...

...and I am so confident of this, that I am willing to assume 97% of the risk with a guarantee that gives you complete freedom from any risk whatsoever (except for the Pay Pal processin fee).

"Try his Complete Astrology Course for as long as you like...

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Get Started NOW -

You Can Get Him Started In His Astrology Course!

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