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Hello and welcome to Erik's Neighborhood and Helpers. I am Erik the Vermilion. My objective is to lead you to the Hidden Heaven; to give to you a Kingdom of Paradise walkthrough. The design of every city on Earth must be similar to the Garden of Eden.

In this site you will learn how to design a Garden of Eden. Whatever we offer in these pages is result of consulting the Will of God before acting upon a major decision. I hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

One easy, or Ishi, way to start, is to stop sayin, "Lord" or "God", and start sayin "Ishi", as in Hosea 2:16.

Whatever you order, through this page, goes to the benefit of the Tru University, and its supporters!

Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

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  1. Buy Books Online

  2. Tru University

  3. Bible Fixit Hubs

  4. Dutch Golden Age Painting

  5. Early childhood education 110,000

  6. distance education 90,500

  7. free education   74,000

  8. educational websites 27,100

  9. diversity diversity,training on diversity 22,200 diversity activities 8,100 diversity training in the workplace,cultural diversity training 1600 cultural diversity activities 1,000 diversity training activities, 720

  10. My family tree 22,200

  11. education websites 12,100

  12. cultural training,training cultural 8,100 cultural awareness training 880 cultural sensitivity training 720

  13. sensitivity training 6,600

  14. find heritage 3,600 heritage search, search heritage,  1,900 find your heritage,finding your heritage 1600  what is my heritage, heritage scrapbooking, my family heritage 1300

  15. cross cultural trainer, cross cultural training 1,900

  16. cultural competency training, cultural competence training 1600 

  17. What Is Cultural Property And Heritage

  18. Global Education And Cultural Issues

  19. Cultural Values Cultural Center Cultural Awareness

  20. Volunteer Center Volunteer Programes, Volunteer Work Locally, Environment Protection, Save The Environment, Protect The Environment, Protecting The Environment, Amish Culture

  21. Cultural Activities For Kindergarten

  22. Cultural Event, Cultural HolidaysCultural National Religious Holidays Festivals, Cultural Studies And Reading Lists, Cultural Identity, Cultural Literacy, Cultural Activity, Cultural Dance, Cultural Tradition, Theater And Cultural Event

  23. World Records - Keep up to date with the World's progress toward becoming a global Garden of Eden. Learn the parameters of the Kingdom of Heaven, and be guided in attaining the ecstatic bliss that you feel when you help to create harmony and beauty on a Global scale.

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Our Cultural Heritage: Background To The Dutch Republic





America Is Beulah Land

America Is Beulah Land


Anglo Saxons And Kindred In Beulah Land - Allegany County The Anglo-Saxon surname Robeson, Robesson is from the north of England, and from Scotland. Click the headin, to see the list of historical landmarks, in Allegany County, includin the Robesson house, built by a Mayflower's family's member, Elija Robesson, after the War of Independence. Then the family bought Flinstone Valley from a group of physicians.



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09 Jul 24

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