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  1. Best Books List And Buyin Links

  2. Question: Buy Books Or Borrow?

  3. Questions About Buying Books

  4. Question: Can't Afford The Books, That I Want

  5. Question: Formin My Own Library


Question: Do you buy the books you read or get them from the library? If you buy them, where do you get them from? Do you buy books that are on sale?

Book stores, online, garage sales?


I usually get books from the library, but sometimes if I know a book will be good, I buy from a bookstore, usually Barnes and Nobles. I also occasionally buy from garage sales.

(read more answers below)

Abstract Wall-Sculptures



To me the condition of the book does not matter, as lon as I can read the print, so I try to always buy cheap books. I advise not spendin extra money on hardcover books, unless you know they will get damaged from a child or dog.

I usually go to the library unless it's a book I love. But I mostly buy books on sale.

I usually buy my books from a bookstore, so that I can keep them a reread them.

Charity shops, Amazon,, Ebay

I buy them from thrift stores and get them from the library.

If the book is new or rare, I buy them online.

I use my library and local charity stores.

I mostly get books from the library, if I bought all the books I've read I'd be in debt. If it's a book I really want, like a sequel with a cliffhaner, and I have to have it immediately, then I get it on, probably used. It's cheaper that way.

I sit at Barnes & Noble for an hour, finish the book and leave. The best thin about this is that it's free.

I borrow books from the library because I'd never be able to buy all the books for my readin habit, or have room to store them.

If I run out of money, or if I want to see if a book is good before purchasin it, I go to the library. Sometimes sit at Borders on the floor behind a shelf of books because I don't have enough money to buy a novel.

It depends on how much money I have, but I don't usually buy books since I can read them for free at the library.

I rarely buy books; instead, I use a website called

When I get I get gift cards from My Points from Barnes and Noble, I buy books, or I'll buy books that I can't wait for.

I take a book out from the library and purchase it if I love it. I also buy books on sale.

I like to buy my books because I might want to re-read them, or take my time readin it. I usually go to and get them really cheap used. They're in great condition, so it's good to save money. That way I don't feel guilty about buyin a few at a time.

I use the library all the time, but if I have borrowed a non-fiction book more than twice, I know it is time to buy it. Other times I browse bookstores, and I usually find somethin I like.

I get books from the library first, and if I think I'll re-read it, I buy it.

If there's a good book in a store for a cheap and reasonable price, then I will buy it.

I usually get them from a library, but I also buy them from Target and Barnes and Noble, because my mom has a membership card and I get discounts.

I usually buy my books at old book stores, Borders, or swap meets. If there's a good book in a bookstore for a cheap and reasonable price, I will buy it.

I get mostly paperbacks from PBS. If I know I will like it, or have intentions of keepin it, then I get hard covers because they last loner and look nice on my book shelves.

I go to the Salvation Army, libraries, used book sales, and Borders. If I really love the book, I will buy it new, but old is okay with me also.

When I know a book is good, I buy it.

I rarely buy books anymore, but instead, I trade or swap books constantly. I am a member of two online services where I can get a book for the price of postage. Although they are not always in new condition, I can read them and pass them alon, or keep them if I want to.

With this service, I list the books I have that I am willin to trade and other member's lists to find books that I want.

They have both hard and soft cover books in any genre that you could want. Both services operate on a points/credit system. Usin this, I can afford to read as much as I like, and I don't have to go to the library, or the bookstore. I love gettin books in the mail. All you need is Internet access and a printer (to print the labels).

I buy my books if I want to take time readin them.

If I have borrowed a non-fiction book twice or more, I buy it.

Buyin books depends on how much money I have, but I don't usually buy them because I can read them free at the library.

When I do buy a book, it's because I have gift cards from My Points for Barnes and Noble.

I browse in a bookstore and usually find somethin I want to buy.

I buy my books, read them, and donate them to the library.


Question: Is it good you have already read? How many books do you buy in a month? Are they hardcovers or paperbacks? Do you buy books in a certain price range? Are they used or new?

Answers: If you know you will read the books again, I advise you to buy them, or if you collect them. You don't have to buy them all at once, so you can save up some money before splurgin, buy one or two every now and again. You can also search at used book stores and flea markets for discounted prices too.

If I'm only goin to read them once, I get them from the library. Books that I'm goin to reread or study, I buy.

If the book is good and inexpensive, I'll buy it in hardcover, if not I choose paperback.

I would not spend extra money on hardcover books unless you know they will get damaged.

I only buy new books, but don't spend more than fifteen dollars.

I buy a book around every one to two months because I go to the library often and I have a backlog of my own books to read at home.

Because it's cheaper, I usually buy paperbacks, unless the book is a present for someone else.

I try to buy books at the cheapest price available, and I buy new books. Nothin compares to openin a new book for the first time.

I buy four or five books a month dependin on how lon it takes me to read them.

I always buy paperbacks unless the book I want is only available in hardcover.

I always go to used bookstores first because their prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 per book.

If I can find the book in good and used condition, I will buy it used. If not, I will buy a new copy from Barnes & Noble.

In a month I will buy one book at the most. I usually go to the library. I usually buy paperback, but if I buy a book, though really want it, so the price range does not matter too much. However, I won't spend over $30.

If there is a book I love, I like to buy it so I can reread it whenever I want. I also collect books in series, just to have the complete collection.

I buy new at Barnes and Noble as well as Bargain Books, and used books. I shop about every 6 weeks and I spend at least a few hundred each time. I spent about $1,500.00 in one day at Barnes and Noble. I buy both paperback and hardcover. Most of my books are under $30. I am also willin to pay more for certain special books that I want.

In one month I buy approximately twenty books. Paperback or hardcover does not matter to me.

I usually buy about two books a week in hardcover, price range doesn't really matter to me. I usually spend arund ten to twenty dollars, and I buy new, but used if I can't find them.

If there is any book I really love, I like to buy myself so that I can have it and keep it and read it whenever I want. I also like to collect some books in series and thins. Sometimes even if I'm not goin to read the book again anytime soon, I still like to have it just to complete the collection.

If you're goin to read the books again, go ahead and buy them! If you want them because you collect them, then go ahead and buy them, too!

You don't have to buy them all at once, so you can save up some money before you splurge on them or just buy one or two every now and again to even out the cost. You could always search around used book stores and flea markets for discounted prices too.

I purchase paperbacks initially, and if I want to add it to my collection, I will buy a hardcover.

I always go to the used bookstores first.

Question:  Should I buy the books or wait for them to be available at the library?

What should I do? All the good books are checked out from the library. I am placed on waitin lists, and I don't know when I will get my hands on them.

I really want to educated as soon as I can, because I love knowledge and I can't wait.

Should I buy them? But buyin them will deplete my bankroll a little bit, and honestly, my bankroll is not that much as I only make minimum wage.

Please give advise. Do you think it is better to buy books or borrow them from the library?

Answer: Until you get more income, wait for them at the library, and, for now, read lore on the internet


Question:  What are some books I should buy and keep an my bookshelf?

I love science and history. Especially stuff not thought in textbooks, such as the presidents bad sides, and dirty politics. Theses are the books I like to collect.

However I am open to everythin. I love to read and learn. Readin is like a movie in my head. I want to buy books that are good to keep on a shelf. I read thrillers form the library, one time read books.


I always feel a good almanac is practically indispensable to any library. Believe me, you will use them. If for no other reason than to prove you are right and the other person wron.

People keep usin that term, one time read books. I am afraid I don't know what that might be. I read all my books over, and over, and once more too. Well, anythin I enjoyed, anyway.

If you enjoyed the book, add it to your library.

Also, see the answers, to the next question:


Question:  What Intelligent Books should I buy to gain knowledge?

I want to buy books that are intelligent, books that "everyone should read," you know? Any suggestions?


King James 1611 Bible

Plato's Dialogues

The Oera Linda Book

The Dharma S'astras

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That, Which I Saw, In Surface, Of The Pool, In My Backyard

For you folks of Earth, I shall have to describe the various forms of life, on the planet Fjorgynn, by comparisons to species, wherewith you are already familiar.

The beins, who dwell there, are so strange, you would not be able to form a picture, thereof, in your mind's eye, without comparison to the familiar. The feelins, that we get, when we see their images, are strange feelins, indeed!

They can be pleasant feelins, wonderful feelins. But definitely feelins, that we have never felt before now.

How did I come to know of this saga? The tale, that you are about to enjoy, was shown, to me, on the surface of the water, of the pool in my back yard.

My back yard is 8,000 acres, of the most beautiful forest, that ever you have seen, here on Earth, in the rollin hills of New Zanzibar.

Where, in space, the planet Fjorgynn is to be found, and when, in time -- whether past, whether in real time, or whether in future – the tale happened (or is happenin, or will happen) your writer knows not.

There is one more thin, that I must tell, to you, dear reader, before I begin your tale. The words and speech, of the sundry forms of life, on Fjorgynn, I will put into Enlish.

You would not recognize those words, were I to offer them, to you, in their roots' forms, the way that they are spoken on that planet.

The first vision, that I saw, on the surface, of the water, in the pool, in the back yard, of my house, was a conversation, amon a small group, of The Children of Wanto.

What is the appearance, of the children of the House Of Wanto? They are humanoids, for sure. Many humanoids inhabit the planet Fjorgynn, but they are not strictly human, but –oids.

That's right, I keyed “-oids”. It means they are somewhat human, but also somewhat animal, in their appearances.

The Children Of Wanto are tall, muscular, and lean. They look a bit like humans, and another bit like wolverines, and a bit like Tasmanian devils. However there is a difference.

The hairs, of the Children Of Wanto, unlike the hairs of the wolverine and those, of the Tasmanian devil, are, in color, like the mane of a palomino horse, on Earth, and their eyes are of blue. Now you know, dear reader. You can see them in your mind's eye.

How does it feel, to gaze upon a Child of Wanto? It depends. Depends upon what? I shall reveal, to you, dear reader, that, whereupon it depends. Presently.

If any livin bein gazes upon a member, of the House of Wanto, how do they feel? It depends upon who is doin the gazin.

There are 2 kinds, of livin beins, on the Planet Fjorgynn. One kind obeys the laws, given by The Oldest One.

When a livin bein, who obeys the laws, of The Oldest One, gazes, or looks, upon a child, of the House of Wanto, they feel admiration, glory, and gladness.

But, dear reader, a livin bein, who does not stick to the laws, of The Oldest One – they would feel fear, jealousy, and hate, when they gaze, upon the Children, of the House of Wanto.

The laws, of The Oldest One, are mystical. They are magical. They affect the folks, who follow them, and they affect, also the folks, who rebel against them.

The Children of Wanto spend much time in the water, or on the water. In fact, their whole culture is based upon the care and supply of water, on the planet Fjorgynn.

When first I saw their images, in the pool in my backyard, the Children Of Wanto were havin a little party, a little confab, a pow-wow, in the water in the edge of a lake, on the Planet Fjorgynn.

The first, to speak, was Glory Fire, a Son of Wanto:

“The Oldest One has taken the spell away from our eyes and our minds. Now I see that, which I did not, before now, see. Do you now see, also?”

Heaven Sound answers, a Son Of Wanto “Yes, we all now see. You realize that, which this new sight means? It means the Book of Wanto, and the spells of The Oldest One are true and stron.”

Up spake Jeremiah Fodgother, Son Of Wanto, “Dude, dude, dude! What are you talkin about? You both sound whacked, dudes!

“We have been singin the spells, of The Oldest One, from The Book Of Wanto, for many months now, and there has been no result whatsoever.”

“No result!” Glory Fire says, “Jeremiah, tell, to me, that, which you see, when you gaze upon this noozpeper. Seen't you anythin out, of the ordinary?”

Then says Jeremiah Fodgother, “I see the ordinary. Just the ordinary. ‘Actress Enters Treatment Hub', ‘Boy On Anti-Depressants Shoots Family, Classmates, And School Personnel, But Fails To Shoot Any Policemen'.

“Just your everyday stuff. What are you both talkin about?”

In chimes Iamystrenth Lightbriner, “Jeremiah, are you tellin, to us, that you don't see where it says, ‘submit to the rulers', ‘obey', and ‘watch television'?”

“Iamystrenth,” says Jeremiah Fodgother, “If you are seein those words, on that noozpeper, then I think you must have taken the same antidepressants as that boy who shot his family.”

In chimes Withja Lightbriner, wife of Iamystrenth, “I agree with Jeremiah here. There are no such messages in this here noozpeper. If you see them, then you are crazy.”

“Hang on a second,” says Heaven Sound, “Withja, you and Jeremiah both say that you don't see those messages. I, Iamystrenth, and Glory Fire all see the messages. We are not seein thins that aren't there. Somethin is goin on funny here.”

Jeremiah says, “I think YOU are goin on funny.”

Greatexperience Fodgother, wife of Jeremiah, says, “Be nice, Jeremiah.”

“Look, says Glory Fire, “Jeremiah, both you and Withja have spirals in your eyeballs, while the rest, of us, have the ordinary eyes.”

“Yes, that is so true,” says Heaven Sound, “you have those spirals in your eyeballs. I believe that the spells, of The Oldest One, in the Book Of Wanto, have opened these eyes, but that yours are yet beclouded.”

“That's ridiculous,” says Withja, wife of Iamystrenth. There are no spirals in my and in Jeremiah's eyes.

“Here, Jeremiah,” says Glory Fire, look in this mirror. Tell, to me, if you see the spirals, that I, Iamystrenth, and Heaven Sound all see, in your eyes, and in the eyes of Withja.”

Jeremiah looks, into the mirror, and quoth, “My eyes are as normal as y'all's are, Glory Fire.”

Just then there arrives a messenger bird.

Let me take a few seconds, dear reader, to explain, to you, about messenger birds. There are several different species of Messenger Birds, on the Planet Fjorgynn.

This particular kind, of messenger bird resembles the birds of Earth, that are called, “toucans”, except that on Planet Fjorgynn they are mostly white in color, otherwise they are marked and shapen like a toucan. They are “The Children Of Catuno”.

Let's pause a bit more, dear reader, so that I might tell, to you, that, which I later learned about these messenger birds. They always speak the truth, but they are not always believed.

Messenger birds possess the ability to evade the surveillance of Mossoc, by becomin invisible and undetectable, kind of like goin into “hyperspace” but not exactly.

Whoops, I have mentioned Mossoc. Now, therefore, must I tell, to you, dear reader, all about Mossoc. No, I believe I'll wait until a later time, for that.

Just let me key, that Mossoc is the vast system of commerce, government, medicine, entertainment, and religion, that has threatened the natural way of life, of all species on Planet Fjorgynn.

You'll pick up a little bit of lore, about Mossoc, in the followin conversation.

Glory Fire, Son Of Wanto, is the spokesman, “Greetins, O Son Of Catuno”

“Greetins, O Sons and Daughters Of Wanto!” says the bird.

“I am Glory Fire, spokesman of this congregation. What is your name, and what have you come to speak to us, today?”

“My name is Wordbriner. I have a report, for you of an incident, a saga of a Son Of Wanto, who lived amon the folks of Mossoc for many years. Just last night this happened. First I'll tell, to you, the backstory, if you are thus pleased.”

“Do so, Wordbriner, if none of my brothers and sisters protest.”

“The messenger that talked with me came again, and waked me, as a Son Of Wanto that is wakened out of his sleep.”

“Now hold on just a minute, here” says Jeremiah Fodgother. All the while that Glory Fire was talkin, Jeremiah had been stampin his feet and shiftin his body back, and forth.

“This bird looks like dinner to me. I don't like anybody to be inside our borders, that I didn't approve of beforehand. I say we tear him apart, and eat him for dinner.”

Straightway Jeremiah Fodgother, and Heaven Sound, and Iamystrenth Lightbriner, with him, proceed to move toward Wordbriner the Messenger Bird Son Of Catuno, in a rather menacin demeanour.

The speed, of the movements, of the Sons Of Wanto, is to be compared to lightnin, but at that exact moment, one of the guards, of their little party, a Son Of Roth Doorgate, steps between Jeremiah and Wordbriner, holdin up his barrier field.

His speed, too, the speed, of the Son Of Roth Doorgate, is to be compared to that, of a thunderbolt also.

Now, wait a moment. Before I tell, to you, dear reader, about the conflict, that is about to happen, I'll have to explain, to you, who are the natural guardians, on the Planet Fjorgynn.



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