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Buy Books or Borrow?

Question: Do you buy the books you read or get them from the library? If you buy them, where do you get them from? Do you buy books that are on sale?

Book stores, online, garage sales?


I usually get books from the library, but sometimes if I know a book will be good, I buy from a bookstore, usually Barnes and Nobles. I also occasionally buy from garage sales.

To me the condition of the book does not matter, as lon as I can read the print, so I try to always buy cheap books. I advise not spendin extra money on hardcover books, unless you know they will get damaged from a child or dog.

I usually go to the library unless it's a book I love. But I mostly buy books on sale.

I usually buy my books from a bookstore, so that I can keep them a reread them.

Charity shops, Amazon,, Ebay

I buy them from thrift stores and get them from the library.

If the book is new or rare, I buy them online.

I use my library and local charity stores.

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I mostly get books from the library, if I bought all the books I've read I'd be in debt. If it's a book I really want, like a sequel with a cliffhaner, and I have to have it immediately, then I get it on, probably used. It's cheaper that way.

I sit at Barnes & Noble for an hour, finish the book and leave. The best thin about this is that it's free.

I borrow books from the library because I'd never be able to buy all the books for my readin habit, or have room to store them.

If I run out of money, or if I want to see if a book is good before purchasin it, I go to the library. Sometimes sit at Borders on the floor behind a shelf of books because I don't have enough money to buy a novel.

It depends on how much money I have, but I don't usually buy books since I can read them for free at the library.

I rarely buy books; instead, I use a website called

When I get I get gift cards from My Points from Barnes and Noble, I buy books, or I'll buy books that I can't wait for.

I take a book out from the library and purchase it if I love it. I also buy books on sale.

I like to buy my books because I might want to re-read them, or take my time readin it. I usually go to and get them really cheap used. They're in great condition, so it's good to save money. That way I don't feel guilty about buyin a few at a time.

I use the library all the time, but if I have borrowed a non-fiction book more than twice, I know it is time to buy it. Other times I browse bookstores, and I usually find somethin I like.

I get books from the library first, and if I think I'll re-read it, I buy it.

If there's a good book in a store for a cheap and reasonable price, then I will buy it.

I usually get them from a library, but I also buy them from Target and Barnes and Noble, because my mom has a membership card and I get discounts.

I usually buy my books at old book stores, Borders, or swap meets. If there's a good book in a bookstore for a cheap and reasonable price, I will buy it.

I get mostly paperbacks from PBS. If I know I will like it, or have intentions of keepin it, then I get hard covers because they last loner and look nice on my book shelves.

I go to the Salvation Army, libraries, used book sales, and Borders. If I really love the book, I will buy it new, but old is okay with me also.

When I know a book is good, I buy it.

I rarely buy books anymore, but instead, I trade or swap books constantly. I am a member of two online services where I can get a book for the price of postage. Although they are not always in new condition, I can read them and pass them alon, or keep them if I want to.

With this service, I list the books I have that I am willin to trade and other member's lists to find books that I want.

They have both hard and soft cover books in any genre that you could want. Both services operate on a points/credit system. Usin this, I can afford to read as much as I like, and I don't have to go to the library, or the bookstore. I love gettin books in the mail. All you need is Internet access and a printer (to print the labels).

I buy my books if I want to take time readin them.

If I have borrowed a non-fiction book twice or more, I buy it.

Buyin books depends on how much money I have, but I don't usually buy them because I can read them free at the library.

When I do buy a book, it's because I have gift cards from My Points for Barnes and Noble.

I browse in a bookstore and usually find somethin I want to buy.

I buy my books, read them, and donate them to the library.


Buying Books


Is it good you have already read? How many books do you buy in a month? Are they hardcovers or paperbacks? Do you buy books in a certain price range? Are they used or new?


If you know you will read the books again, I advise you to buy them, or if you collect them. You don't have to buy them all at once, so you can save up some money before splurgin, buy one or two every now and again. You can also search at used book stores and flea markets for discounted prices too.

If I'm only goin to read them once, I get them from the library. Books that I'm goin to reread or study, I buy.

If the book is good and inexpensive, I'll buy it in hardcover, if not I choose paperback.

I would not spend extra money on hardcover books unless you know they will get damaged.

I only buy new books, but don't spend more than fifteen dollars.

I buy a book around every one to two months because I go to the library often and I have a backlog of my own books to read at home.

Because it's cheaper, I usually buy paperbacks, unless the book is a present for someone else.

I try to buy books at the cheapest price available, and I buy new books. Nothin compares to openin a new book for the first time.

I buy four or five books a month dependin on how lon it takes me to read them.

I always buy paperbacks unless the book I want is only available in hardcover.

I always go to used bookstores first because their prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 per book.

If I can find the book in good and used condition, I will buy it used. If not, I will buy a new copy from Barnes & Noble.

In a month I will buy one book at the most. I usually go to the library. I usually buy paperback, but if I buy a book, though really want it, so the price range does not matter too much. However, I won't spend over $30.

If there is a book I love, I like to buy it so I can reread it whenever I want. I also collect books in series, just to have the complete collection.

I buy new at Barnes and Noble as well as Bargain Books, and used books. I shop about every 6 weeks and I spend at least a few hundred each time. I spent about $1,500.00 in one day at Barnes and Noble. I buy both paperback and hardcover. Most of my books are under $30. I am also willin to pay more for certain special books that I want.

In one month I buy approximately twenty books. Paperback or hardcover does not matter to me.

I usually buy about two books a week in hardcover, price range doesn't really matter to me. I usually spend arund ten to twenty dollars, and I buy new, but used if I can't find them.

If there is any book I really love, I like to buy myself so that I can have it and keep it and read it whenever I want. I also like to collect some books in series and thins. Sometimes even if I'm not goin to read the book again anytime soon, I still like to have it just to complete the collection.

If you're goin to read the books again, go ahead and buy them! If you want them because you collect them, then go ahead and buy them, too!

You don't have to buy them all at once, so you can save up some money before you splurge on them or just buy one or two every now and again to even out the cost. You could always search around used book stores and flea markets for discounted prices too.

I purchase paperbacks initially, and if I want to add it to my collection, I will buy a hardcover.

I always go to the used bookstores first.

Question:  Should I buy the books or wait for them to be available at the library?

What should I do? All the good books are checked out from the library. I am placed on waitin lists, and I don't know when I will get my hands on them.

I really want to educated as soon as I can, because I love knowledge and I can't wait.

Should I buy them? But buyin them will deplete my bankroll a little bit, and honestly, my bankroll is not that much as I only make minimum wage.

Please give advise. Do you think it is better to buy books or borrow them from the library?

Answer: Until you get more income, wait for them at the library, and, for now, read lore on the internet



What are some books I should buy and keep an my bookshelf?

I love science and history. Especially stuff not thought in textbooks, such as the presidents bad sides, and dirty politics. Theses are the books I like to collect.

However I am open to everythin. I love to read and learn. Readin is like a movie in my head. I want to buy books that are good to keep on a shelf. I read thrillers form the library, one time read books.


I always feel a good almanac is practically indispensable to any library. Believe me, you will use them. If for no other reason than to prove you are right and the other person wron.

People keep usin that term, one time read books. I am afraid I don't know what that might be. I read all my books over, and over, and once more too. Well, anythin I enjoyed, anyway.

If you enjoyed the book, add it to your library.

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What Intelligent Books

should I buy

to gain knowledge?


I want to buy books that are intelligent, books that "everyone should read," you know? Any suggestions?

Answers (Click on The Link):

King James 1611 Bible

The Great Controversy

The Two Babylons

The Oera Linda Book

The Dharma S'astras

Plato's Dialogues


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Includes Detailed Example Of Prolonged Consequences Of Sun Saturn Square In A Weak Saturn Birth Chart

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Sample of Text:

THE WAR O THE LIBRARIES by Zanzibar Ted The year is 16 revolutions after the establishment o the 3rd library. The planet is planet Shlomo, orbital period 1500 years. For many years, one, & only one, library administration existed on planet Shlomo, with its divers branches.

One day, a creature, by the name o Hoppity, took notice o the fact that the information in branch #777 was about different creatures, different from all o the other branches. For example, in the majority o branches, the histories, o "The Time o Orange Flowers," dwelt repeatedly upon the exploits o a creature, whose name was Ulo Harbardarparnar (major accent on "-bar," minor accent on "-par,")

& about his supporters, his personal adversaries, & about others who shared variations o his same point o viewin, even though they may have supported him not. The extent, to which Ulo's rôle was documented, was such, that to every school child he became an archetype.

But Hoppity looked in branch 777, & found the histories, o "The Time o Orange Flowers" in that branch, he found only incidental mention o Ulo Harbardarparnar (major accent on "-bar," minor accent on "-par,") his adversaries, his supporters, and his "approximators," ... Instead, hoppity found that the focus was upon the deeds o a creature, whose name was "Monongahela Zorro III."

Hoppity went thereafter to no fewer than 3 other branches, for to search for information about Monongahela Zorro III. No information did Hoppity there find, search though he might Well, now, Hoppity was such a creature, that, for him, such a discrepancy could not be left unexplained.

He sent a facsimile to the office o the administration o the libraries o the planet Shlomo Hoppity informed it (the office) about the discrepancy that he had found, & he asked it (the office) how did it intend to resolve the discrepancy into a crepancy?

Hoppity received back a communication from branch #777, to the effect that he was wrong -- O, so wrong: The emphasis given in branch #777 was in conformity with the emphasis given in all o the other branches But look! The return address, on the communiqué, was a place situated 20,000 leagues distantly fro' the branch to which he had visited

(Note: ... such is the relation, between the polarity o the energy-field o the planet & the energy-field o the creatures, that all travellin must be done in a clockwise spiral, for the health & integrity o all)

Another discrepancy! Well, Hoppity informed the administration that, as it seemed, there must be 2 branches numbered 777.

The administration sent back a reply, stating that he could rest easily now, for the discrepancy had been solved Hoppity knelt down & said a prayer o gratitude, to his maker, for the fact that order had been restored.

"Well, now," said he, to himself, "I believe that I'll go to the library, & obtain some learnin." Hoppity arrived at the location o branch #777 (as he had previously known it) &, to his surprise, found, instead o a lovely brick buildin, a smokin pile o bricks, ashes, bones, and other assorted rubble Now he understood exactly how the discrepancy had been resolved.

He quickly arrived at a decision to change his normal "home branch" library, to another one, not too far distant, called "branch #682." Well, the divisions o time went by, & Hoppity contentedly absorbed more & more knowledge from branch #682, until one day he happened to meet his cousin, Rabonodo, in that same branch Rabonodo said to him, "Hi."

"Hi," returned Hoppity "To where has branch #777 been taken?" asked Rabonodo "To destruction," answered Hoppity, & related to him his tale about Monongahela Zorro III, leadin up to the destruction o branch #777.

"Great balls o fire!" exclaimed Rabonodo. "I have heard the same story about numerous branches all over the planet Shlomo ... A creature nearby "eavesdropped," &, in consequence, joined their conversation, "I have heard the same," said she "& now a 3rd phenomenon is happenin -- note carefully...

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