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You are goin to have to learn the basic techniques, if you are goin to paint in water colors, my friend! Here are their names: Flat Wash, Graded Wash, Glazed Wash, Wet-in-wet Technique, Dry Brush Technique, Lifting Wet Watercolor, Lifting Dry Watercolor.

As you can see, from the foregoin list, you are goin to probably be doin some washin, and some liftin.

If you want to rise, until the higher levels, then here are some, of the techniques, that you might learn: Splattering Textures, Spray Textures, Stamped Textures, Back Wash Textures, Alcohol Texture, Salt Texture, Tissue Paper Texture, Plastic Wrap Texture, Painting with Frisket, Using Wax Resist, Color Grid Exercise, Tracing Paper, Blow Dryer Tips.

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