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Here you will find a gallery with the top, the most popular, and the best abstract decor for your wall.

Go ahead, click on through, and see for yourself.  You will find thumbnails that lead you to a review of each work of art, and your opportunity to be come owner of either a hand-painted reproduction, or a print, as you wish.

Red Baxter Ministries - (301) 687 - 0205




We have made available, for you, a gallery of the finest and most well liked abstract paintings for sale.

You see a thumbnail that attracts your attention, you click on it, and you can see the history of the painting, with a chance to get your own hand-painted reproduction, or else a print for your wall, or for a gift that will make happy your intended recipient.

Go ahead, click on the title of this blurb, and you will see the thumbnails, that lead you to your desired painting.




Our Investment Strategy




It was recently, when I saw some interestin research. The research was about the differences, between real, and faked, masterpieces, in abstract art.

The analysis, of the results, gave belief, to the same thought, that many people have hitherto spoken, about famous abstract art.


What Have Folks Been Sayin All Alon?

Many folks have recognized, and seen, for themselves, that celebrated abstract art for sale is the same story, as The Kaiser's New Clothes (Kejserens nye Klæder).



Maybe you don't already know that tale? Just for your benefit, I'll here give, to you, a summary, of the story.

Afterward, you will have the power, to compare any artist, any maker, or any promoter, of abstract artwork, to the “weavers”, who appear in the tale.

The tale is about an emperor, a kaiser, a caesar, who was a dandy, a "peacock", a popinjay – that is to say, he was possessed, by an obsession, to show off a different suit of clothes many times, durin each day.

One time, 2 swindlers visited the town, wherein dwelt the kaiser. These 2 fellers made it to be noised, around the town, that they had the ability, to weave magical cloth.

The 2 got the word out, that their cloth, was able to be seen only by those, who were worthy.

They added, to the rumour, that the cloth could not be seen, by anybody who was either stupid, or unworthy.

As the 2 swindlers pretended, to weave the cloth, of course it could not be seen by anybody, because they were only fakin.


All The Lookers Faked Seein

No one, who looked at the 2 men, who pretended to weave, was willin to admit, to own, that there was no thread, nor cloth -- so they pretended, to see them.

After the 2 men said, that the clothin was ready, then the kaiser showed himself, to the crowds of folks, by marchin in a parade. He believed, that he was wearin new clothin.

The kaiser was afraid to tell, to anyone, that he was unable to see the clothin. Of course, there was no clothin, it was all a fake, but nobody knew it, except the 2 swindlers.

All the folks, in the crowd, thought, that they were stupid, or unworthy, because they could not see the clothin. They did not want to admit to others, that they could not see the clothin.

So nobody spoke about it, everyone thought, that the other could see the clothes, that were not there.


At Last, Folks Saw The Truth

The weavin, and the clothes -- they were a scam. All the folks believed that they were too stupid, or else too unworthy, to see the what the Kaiser was wearin (or what they thought he was wearin).

They were all too ashamed to admit, to own, that they could not see the clothes. All, of them, kept their mouths shut about it. At last, a youn boy yelled, “The kaiser is not wearin any clothes”.

When the crowd heard the youn boy, they all realized, that they had been deceived.


It Is Not Like That In The World Of Abstract Art

Thins are much different, from that story, however, in the abstract-art world.

What has happened, whenever any voice-of-truth has lain bare the falsity, of any claim to excellence, of any work of abstract art?

We have found that only a small number, of those, who have been told, have taken any heed, of the truth.

The folks, those who possess any means, to promote art, have taken the side of the art investors.



50,000 folks were quizzed online. They were tested, to see, if they could differentiate the "faked" abstract paintings, from those, that have been acclaimed. The test showed six paintings, made up by the man, who designed the test, and six others, that were by noted celebrities of abstract art.

The man, who did the test, concluded, that the increased value, of any work of abstract art, was caused by the celebrity and the publicity, of the artist, rather than intrinsic merit, in the art, itself.

What did the votes, of those online visitors, who voted, mean? Upon analysis, by the tester, the voters showed, that they could see no apparent difference, in quality, between the paintings, done by celebrated artist, and the art, done by the man, who designed the test.

Find the description, of the experiment, here: http://arxiv.org/ftp/physics/papers/0703/0703091.pdf

The test is not, necessarily, the final word on the matter. Not by one, of those shots, that we might call "lon". However, and notwithstandin, analysis gives rise to the conclusion, that the results are close, to bein random.

It was as though those, who answered the test, were givin mostly answers, that were only guesses. It means, that often they knew the right answer, because the famous paintings were already familiar to the answerers.

Possible Flaw In The Test: Perhaps The Tester Was Himself An Unsung Art-Great

In the online "validity test", for abstract art, there is one consideration, that was overlooked, by the man, who designed the test. It was he, the tester, who designed the "control" art, supposedly wantin, in inner worth. What if he, himself, is truly a "great" artist, who never made himself to be noticed, before now?

If the above were the case, then all 12 pictures would be of "great" abstract art, and the results, of the test, would have a different meanin.



Let us, now, articulate a strategy, based upon the thoughts, told above. Is that all right with you?

Here is what we want to know, about an artist: while their career is still youn, we want to determine whether their art works are likely to increase much, in worth. Will their artworks probably be auctioned in the top-dollar auctions, or be requested by the best-recognized museums?

We want to be able to foretell whether any particular abstract artist will make artworks that will be, ultimately, celebrated and shouted. That is the aim of our strategy.

We are not tryin to evaluate the works of art, themselves, but the career-mindedness, of the artist, and the inclination, of celebrated institutions, to award them with grants, press coverage, scholarships, invitations, and the like.


Do Not Pay any Attention To the Art, Itself

Here is what we are goin to do: we shall ignore the actual artwork, itself, and we shall take a hard look, at the artist's ability, to make himself, to be noticed.

Does the artist participate in many shows and exhibitions? Do they manage to get themselves mentioned in the communications media often? For how many years have they been stronly promotin themselves? Has their effort been continuous?

We shall have a look, at the power-level of the institutions, such as media and galleries, who have shown favor to the artist, who is under our scrutiny.


How Have They Been Awarded To, Or Recognized?

We shall check, whether they have been given any award or any scholarship, while they were in school. Artists, who have gotten awards, of any kind, from “authorities”, are apt to get more and more notice from more and more "authorities".

We observe an artist, over a few years, and see whether they have been honored several times.

Beside the flags, told of above, we want to be sure, that the artist has not yet been given any major recognition. We want their art works to be truly inexpensive, yet. We say, they are at the "first level of expensiveness", or of worth.

What is next level, of expensiveness? Has any celebrated artist taken "our" prospect “under their win”? Has our prospect been featured, or even mentioned, in any powerful television news program, newspaper, or magazine? Has any celebrated institution gotten their art, to show?



Here is one example, for you. She calls herself "Brittany Sanders". By September, of 2009, Brittany's age is only 25. Wikipedia has not yet taken notice of her. We read, from that, that she is yet to be considered as "big league".

Even though Brittany is not, yet, big league, nevertheless, she is as close, to bein there, as you can be, without actually bein there. Her artworks have been shown by the Met. They are on permanent display in Yale University, the Museum Of Modern Art, the New York Public Library, and in the Getty Museum.

Our best guess will have to depend upon 2 factors: 1) that Brittany come to no harm, and 2) the abstract art market comes also into no harm. Be both of those factors fulfilled, then we will have to guess, that she will be in the big league pronto. There is not much time left for you, as an investor, to get her stuff "at cheap".

It is a good bet, to imagine that her stuff is now an excellent investment, and that the value of it will increase.

If you want, to learn more about Brittany, you may visit her website: http://www.brittanysanders.com/index1.html . Media include abstract art gouache paintings, abstract art books, abstract art prints, and abstract water color paintings.



Let's compare Brittany to another abstract artist, Tim Tyree. Whereas Brittany makes abstract wall art, and artbooks, Tim, on the other hand, produces abstract art sculpture.

Tim is almost absent from the first 2 pages of google's search results. But once is he mentioned. It was an article tellin to us that his abstract artwork sculptures will be on display, through August of the year 2009.

Tim's sculptures were shown at a little shop, that sells coffee and gifts. The show was located in a small town, not too far from Toledo, Ohio.

The article tells to us, further, that Tim's work has been made of "everyday items".

I sought to find images, of Tim's abstract art for sale, but none found I. Neither found I any other information about Tim. Only the announcement, of that sinle show.

Even, if you were to find some of Tim's abstract art work, and if you were to like it, right much, still, it were but a dubious investment, for you to make. Only, if Tim were to push his name, with a bit more, of pep, and of oomph, then might his artwork be of interest, to an investor, such as ourselves.

There is an exception. If you, yourself, are a promoter, and a good one, too, and, if you were bent, to the thought, of boostin the value, of the artworks of Tim, then might you go ahead, and do so, so that you might invest, therein.



I have made the effort, to locate, for you, a variety, of different examples, of abstract artists. I want you to be able to see how the evaluation process works, in different cases. Then will you be able to decide which abstract artists invite you, by their merit, to further watch the progress, of their careers.

Some artists have been “late bloomers”. The next one, whereof I desire to tell to you, might be just such an abstract artist.

He has spent a lifetime of 62 years, withouth havin gotten much fame, nor reputation. Or, if he has done so, then I have failed to find out about it.

The promisin fact, about his career, is that his abstract artwork was recently displayed, in an abstract art sale, in the company, of some of Kandinsky's prints.

You may already be aware, Kandinsky is known to have been one of the top makers of abstract expressionism art, in addition to other abstract arts.

"Patrick Jones" is the name of the artist. Wikipedia has failed to recognize him, to date. In the 1980's, his artworks were shown in a respectable London, England, gallery, known as the Hayward Gallery. Although the Hayward is not strictly an abstract art gallery, nevertheless, Patrick specializes in abstract art prints, and in abstract painting art.

The Hayward Gallery is listed in Wikipedia. By that, we know that the gallery has probably some power. Bear in mind, however, that the event, wherein his stuff was shown, was not part of a pattern of increase.

There is a category, of success, wherein the succeeder, or succeedresse, fails to succeed, until the later years, of their life's time. Then, in those selfsame later years, they succeed, "big time".

One example is “Colonel” Sanders, the founder of the successful Kentucky Fried Chicken chain of fast-food restaurants. Another is the famous primitive painter, Grandma Moses. Both of our examples, started their careers only after they reached the age of 70.

As investors, we want to find out whether Patrick's career might resemble those of “Colonel” Sanders and Grandma Moses.

Here is my advice for you: check, for his name, in the news online. You could formulate a "google news alert", amon other techniques. Watch to see if a new begins, in his career. Watch, to see whether Patrick gets more publicity, from the media. Watch to see, whether he gets awards, or requests for his art, from influential institutions.

What should you do, if, and when, you see a pattern, like that, in his career?, Buy his art. Don't wait until he has his own Wikipedia page. Get his abstract wall art, get his abstract canvas art, get an abstract art print.

Since the name, Patrick Jones, is quite an oft-found name, I care to offer, to you, a suggestion. You might put some of your searches, of his name, with the name of the town, Lympstone, wherein he keeps his studio. I would put the name “Patrick Jones” in quotation marks, and the word “Lympstone” outside the quotation marks.

Another method, whereby you might keep track of Patrick, would be to do a search, wherein you combine his name with one, or more of the words, “artist”, “art”, or “abstract”.



Here is a method, that I use, in abstract art, to find artists, who would be good investments. I search google news, or I search in other news, for the terms “award”, “scholarship”, or “grant”, alon with “abstract”, and “artist”.

That is the selfsame method, that I used, to find an abstract artist, named “Johnny Robles”. For many years, Johnny was not born. In 1984, finally, he was born. Johnny as been given a number of awards. A good number, of institutions, has given, to him, a good deal, of recognition.

One institution, that has not yet recognized Johnny, is wikipedia. Johnny Robles has gotten a number of awards, and scolarships. By now, he has gotten his BFA degree.

Johnny has matriculated in 2 reputable scools, in abstract fine art. He studied in studios in the tradition-steeped Florence, in Italy. Johnny studied, also, in Baltimore's Maryland Institute College Of Art.

Johnny has been given numerous awards. 2, in particular, I'll mention here. In 2005, Johnny ws given the Society of Illustrators Gold Award, in New York City, and in 2006 the bronze Award, in California, in Los Angeles.

The modern contemporary abstract art work, of Johnny Robles, is, from time to time, abstract digital art prints.

We can see, that Johnny is oriented, toward the development of his career. We can, too, see, that he has been given, again, and again, recognition, for his efforts, in modern abstract art.

At the same time, Johnny is still too "unimportant" to be given his own Wikipedia page. Now would be a top while, for us to gather up as many, of his original abstract art works, as we can allot money for.



Learn now, of an other abstract art issue. I have not the answer to it. I want to make you to be aware of the question. Maybe you will be able to get the answer, for yourself.

The question is about the prophecies, and fears, for the hereafter, especially 2012.

The most influential, institutions include colleges, news media, auction houses, galleries, and museums. All, of them, have been run, for a great lon while, by a huge interwoven tapestry of clubs, that most researchers call the “secret societies”.

I have not the space here, to tell to you much about them. Many books have been written, and many videos made, about them.

Those selfsame people, who have had their grasp, in those institutions, have revealed, that they have been afraid. What have they said, that they have been afraid of? Afraid, that their system will be finished soon, will end. They have based their fears upon the prophecies, both the Biblical, and the Mayan prophesies.

The whole weapon of abstract art, used as a political leaven for the destabilization of cultures and societies, might lose support, if and when the foretellins will happen, for those have been the same secret societies, that have given, to it, the biggest support.

If that will be, then it might come to pass, that much abstract art for sale will lose its worth, as the ways and standards, used to foretell their worth, will have become different by then.


Find information about interestin abstract artists here. Whether you seek popular or lesser known abstract artists, we have the information you need. We can tell you about abstract artists from the modern to contemporary art period.

Find the best abstract artists for you buy paintings from. Find out what the value of paintings are that are done by abstract artists. Also find the out about the composition process of abstract artists of particular paintings.

Red Baxter Ministries - (301) 687 - 0205



Red Baxter Ministries - (301) 687 - 0205

What are the best abstract art galleries to see paintings? We can help you find information on the best places to view abstract art, whether online or in a gallery.

Most major cities in the world have art galleries. Many of these galleries feature art from all periods, includin, holdin periods that feature abstract art. Since many contemporary artists are selling their artwork online, you can also find online galleries for abstract art. This is helpful for findin less expensive artwork that may be worth money later.


Sculpture is three dimensional art, made from combinin, bindin hard materials. Like paintings, sculpture can either be representational or abstract. Abstract art sculpture does not representin, doublin a literal translation of the world around the artist.

What types of sculpture can be considered abstract art sculpture? How does abstract sculpture differ from traditional sculpture forms? What is the value of abstract sculpture?



Red Baxter Ministries - (301) 687 - 0205

Where can you order the best abstract art prints? What is the best abstract art to buy in print form? We can help you find abstract art prints by contemporary artists who are famous and lesser known. You will also find here, information on art prints by famous abstract artists.

Abstract art prints are mass produced, therefore, their value is less than an original. But, this is a great option for the art appreciator that just wants to own great art for their home.



Find the best abstract digital art. Abstract digital art is composed usin digital means, namely a computer. Artists workin in the digital medium sometimes produce fractal art. Digital art can also be composed in more traditional ways usin a computer or a drawing tablet and graphic design program.

There are also programs that allow an artist to randomly generate images. This method of composition is similar to the spontaneity seen in compositions by various other abstract artists workin in traditional media.



Red Baxter Ministries - (301) 687 - 0205

Abstract expressionism art was an American Art movement that started after the World War II art movement. It was the first American art movement that was recognized internationally. Previously, the art center of the world was Paris. After this movement, New York became internationally recognized as a location central to the arts.

In the United States, the phrase was first used to describe works by Wassily Kandinsky. Like the Modern art movements before, it is characterized by a break with the past, rebellion, and anarchy.

Abstract Expressionist artists combined spontaneous emotional expression with an inventive exploration of medium and materials, rejectin the figurative. Although spontaneity was important, so was the process, so although spontaneous, abstract expressionist did not paint without method.


Abstract Art paintings and abstract canvas art are readily available to you. Through our site, you will find abstract art paintings for sale on canvas for you. If you cannot afford an original painting, you will also find information on how to purchase reproductions.

Reproductions come in many forms.  They are famous paintings done on canvas, very close to the real thin!  Some reproductions are oil on canvas.

There are also many contemporary artists of lesser known fame painting in the abstract art style. Their work may too be available for you on canvas.



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