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"Erik The Vermilion Ministries -- The Leader In Personal Guidance, Rede & Makin You The Winner!


Erik The Vermilion Ministries, and the Information Encyclopedia Online, are subsidiaries of Red Baxter Ministries



We are those, who give, to Red Baxter, obedience and money.

Many, but by no means all, of us, are the children of Israel. In Isaac is our name called, "Saxons".

We are instinctively good and straight, honest and helpful, godly, righteous, sober, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.






Tru KeeseyRed Baxter is the 5,748th most interestin person alive today. Tomorrow he will be the 3,956th most interestin person alive.

Red is a priest.

Red once held the unofficial title of the "World's Youngest Person". Now he is among the oldest people alive, in the upper 20%, at least, by estimate.

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Erik the Vermilion is, too, a priest, and, besides, an astrologer par extraordinaire. He is also the master of this web site, for the time bein.


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Mick Snutz is an artist, and the leader of the Mandala Art Movement. Mick manages our art department.

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"The art teachers in the public school system were enemies of our people, and always tried to discourage me from doin well in art.  The exception was my eighth grade teacher, Mrs. Khalkhali.  I once sketched a scene that I was goin to color in, I think, cray pas.

"It was the Massachussetts Avenue, Washington, DC bridge over Rock Creek, seen from below and a short distance away.

"She liked the sketch truly much, and began puttin in a stroke here, then a stroke there, then she finished the whole piece from my sketch, said it was so good that she was goin to award me the only second A+ grade that she had ever given in her entire career, which she did.

"In other words, all I did was a rough sketch, and she finished the whole thin herself, then gave, to me, the grade for what was as much her creation as it was mine.

"Years later I came to think a possible reason, why Mrs. Khalkhali treated me that way. Clearly she was an American woman, though her name was Persian. Her hairs were orange, and she spoke with no accent. This was before the time, when many Persians were Westernized, in their speech.

"Therefore I believe that Mrs. Khalkhali was wedded to a Persian.

"In our class was the son, of a Persian diplomat, Hossein Farivari. My buddy, Terry Eliot, and I befriended Hossein. I believe that Mrs. Khalkhali regarded me as one, of the few, who might be kindly disposed toward such folks, as her husband may have been, and that was what disposed her well toward me.

After high school, I dated a youn art student, by the name of Karan Kandel. We did not speak to each other, our relationship was fairly silent, and I can't say that she had any influence upon my artistic career, nor style.

"I came to be familiar with the artistic menality, through close contact with 3 artists, one, of whom, died youn, Guy Dorsey, one, of whom, Lanny Tupper, drew and airbrushed famous guitarist Nils Lofgren's first album's cover, for his then band, "Grin",

"...and the third, of whom, became a famous illustrator for the Washinton Post and the New York Times, with his own column in the National Review. His name is David Suter. I picked up some artistic habits, and ways, by livin with 2 of them. Those 2 men were drawin all the time, wherever they went, they would draw.

"I don't know whether Carter remembers this, or whether she will own it, but in about 1968 I suggested to a youn female art student, Carter Hodgkin, the idea of paintin microscopic scenes, as seen through a microscope. This she did, and has based her career partly on it, for a while.

"Shortly after I moved to Frostburg MD, I met a youn man from Guadalajara, Mexico, whose name was Daniel Neufeld.  He is a typical Pleiadean, exceptin that his hairs are red instead of blond.  He is tall, full of goodwill, and likes to spend every moment of his life in celebration.

"From him and from others in Frostburg, I acquired more of an awareness of ray IV, the artist's ray.  This guy Daniel would play and party and paint from the time he awoke until sleep.

"He would paint a mural on his girlfriend's wall, then assemble a group of friends to watch a movie, then paint a tee shirt to give to a friend, then have a group of friends over for dinner.

"This would never stop.  I wish I could have my attitude to be more like his.  It was really fun to be around him.  He painted a tee shirt for me and also gave to me an untitled work in pastels, which typifies the type of style in which he excels.

"I learned a couple thins from him, one that life can be fun all the time, and two that abstract art doesn't have to be crap.  After a few months he returned to Guadalajara, and I misplaced his mailin address after a few letters/cards.  He has been mentioned on the internet in relation to art fairs that have happened in Guadalajara.

"There is another artist, of the same name, who is youner, but who is not he."

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Buck Dandanana is a pert on the topic of love and wedded life.

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Monongahela Ted is one, of the foremost acoustic finger style pickers in the galaxy.



Nick O'Lothian is an electronic music programmer.

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Jack Stand is an art critic. He writes many of our art reviews.


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    09 Jun 18

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