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Prem Rawat

Anderson, Ian

Jones, Alex

Baker, Simon

Knopfler, Mark
Beck, Glenn

Musselwhite, Charlie

Benben, Brian Newton-John, Olivia

Bourdain, Anthony

Ocasek, Ric
Cameron, James O'Connor, Levin
Chapman, Mark David O'Lothian, Nick
Close, Chuck Roeder, Scott

Cooder, Ry

Rogers, Chad

Cyrus, Miley Scallion, Gordon Michael
Druce, Joseph Shawn, Wallace
Evanovich, Janet Singleton, Chris
Ford, Frankie Spears, Britney
Gilchrist, Jim Spears, Jamie Lynn
Giunchiglia, Ezio Springmeier, Fritz
Glau, Summer Szymanski, Greg
Hemsworth, Chris Topol
Hicks, Dan Windsor, Edward, Duke of Kent
Hilton, Paris Winter, Johnny
Ivery, Chris Zagami, Leo



When asked, Prem Rawat said, "What is the practical solution? Well I think happiness is the practical solution. When everybody is happy, that's it!"

He also said, "I am the source of happiness in this world."

So here you go, go and get some happiness:




Contact Any Celebrity
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A man named Alan Conrad received from Prem Rawat the awakenin to The Knowledge of peace within himself.  He was on a hillside, practicin the technique/s by which to feel the inner peace.  While Alan was practicin the technique/s on that hillside, a car full of drunks was approachin the hill from the valley. 

The drunks were hollerin out the windows of the car.  The car began to ascend the hill's windin road, and Alan kept on practicin the technique/s.  As the noisy group in the car reached the section of road that was just above Alan's position, Alan was given a realization.  He was shown that Prem Rawat was bringin peace to the entire world. 

At that very moment, the driver of the car stopped the car, and exited, came runnin down the hill toward Alan, screamin"This is it!  This is it!"  He kept screamin this until he reached where Alan was, then grabbed Alan by the neck, shaking Alan, and screamed into his face, "This is it!  This is it!"


Quotations From Prem Rawat:

"...glob, gloob, gleeb..."

"...holy moley..."

"...everybody is standing on the top of an icicle."

"Ashram is not a thing."

"I'm a lawyer..."

"The Creator will not be visible in your dreams."

"He lives up there."

"...somebody gets kicked by their horse."




Ian is a Scotsman with an Anglo Saxon surname, so he ought to be rather rich in Anglo Saxon blood, the blood, which, says the Bible, is the carrier of the House of Israel.

Ian has been knighted by the hoodlum government of England. As I told, of Mark Knopfler, entertainers, who have been knighted, were most probably rewarded for havin chosen to be satanists and psychological warfare experts.

Beneath one online video was keyed "One, of the must underrated musicians", whereto I answered "They gave him a knighthood, what do you want them to do, make him the queen?"



Apparently there is no depth, whereto Simon will not sink, in order to advance his career. I have seen him lip-kissin a beast, and tacitly endorsin doins that will lead to intense sufferins, on the part of the impressionable viewer, should they become a practitioner thereof, namely witchcraft.

You would think that a man, with such obvious leadership skills, would use them to create a counter-movement to Hollywood, such as the Spurn The Muse Movement, rather than to participate in such a swampful of nasties.

He even allowed his early career to be associated with a Lesbian talk-show host. It's as though he had no conscience and no moral compass, where his career is concerned.

What if the Mafia has been in control of Hollywood? Simon, leader that he is, could pick up where the Noble Kennedy Family left off, in destroyin the mafia, the CIA, and the vatican's influence in the USA. History will not be kind to him if he continues to cooperate with the enemy.


Check Out A Fantastic Array Of

Simon Baker's DVD's

And Memorabilia

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I Come in Peace (1990) - Theatrical Trailer


Below: OcpCommunications review on the underrated sci-fi action classic, I Come In Peace(1990) aka. Dark Angel starring Dolph Lundgren, Brian Benben, Betsey Brantley, Matthias Hues, Jay Bilas, Jim Haynie, David Ackroyd, Sherman Howard, Sam Anderson, Mark Lowehenthal, and Michael J. Pollard.

Directed by Craig R. Baxley.


Click Here You Can Get Your Own Copy And Watch Brian In This Film


Click Here And Get Your Own Digital File @ $9.99




"Casuist propagandist for racelessness, urbanization, and moral and hygienic irresponsibility."

"An Urban Bear Grylls - One might call Anthony 'Bar Grills'."

Tony is a sucker for gratitude. So lon as they demonstrate a semblance of gratitude, Tony is willin to go to any lenth to help even the most undeservin of critters, thus subsidisin selfishly the injury of the quality of life for the more deservin, but less demonstrative, group.

Lesson: reward desert, and allow the "undeservin needy" to continue in their sufferin. This was also for me a lesson, and a hard one, as myself and my Daddy are both givers to the extreme, to any unfortunate soul. But it does not help them to give until they have not repented their evil ways.

"Ignorance combined with arrogance."

Anthony has learned well how to relate to aliens. His next big lesson is how to do so WITHOUT bein culturally nor racially promiscuous - even if employers offer to pay or otherwise reward him for bein so. To put the lesson in other terms - how to never, ever let culturally or racially promiscuous persons, or institutions, determine your career.

Favorite Apparatus - Pressure's cooker

Favorite Band - Abba

Favorite Cook - Rachael Ray

Favorite Decoratrix - Laura Ashley

Favorite Doin - Goin To Homes' Furnishins' Stores

Favorite Fashionisto - John Ashcroft

Favorite Food Group - Vegetables

Favorite Foods - Warthog rectum Bushmen style, iguana tamales, lalo

Favorite Hotel Kind - Tan

Favorite Recreation - Karaoke

Favorite Singer - Michael Bolton

Favorite Sport - Fishin

"Tony" is a goodwill ambassador from Caucasia in general, and, in particular, from USA, because of his ability to relate to everybody whom he meets.

I believe his risin sign to be Sagittarius.

He crackens me up whene'er I watch his programme. I don't recommend it, because of the number of "negative affirmations" to be found therein. We must be careful to what we expose our unconscious mind. "I will put nothin evil before my eyes" and that goes trebly for our mind, as well.

One thin, that Anthony does rightly, is to say "Jerry-rigged" instead of "jury-rigged".

I guess his birth's time to be about 6 pm, thus his Moon's nakshatra is of ksatriyya, the freckled, red-haired guardian warrior, and his ascendant of sudra, the black race of pleasure-seekin.

The said combination makes him to have the nature of an ugra - one who survives by eatin animaux who live in holes, such as armadilli, ground hogs, porcupines, rabbits.

Below the video, you will see the beginnin, of a list of Tony's "bests".


Best Bug Ever - Beetles of acacia trees, bushmen family, Kalahari, Namibia.

Best Chef Around - Brian Menges, 2nd Street Bistro, Murray Hotel, Livingston, Montana.

Best Cheve In Maine, Arguably - Melissa Kelly, Primo Restaurant, Rockland, Maine.

Best Chitterlin, That Ever Have I Had - Street food, La Floresta, Quito.

Best Coals - Used by Victor Arguinzoniz, Etxebarri Restaurant, Axpe, Spain.

Best Cookin - Mom's.

Best Example Of What The Viet Namese Do So Well - Madame Gao's Com Nieu Saigon Restaurant, Saigon.

Best Possible Flavor For Creatures To Taste (by implication) - Urchins, Fresh Raw - spoken while in or near to Naples, Italy "If God made anythin better, he kept it for himself."

Best Food - Milo, Maine.

The Best It Gets - Heterocentrotus mamillatus and marine gastropod molluscs right out of the dihydrogen monoxide.

Best Meal - Ferran Adria, El Bulli Restaurant, Cala Montjoi, Costa Brava, Catalonia, Espagna.

Best Meal I Have Ever Had In Germany - Head cheese, blutwurst, liverwurst puree, white asparagus, saeurkraut, mashed potatoes, fried fish, potatoes' salad, raw smoked chicken, pickles, Rogacki Delikatessen, Berlin.

Best Meal I've Has So Far - Sour-milk-drink, naca tamale, &to (and the others), El Vaquero restaurant, Managua, Nicaragua.

Best Meal Of The Trip To Ecuador - Vodka and stews, one with colonche, Isabel, past mother-in-law of Andres Crespo, La Calderada, Puerto Lopez.

Best Mouthful I've had in this country (Croatia) - ragout at winery in Skradin, North Dalmatia, Croatia.

Best Part - Fish's head, Feridee born McIntosh, Tante Pearl's, Bequia Island, Saint Vincent, Grenadine Islands.

Best Prawns In The World - In Madrid, from ?. Probably from Galicia. Or from Spain generally.

Best Products - Used by Victor Arguinzoniz, Etxebarri Restaurant, Axpe, Spain

Best Puttanesca Ever - Chef Pasquale Torrente's puttanesca, Ristorante Al Convento Pizzeria, Cetara, Itaglia.

Best Refrigerator Ever - In Marty's garage, West Plains, Missouri.

Best Seafood In The World - Galicia, Espagna.

Best Skin I've Ever Had - Chicken skin, Akihiro Matsuo San, Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan

Best Stuff - The stuff, to be found, in the whereabouts, where is found the good stuff, whereto Madrileños are used. It actually makes sense, if you are willin to think. This is exactly what Anthony Bourdain said, but it had to be restated to make an entry here. The way he said it would not have been listable.

oK here's that, which he said, "Madrileños are used to the good stuff - wherever it's best." He didn't say, "Madrileños are used to the best stuff."

Best Sushi Of My Life - Sukiabashi Jiro, down a flight of stairs, next to a subway's gate, in the cellar, of an unimpressive lookin offices' buildin, Ginza, Japan.

Best Thing Ever - Breakfast, How Yummy Restaurant, Medellin, Colombia

Best Thing Ever - Grilled Prawns, Victor Arguinzoniz, Etxebarri Restaurant, Axpe, Spain.

Best Thing I've Eaten All Day - Beetles of acacia trees, bushmen family, Kalahari, Namibia.

Best [bleep] Thing I've Eaten In Melbourne So Far - Marinated barbecued quail and a heapin pile of lambs' ribs, Joseph, Rumi, Melbourne.

Best Thing So Far - Bloody sausage, Hajecs' home, suburbs of Prague.

Best Tools For The Job - Used by Victor Arguinzoniz, Etxebarri Restaurant, Axpe, Spain.

Best Tortilla Ever - Blue corn tortilla, Dona Anastasia, The Street, Mexico City.

Very Best [Unspecified] Of This World - That, which some unidentified listener, was to find down in the street.

Best Way To Make A Sea's Urchin To Be Ready - Just crack him open, and rinse his flesh in the sea's water.

Best Whereabouts In Western World To Eat, Best Whereabouts In The World Outside Of Asia To Eat - Spain.

Best Whereabouts On Earth, Might Be, If You Like Food - (seen in preview. answer not given yet).

Best Whereabouts On Earth, One Of - Hiram's Roadstand, Fort Lee, New Jersey.


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Learn About Food

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Since I keyed the followin, it has come to my attention, that God has told us to be as gentle as lambs, and to fight "not with weapons of the flesh", but "of the spirit". Nevertheless, I'll let the possibly erroneous erst effort to stand, for now:

EITHER Mark is a hero, who was inspired to kill our foe, the repulsive satanist john lennon.

AND Poor Mark, though, has been confused by the "jesuit version" of "protestant" "Christianity", and has had much difficulty, to accept the idea, that his action was a service to Jesus Christ.




Video, above, shows appreciation for Mark, without mentionin the fact that the famous band's members have been chosen to be celebrities, because of their dedication to satanism.

"When the world's overrun
"With too many bands
"Who is it time for

"Mark Chapman

"When they all seem absurd
"He will thin out the herd
"Ladies and gentleman

"Mark Chapman"


OR Mark David Chapman was a "manchurian candidate" mind control assassin of the MK Ultra program, and therefore, deserves little personal credit for the deed.

Here is Facebook's page for him:





Ryland Cooder is half Italian and part Dutch. His career got a big thrust when he participated in a band, led by another Dutchman, Don van Vliet.

Duane Allman credited Ry Cooder with bein the reason why he learned to play slide guitar.


Order Ry Cooder's Awesome Collectible Music

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What Is Wron With Miley Cyrus's Example?

Get The Address Of Miley Cyrus



Joseph is celebrated for the slayin of execrable malefactors.

Linked here are facts.



What Is Janet Evanovich Up To, And On Whose Behalf?

Why Janet Evanovich Is Not A Real Person, by the Slawmeister

Nazis And Chemical Warfare Specialists Are Behind Janet Evanovich

Get The Address Of Janet Evanovich





Explore Frankie Ford's Excitin Rockin Music

By Clickin On The Image!

Frankie Ford Album Cover




Only when he tells you to direct your guns against the jesuits, of Fordham University and Georgetown University, and against the Black Pope and the P2 Masonic Lodge in Monte Carlo -- only then will you be able to trust that he really wants to prevent the immigration.

By directin your attention toward the result and not toward the cause, he tags himself as a probable propaganda agent of the foe.

After he told, to me, that he was catholic, I asked him whether he was willin to take orders, that originated from a ruler of a foreign government, the pope.  He said that he was not willin to obey the pope.

Then I asked him whether he knew that any catholic, who does not believe in the infallibility, of the pope, is deemed anathema, and any priest, that gives them confession, is also anathema.  Jim did not answer those question.

Then I asked him whether he was comfortable, to be in a brotherhood with antichrists, such as Stephen Spielberg.  He told, to me, in effect, that he was loyal and proud to be in the brotherhood.  He is a member of the same brotherhood as is Spielberg, and numerous other antichrists, both dead and alive.



Short Bio Of Ezio Giunchiglia

Ezio Giunchiglia Is Told Of In This Interview - Important Facts About Him

Propaganda Due (P2) conspirator.  His doins linked with the preparations for the 9-11 bombins in NYC.









Dan Hicks is an Arkansan, if ever there was one. And, for that, alone, does he deserve celebrity.


You Will Split Your Side

With Laughter

You Will Emote All Over The Board...

...Regard, & Marvel At,

The Humorous Insinuations

Of Dan Hicks

Click The Image!

Dan Hicks Alive & Lickin



Learn About Popularity From Chris Ivery's Example

Get The Address Of Chris Ivery



Alex Jones Exposed By Bill Cooper 1

All his friends are enemies of God.



Mark is an English knight. Entertainers, who have been knighted, were most probably rewarded for havin chosen to be satanists and psychological warfare experts.

Marks' mother was Anglo Saxon, and his father Hungarian Jewish, which, by Jewish law, makes him an Anglo Saxon.




"Memphis Charlie" suddenly appeared in the hippie music scene, wearin a coat and tie, and a haircut, when the others were long haired and foreign-dressed. When he sang and played, I felt like he was my friend.

His Mommie told, to him, that he is Cheroquis. But it can't be that much Cheroquis, or else his skin would be dark, which it isn't.

The makers, of the movin picture "Blues Brothers", said that Charlie was the inspiration for that movin picture.


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of Charlies Terrific Albums and Singles

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Of Charlie Musselwhite's Virtuoso Blues,

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[warnin - Playin harmonica is likely to upset the breathin's pattern, leadin to various degrees of insanity or ill health. I do not recommend that you take up the blues harp, unless you are my foe.]



Olivia has been "knighted" in Australia. Her list of associated acts, in Wikipedia, includes some of the most detestable characters in world history, if you draw the line at 60% and above, in their comparative rankin of detestability.

I like her, is why she is mentioned here. Her daddy was detestably an intel hoodlum. As I told, of Mark Knopfler and Ian Anderson, entertainers, who have been knighted, were most probably rewarded for havin chosen to be satanists and psychological warfare experts.



Ric Ocasek is a probably Czech-Marylander, which is probable because his name ends in "-ek" and because he wedded a Czech lady.

Bein Czech means you are probably rich in German blood, so that Ric might be, by blood, a German-Marylander.

Ric led the New Wave band called "The Cars". He produced other bands. At 6' 4" Ric Ocasek is truly tall, for his genre of humanity, or subspecies. That is the same height, as mine, but, for my subspecies, it is an average height, whereas for his, it is a high height.





Levin's Own Web's Site

Levin's IMDB's Page

Levin In Action.  In Actin



Hear Nick At The Beginnin And End Of These Showins:

Story Telling Mythology Tales And Legends Old Testament Bible History Chapter 1

Story Telling Mythology Tales And Legends Old Testament Bible History Chapter 2

Story Telling Mythology Tales And Legends Old Testament Bible History Chapter 3

Story Telling Mythology Tales And Legends Old Testament Bible History Chapter 4

Public Appearances of Nick O'Lothian:


  • No public appearance is planned before Scorpio. If this should change, I'll let you know. Nick may forgo having public appearances as a lifetime policy. This remains to be decided.


  • October 22, 23, Second Sound and Symbol Symposium, City Place, Water & Mechanic Streets, Frostburg, MD.  Nick sang bluegrass Saturday afternoon the 23rd.  Prints of his mandalas and paintings were for sale there and then.

  • August 20, 21, First Sound and Symbol Symposium, City Place, Water & Mechanic Streets, Frostburg MD.  I sang a bluegrass set on Friday night.  Saturday afternoon he sang with the Western Maryland Shape Note Singers, and in the late afternoon he sang original songs, accompanied by his Korg beat box.

  • Ongoing - Nick was performing almost every Wednesday at Gandalf's pub in Frostburg, MD.


  • August 10 The electronic show was a lot of fun. Units and couples of people came from literally miles around. We rented the best sound system and the room was filled to capacity with sound. When Nick wasn't performing, he danced. Philo was awesome. See you next time.



The below is all courtesy of Army of God

If you would like to send a thank you to Scott Roeder for stopping that babykilling abortionist George Tiller from murdering any more innocent children click here. Your e-mail will be printed and mailed to Scott. If you would like a reply, include a US Postal address.

Shelley Shannon's Statement on Scott Roeder shooting George Tiller The Babykiller.

Scott Roeder's Artwork.

George Tiller's Pick Up Truck - 30 Seconds

Dr. George Tiller  & Dr. Josef Mengele

Letter to Reformation Lutheran Church

Dave Leach's YouTube Interview with Scott Roeder's why he shot Babykilling Abortionist George Tiller - with no interruptions from a truth-suppressing prosecutor or judge. - MBray

Judge Wilbert Just Says No to Roeder - Rev. Michael Bray

LeRoy Carhart - Babykilling abortionist

A Biblical and common sense refute to Gregg Cunningham's “Killing George Tiller”

Tiller's Unheeded Warning - The Shelley Shannon Story

By Michael and Jayne Bray  The Historical Event

For Tiller's Unheeded Warning  - The Shelley Shannon Story in book form click here

Scott, Scout, and Boo Radley Rev. Michael Bray

An Open Letter to ALL's Michael Hichborn Rev. Michael Bray

Thoughts on Tiller, Justifiable Homicide, and Persisting Abortionists . . . Rev. Michael Bray

Who Will You Blame? Rev. Michael Bray

Monday's Child Dan Holman - Missionaries to the Pre-Born, Iowa

Yes, Virginia, sometimes the end does justify the means

Pro-Life Heretics Dan Holman - Missionaries to the Pre-Born, Iowa

The just end to a violent, wicked man Dan Holman - Missionaries to the Pre-Born, Iowa

Vengeance vs. Defensive Action Dan Holman - Missionaries to the Pre-Born, Iowa

Rejoicing in the Death of the Wicked Rev. Michael Bray

Statement on the Death of George Tiller Judy Pollock

Scott Roeder appeal for help with legal fees.



I enjoy watchin Chad on the screen.

Despite the fact, that the owner of his company is a - I hesitate to use the word "man" in this case - Chad's employer is a man, who uttered never a word of protest, when the agents of the vatican, such as mafia-controlled hollywood, and knights-of-malta-controlled mass-media, made a prostitute out of his young teenaged daugter...

(Have you ever heard of Rick Hilton takin any effective action against those, who brought such a hideous disgrace upon his family? It is almost as though he participated in pimpin her off himself.)

Here Is Chad's Real Estate Link

Let Awesome Chad Rogers

Match The Right Home For You

By Clickin This Link!

I see good in Chad, in spite of his tolerance of evil, for the sake of appearin sympathetic and avoidin conflict with powerful forces in his socio-economic environment. Cowardly, but I like him.

If You Want To Enjoy Watchin Chad

As I Do

Get Videos Of His Showin,

"Million Dollar Listing"

By Clickin This Link!



The following information is retold from ufowatchdog dot com Michael Goodspeed in accordance with the fair use law:

Scallion has foretold that three large earthquakes, each one larger than the one before it would strike the LA area. The third of these great quakes, which Scallion said would measure about 8.3 on the Richter scale (+/- .5), was to have begun the breakin up of America.

By Scallion, the first two of these foretold LA quakes have already taken place: A 6+ on April 22, 1992 and the 7.5 Landers Earthquake which took place on June 28, 1992.

Scallion foretold the third one would happen before December of 1995. When the third earthquake was to have happened, a three stage land crack and break-up of the entire western sliver of America was to have begun.

Before 1998, the second great splittin was to have happened. from Newport, Oregon through Nevada down to Phoenix. The land mass to the west of this splittin was to have been drenched and only lone islands were to have stayed.

A few months to three years later, a third splittin he said would happen. This time vast sections of Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado were to have been be swallowed by the ocean. Phoenix, now a coastal town, was to have become a seaport town.

A very large seaport town was also to have been founded in the Nebraska region. Denver and Sedona were to become coastal regions.

While the western slivers of the United States were to be broken up, slivers of New York were to have been drenched, Manhattan was to have lost approximately 50% of its land, 1/3 or more of Maine's coast was to have been lost, most of Rhode Island was to have sunken, more than half of Connecticut was to have gone into the sea, Long Island was to have all gone, 50% of Florida was to have been drenched.

As changes were to happen in the western and eastern portions of America, the great lakes were to have grown into one giant inland sea while the Mississippi river would grow into one gigantic seaway.

During the same time, he said Alaska would also lose about 25% of its land.

He said that only four of the Hawaiian Islands would be livable after the changes--Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii--and these four would lose about 25% of their land.

By the turn of the hundred years (year 2000), he said a new sun would appear in the skies. During the day he said it would appear as a small white light, similar to the way the moon looks when it is visible during daylight hours.





Is Britney Spears A Good Example To Be Followed, If You Want To Be Popular?

Will Britney Spears Proclaim God's Laws?

Britney Spears Is A Disney Mind-Control Victim

Get The Address Of Britney Spears



Jamie Lynn is an Aries and a Dixie Pixie, and I like her, that is why she is here.

Click here to watch season 3 episode 8 of Zoey 101 "Curse of PCA".



Greg a journalist to expose the doins of darkness. Some people are behind him, we know not who. They warned him that a certain type of person would approach him. Somehow he tagged Tru Keesey as one of that type. What they defined "that type" as, I am not so sure. Why would he turn his back on Tru Keesey?

Is he blackmailed? His voice always sounds worried. He seems to be under a lot of pressure from others. Who might they be? September 2008 I just found out that he was trained by jesuits at Leur Dame.



Watch Topol in James Bond's "For Your Eyes Only". Own or watch video by clickin on the image:






Get The Address Of Edward Windsor Duke Of Kent

He is the commander of all Scottish Rite freemasons.  That means he is the boss of nearly all American judges, senators, congressmen, prosecutin attorneys, chieves of police, and corporate headmen.  They must take orders from him, or else lose all security in their lives.  Unless the switch from him, to God.

However, he has a proxy, who operates the masonic order on his behalf.

Here are some typical news items, about his doins.  They are so "sanitized", that there is hardly any point in keepin up with them.

26th July 2010 He visited a bowling club.

22 Jul 2010 He attended a party.  He commented on Eurostar's train service to the site of a former human sacrifice that had been politically arranged, by the families of darkness.

Jul 18, 2010 He visited troops in Afghanistan.

16th July, 2010 He visited the town of Tenby.  Named a boat.

Now we "know" that he is normally up to more ponderous, and possibly even sinister, doins, than the above.  My job is to find them out for you.



Johnny Winter is a German-Texan, famous for takin blues styles of mixed race, and transformin them into more caucasian-complex figures. He is a warrior to the bone, and I love him for that.



Leo's Website

One Of Troy's Web Pages About Leo

Leo was born into, and reared in, the families, that had been given rulership, by the devil.  He told much, until he was taken and tortured, then he quit tellin.  For about 2 years he was givin out extremely valuable intel.  Therefore, if you study his material, stick to the older stuff.

However, his website still is up.  Yet the more recent videos, of him, have lost the tang of those erst.