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Accordin to the book, Who Killed John Lennon, by Fenton Besler, Mark Chapman was a MK Ultra victim, and John Lennon's death was required, of the CIA, to pre-empt the exploitation, of his impendin US of A citizenship, for use against the CIA's destabilization wars in Central America.

The Beatles were agents of the Tavistock Institute, a mind-control and psychological warfare nexus in Merrye Olde Englande.

Bein English, the institute must needs have been freemasonic in its leadership. Perhaps the war between freemasons and the papacy (then boss of the CIA) was then still hot.

Fritz Springmeier is the world's leadin expert on the topic of trauma-based mind-control. Fritz has turned up the information, that the book, called Catcher In The Rye, is one, used by hypnotic programmers or handlers, to excite cues to controlled behaviour, in the minds of the slaves.

Certainly, Mark was obsessed, with that same book.

John Hinkley, the man, who was programmed to assassinate Reagan, was also hypnotized with cues, from the same book, and had it in his grip, at the time, when he was taen, for the shootin.






IN EITHER CASE Mark called John Lennon a "phony".

You could say this was done in imitation of Mark's ideal fictional character, from the well-known subversive book Catcher In The Rye, or you could say it was arranged by God, to tell to the folks, of the world, that John Lennon was a phony, which he certainly was.

Both John Lennon, and Mark Chapman, had turned against God. Yet God was able, through the satanic CIA, and their hypnotic slave Mark, to brin Lennon to justice.

Throughout history, God has used the wicked to punish other wicked, or to protect the good from other wicked. Btw, "wicked" means the same as "wiccan" or witch. Spellcasters.


HERE IS THE STORY In the year of our Lo'ward, 1980, on December the 8th, was the deed done. 4 bullets penetrated the offender. In an interview, Mark said that he fired 5 times at the devil's back, a shameful and bad-karma target for Mark, or for his programmers. The 5th bullet missed.

That mornin, goyim idolaters awaited the emergence of Lennon, and/or his whore, who were with in their apartment buildin, in NYC, called "The Dakota". Mark was there. Mark clutched the hypnotic cue-book in his hands. He was obsessed with John Lennon.

About 5 pm the desired emergence was carried out by the objects of the goyim's idolatry. Among other autograph-seekin idolaters, we find the hypnotized victim, Mark, who brought to Lennon a double of Lennon's and Yoko's latest album, Double Fantasy, which Lennon signed, as Mark and he were photographed. A half-smile half-lit Mark's face.

The photographer, an amateur, was allegedly one of the idolaters. His name is Paul Goresh, which seems to be a variant of the word "Koresh". I could find neither variant in the Hebrew online dictionary.

"Koresh" is a transliteration of the Persian name "Cyrus". "Goresh" is the same, though there may be other sources for the name, possibly includin "McGoresh" and "Goodrich".

Why bother about these details? Because, there is a high likelihood that the assassination was a high-profile eliminati babylonian ritual. In such a case, the perps, who were behind the mind-control slave, would want to throw in whatever they considered to be the appropriate religious symbolism for their ritual.

I find it to be truly suspicious, that both of the staged incidents -- the Waco massacre and the mind-slave assassination of Lennon -- have the name of Cyrus of Persia prominent.

When the Lennons left the buildin, they were on the way to a recordin session in a studio. Back got they, about 11, post meridian. From their limo, the whore disrespectfully preceded the man (or devil) Lennon into the lobby.

There awaited Mark Chapman, his Charter Arms .38 revolver laden with hollow points. As Lennon passed, Mark fired into his back and shoulder, penetratin the aorta. Lennon took 5 steps forward, then fell. Fast bled he.

Mark went, and sat placidly in the street, until he was taen by the freemasons' men at arms. Clutched he the hypnotic cue-book, wherein he had writ, "To Holden Caulfield. From Holden Caulfield. This is my statement."

To some, of the men at arms, of the freemasons, said Mark, “I'm sure the large part of me is Holden Caulfield, who is the main person in the book. The small part of me must be the Devil.” Bear in mind, this was a man under hypnosis.

From my own experience, I can say that, only after turnin against God, has anyone become vulnerable, to the mind-control.

Til the hostel was Lennon taen, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, and spoken "d.o.a.". The time, of pronouncement, was shortly after 11, post meridian.

2 days thereafter, was he burned in New York.

To the readers, of the New York Times, Mark's hypnotic alter-ego issued the recommendation, to read the hypnotic cue-book, wherewith himself was hypnotically cued.

After an unconstitutional amount of delay, Mark was sentenced, by a court of freemasonic infiltrators, August 24, 1981, to 20-to-life. For a statement, the hypnotic alter-ego, of Mark, read to the court, from his hypnotic cue-book.

Mark was taen to Attica prison in New York. 5 times appealed he, 5 times denied, as of the year of our Lo'ward 2009, August 27.

The word "fan" is short for "fanatic", which comes from the Latin word for temple, or fane. The implications are obvious. A "fan" is a worshipper, fan-ism is a religion. It is synonymous with "idolater".


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LARRY KING It is to be presumed that Larry King and Mario Cuomo have both risen highly in freemasonry. Thus Cuomo showed favoritism to King, by allowin him to interview Mark, in the year of our Lo'ward 2000, on the 30th day, of the month of September.

Mark was probably unaware, that he was bein interviewed by a satanist, in a medium that was owned and directed by satanists. He was in a spotlight, while all around him was dark, so that he could see nothin, not even Larry. Rather a rude, unmannerly setup, imho.

The followin is reproduced, in accordance with the Fair Use Law:

Mark: I became a Christian when I was 16, Larry, and that lasted about a year of genuine walking with Him. Through my life, off and on, I have struggled with different things, as we all do, and at those times I would turn to the Lord.

The night of the death of John Lennon I was far from Him. I wasn't listening to Him. I wasn't reading the Bible anymore.

Today I'm different. I read the Bible. I pray, and I walk with Him. He forgives me. He doesn't condone what I did—and that's a very important thing—He didn't like what I did 12 years ago. He didn't like all the pain I caused everybody, especially John's widow.

But He forgives me and He hears me and He listens to me, and He is the one, all these years, that has brought me out of the abyss, not medications or counseling.

I, basically, had to counsel myself through these years, not that it's not available here, but I've been very private about this. This is not anything that's easy to live with.

[Next, Mark glanced aside, and saw, in a flash, a vision of a man, on a lonesome road, hobblin on a crutch, that was the cross.]

Larry asked, of Mark, how he knew that it wasn't a crutch.

Mark: Well, in a way, it's got to be a crutch, because we all need a crutch. Life is not easy and life, for me, isn't easy. And, therefore, I think the Lord has a tender spot in His heart for prisoners. He said so.

The rest of the Bible says so in many different places.

And I've leaned on Him— if it's a crutch, I've been leaning on a crutch, but it's a crutch made out of the cross, because without that I probably wouldn't be alive today because I was very suicidal and I certainly wouldn't be in a well state of mind, not without Him.


MARK'S WRITTEN TESTIMONY Mark has written his testimony, and entitled it "The Man Who Shot John Lennon".


MARK'S LIFESTYLE Daily has Mark been awakened at 6:30, ante meridian in his cell, about 6' by 8', and has worked 12 hours in the library and the kitchen. Whenever he has been visited, he has had to make up the time of the visitin. He has not been allowed to listen to radio, but to use internet.

Mark rejoices in our Lo'ward.

Mark reportedly feels that God has guided him to shun interviewers, as of the year of our Lo'ward 2009, August 12. But few visitors has he had.

One man, who is on Mark's visitin list, is Pastor David M. Virkler, of an organization that appears to be called "Dedication Evangelism", of Towaco, New Jersey. It is a 501C3 corporation. To its credit, it is a member neither of the World Council of Churches, nor of the National Council of Churches.

However, the pastor has been teachin the idea that today's Jews (August 2009) are descendants of Isaac, which is a careless assumption, backed up neither by archaeological, nor minute Biblical research.

In fact today's jews are the descendants of the tribes who filled the vaccuum after the 2 captivities, and who converted, and later infiltrated into the priesthood, along with some Babylonians, who returned with the Israelites from their captivity there.

I just wanted you to know the ideological status of the pastor, who is on Mark's visitin list. As to the possibility, of his bein an infiltrator of the jesuits, masons, eliminati, or satanists, I have no information. However, most church pastors, these days, are.

He has visited Mark more than once. A recent visitin was done in the year of our Lo'ward 2009, on the 12th day of August, sometime after his arrival at the prison, about 1:00, post meridian.

Durin the visit, Mark and the pastor prayed together several times, joinin their hands together across a table. Mark prayed for the pastor, his family, and his ministry. Probably segments of this article are God's response to help to righten the course of that ministry.

Pastor Virkler prayed for Mark, his spiritual life, his wife, and his outreach in the form of print.


MARK'S STATE OF MIND As of the 12th of August, 2009, Mark is reported to be acceptin of his conditions, wantin to do God's biddin, concerned about evangelism, and deeply spiritual.


MARK'S WIFE Gloria has abidden in Hawaii, as of August 12, 2009.


PAROLE Mark will have a chance for parole in August, of the year, of our Lo'ward, 2010.