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Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. What Will Happen In 2012 -- Clear 2012 Prophecies

  2. Predictions For The Future -- Unknown Dates



SPECIAL NOTE December 6, 2006: I had to remove some previous prophesies because the timing was off.

For example, the foundations of the catholic church being shaken happened (The Da Vinci Code and the scandal about church's protection of child molesters) in a different year,

...a few months later than the prophecy, and the death of the pope 3 months later than the year that was predicted.



Meanwhile, if you want to know something about the equinox of the year 2012, the ending of the Mayan Calendar, you can visit the page in the link 2012 Prediction - Prophecies 2012



  • ERUPTION OF YELLOWSTONE'S VOLCANO -- ruining much of Wyoming and Utah.  This is good, because some of the wickedest underground bases are under Utah.

  • WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO EDOM -- I have determined this, decided this all of Edom who support the leadership of Israel the bloodline will survive and will be happy.

    The Bible is not correct in saying that there is no place for Edom in God's grace, that is not true, it is some kind of disinformation to sow enmity between us.

    Anybody who follows the freemasons, the frankists, or the jesuits will die young and become extinct very soon. Those who support the leadership of Israel the bloodline will survive and be happy.

    It does not count if somebody is thinking that they will support Israel the bloodline, now and then try to compete against Jacob later. They will not survive.

    Alternative Press Hand Sign



I have to make this clear, I am not referring to any part of Jacob that may be in cahoots with freemasonry, devil-worship, or the jesuits.

I am talking of that part of Jacob who wants to be independent of them.

Book of Obadiah has somewhat to say upon the matter, so look there for more understandin.


  • TEMPLE OF ANCIENT LEMURIA REVEALED -- There will be a public revelation of a group of buildings constituting a temple of ancient Lemuria.  These are known to be still erect.  The location is about 150 miles from Easter Island in the direction of south-west.

    This is an extremely large complex.  It has been photographed by Russians, and their submarines have explored it.  So apparently it is submerged.

  • MEGA-TSUNAMI TO HIT NORTH AMERICA -- There is a phenomenon known as a "mega-tsunami" when there is a landslide into the ocean.  One of the Canary Islands is set for a huge landslide that will send a wave higher than a skyscraper to the entire east coast of North America.

    This will be pushed very far inland.  I once had a vision of the low parts of Washington, DC being under water about halfway up the Washington Monument.  The timing of this event is uncertain.  By scientific reckoning, it could be either now or hundreds of years from now.

  • GOD IS GOING TO DO A GREAT THING IN BABYLON -- This is according to The Bible.  According to Pastor Peters, the US Government and the world government is symbolized sometimes by the term "Assyria" in the Biblical prophesies.

    Iraq is Babylon.  I read that the former government of Iraq found recently technology from Atlantis on their soil.

    Also that they found the tower of Babel, and intended to rebuild it.  Pastor Peters said that the US government, or the Bush administration, wanted to rebuild the tower of Babel, and not allow the Iraqi government to do it.

    The first thing they did after taking over was to search for records of what had been found there by the Iraqi archaeologists, according to reports of returning soldiers.

  • BOOK OF REVELATION -- We (2011) are in chapter 18 of the Book of Revelation. It is a chronology of the destruction of the Roman system, that has Babylonian religion and economy at the heart of it.

  • PEOPLE IN THE PUBLIC'S EYE -- There will come a time when the only biographies will be of people who don't care whether or not a biography is of them.  And the only people to appear before an audience (including tv or movies) will be those who have no selfish interest in being there.

  • EGYPTIAN RECORDS OF ALTERNATING CELESTIAL FIRE AND GLOBAL FLOODS -- Solon ("Timaeus" by Plato) reported an Egyptian tradition saying that changes in planetary movements cause destruction on Earth by heat at times, and by global flooding at other times.

    Astronomers, starry namers, have discovered that it is quite usual for dwarf stars to pass close to any solar system.

    The present approach of "Planet X" with numerous comets has, according to James McCanney, caused protons from the Sun to be drawn toward Earth, and resulting in water being formed and dumped on Earth.

    Already the ocean levels have been rising.  Farmers on Pacific Ocean athols have had to abandon the low ground for higher, because of the encroachment of the sea. So be good, and the angels will protect you.

  • All of the Earth will be divided amon the children of Jacob.

  • Masses of folks will sing joyously together to the Lord.


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