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World News Tonight Hearld World Newspaper

Check here daily for news that your magazines, your world news paper, your tv online, and your other world's media may have conveniently forgotten to tell you about.

The type of breaking news headlines, that I want to supply for you, are not so easily available, for members of the alternative press.

For that reason, I have given you plenty of links to world current event com's, including sundry times, journal, herald, tribune, and post magazine's and newspaper's online versions.

Here you should be able to find any newspaper that you desire.

World News Com

Some of the news obituaries, that I would like to see in the press, have not become current yet. Look forward to a list of them.

Times are changing, and the magazine's and newspaper's headlines, in the world's media, will be showing more and more breaking news obituaries of the satanists as each becomes a current event.

That is when my job becomes satisfyin: to herald for you the daily betterment of the world.

You will find here news paper classifieds linked on this page of my world news newspaper. Also, will you see tv online linked here.

If it is jobs that you are looking for, many online com's post, tribune, journal, and the news magazines linked here will satisfy your search.


World Newspapers

I am lookin around for world's com's classifieds for you, so you can look for world jobs, and I'll post them here for you, along with obituaries, homes, and any daily world news paper online journal that shows to us any current event breaking news headlines.

The times they are a-changing, and here is the home page that will herald for you all the press about it.

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They Are All Possessed!

The pope, the jesuit general, the counterfeit illuminati, the 13 counterfeit-illuminati bloodlines, the corporate headmen and owners, the political candidates, the royal family -- they are all possessed.

This means that we must understand the psychology of those, who possess the people. We don't need the psychology of people, we need the psychology of devils.

When we see a character in a movie or a show, and they do thins that a person would not do, they are possessed. For example very cruel folks, twisted folks, their psychology is different...

...because it isn't their psychology. It is the psychology of the devils that have possessed them.

Here is a webpage that deals with the psychology of devils

The Bible Code A Fraud

I learnt that this was based on the masoretic Bible, and so it should be a complete fraud, because the masoretic Bible is a fraud.

According to that book, the Los Angeles "Big One" should have happen no later than 2006. It did not. The book is a fraud.

If "they" say that L.A. was saved because the people have become so holy (as some futurists claim about some events) that is utter bunk,

...because I know from experience that L.A. has only become worse and worse in its morals, in spite of the spiritual activity there, the morals have gotten worse and worse.


Odd Reports


Frostburg Maryland, 2006 December 6

Roger Kerr has said that Planet X is at perigee now. If that is true, then what has been causing the magma to be so active as it has been? No, I think he was misinformed about this. My sources for prophesies, which I was forced to delete because of slightly inaccurate timing, said that Planet X would be visible from Earth in 2005.

Scientist James McCanney said that Planet X, now known to be a brown dwarf star, was visible from the extreme south of Earth, but that visibility was blocked by clouds, which I suppose to have been created by NASA or by some agency in cahoots with NASA, and that travel to the extreme south was restricted.

Thus Roger Kerr's claim of Planet X being at perigee seems to be wrong.


More on Roger Kerr

I read Roger Kerr's report about the wars among the various species and it seems very, very familiar to me. I am positive that on some level it is full of truth. I have to warn you that it is a perfect description of life in hell. Hell is where folks take responsibility for things that God is willing to do for them, and which are God's job and not theirs. Then you have those confused people saying "which God", so I have to say the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, supposedly.

I think his experiences, whether real or not, typify separation from Guide or God, his "guides" being as lost as he was.


Frostburg, Maryland, 2004 April 20

Many of us have heard or read of people, who may have been willing to authorize the killing of witnesses. To be precise, these have been witnesses who knew of the wrongdoings of presidents, satanic agencies, supra-governmental organizations, secret societies, ritual murders, anti-protestant assasinations by Jesuits, and so forth. Many of us know that witnesses have been killed by the tens of thousands. 

Who are these people who have been authorizing the said killings?  No matter who they are, for they are all now dying and/or being annihilated at an unprecedented rate.  This is being done in anticipation of, and in preparation for, the Great Planetary Upliftment soon to come.  This is taking place on all infested worlds and in all dimensions.

Fostburg, Maryland, 2004 April 26

Have you heard about folks looking into other people's private communications without their permission? I have heard about folks in the US government, the public library system, the military, and the Pentagon disrespecting other people's privacy.

The folks who have been doing this also are experiencing a higher death rate than good people experience, also more diseases, financial and relationship problems and so on. In general, they are having more problems than good people have.


Frostburg, Maryland, 2003 December 22

A psychic friend of mine on December 20 stated that she has witnessed an enormous increase in the number of angels on Earth, causing the evil spirits or demons to have no place to go, and "running for their lives", in her words.  There was an increase in infestation of human bodies and minds by greys, reptilians, and mothmen about 1994 or 5.

This was noted by Gordon Michael Scallion, and also by myself.  In my area 80% of the people were possessed most of the time and didn't know it.  This condition was also observed by another friend, a male friend. 

At that time, according to Gordon Michael Scallion, the level of random violence also went up.  I observed this to be largely connected with the use of certain types of drug, which destroyed the protective psychic shield and allowed those beings into people's auras, who then induced the people to become violent.

I personally picked up a passenger in a taxicab, whose buddy had taken cocaine, then driven his car into a couple of people, crushing their legs against a brick wall, in Montgomery County, Maryland.  He had to call a cab because his buddy got arrested and couldn't drive him to home.

My psychic friend said that the evil spirits arrived actually a couple of years before 1994 or 5, but it took them a couple of years to get control over so many people's minds.

The reason for the vast upsurging in the numbers of demonic possessions on Earth, I read somewhere, was that some barrier between dimensions had to be removed in order for the Earth, that is to say the masses of people on Earth, to be given an initiation uplifting their consciousness to a very high level.  But by doing this, it also allowed those baddies in.

My psychic friend said that God had withdrawn protection from USA shortly before 9-11, and again around early December.  For some time, she had been anticipating a marvellous happening during this (2003) Christmas's season.  She said that the event she expected was the arrival of so many angels to here, Earth. 

She said that normally Christians have only 2 angels protecting them, but that she has seen 6 angels protecting every Christian person.

My friend said that the reason why God reinstated protection between 9-11 and Fall, 2003, was that 9-11 had caused people to return to God.

Just prior to the recent coming of the many angels, I, being sikentired of the negative vibes,  had been praying intently for weeks for God to send an overwhelming number of holy beings to earth and end the infestation once and for all.


Suspicious Characters!

The followin folks have "turned their back" on me, or on my boys:

  • Neal, Al Neal

  • Szymanski, Greg

  • Trunk, Penelope Trunk

  • Others are pendin confirmation


The followin have been tagged as agents:

  • David Icke MI6

  • Alex Jones - covers up jesuit and vatican involvement

  • Alex Collier

  • Jordan Maxwell and Freeman have mind-control connections from Sirius. This is my personal psychic observation.

  • Carroll Quigley working for jesuits to attack their competition

  • Urantia Foundation

  • Jason Van Dyck implied in an email to me that he is obedient to a foreign government, the vatican.  Besides that, he is in the same fraternity, as is Stephen Spielberg.

  • Walton, Travis Walton

  • More to follow

  • DO NOT TRUST AUSTIN, TEXAS When King Richard The Lion-Hearted was crowned, a bat flew around the room and landed upon the throne. What happened after? While he was visiting his friend, Suleiman the Magnificent, Richard's brother John stole the kingdom from him.

    This is an example of bats being harbingers of treason.

    Austin, Texas is a place of millions of bats. Therefore, the information coming out from there about the illuminati, the sea peoples, columba, Bohemian Grove, and whatnot, although it may be true, is being given in a sentence-structure that is hostile to our victory.

    What you want to hear is about the vulnerability of the nwo, about how to overthrow them. I know of only one tactician who even has a program for overthrowing them, and his is based upon the Bible.

    Therefore beware of any intel about the enemy that does not assure you of the hope of our winnin.
  • If a man in a police uniform gives you an order,
    And his chief is a freemason

    That's not the government!
    That's the freemasons!

  • If a judge sits in a courtroom,
    And he is a freemason

    That's not the government!
    That's the freemasons!

  • If a man calls himself "the president",
    And "the commander in chief"
    And he is a member of the brotherhood of death (skull and bones)

    That's not the government!
    That's the brotherhood of death!

  • If a man works for an intelligence agency,
    And his boss is a knight of Malta

    That's not the government!
    That's the man of 2 Thessalonians chapter 2!

Message to the so-called illuminati: The farmer about to slit the sheep's throat, and the veggie comes up and says, "Stay thy hand, farmer." The sheep says "It's ok -- last time I was the farmer and he was the sheep." So if you are illuminati this time, when you come back, you will be the victim of the conditions that you contribute to in this life's time.




There are certain obituaries, that we look forward to reportin, to you, but must wait.  You can help thins alon, by prayin fervently that our Lord will hasten the matter of these obituaries:

Aquino, Michael

Balestrieri, Giorgio Hugo

Bergoglio, Jorge

Nicholas, Adolfo

Ratzinger, Joseph

We leave their names in this column, in anticipation of the moment, when we might fill out the obituary for them. Should they decide to offer, to me, their obedience, and to tithe to me, I will then remove their names from this column.



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09 Jul 24

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