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If you want free astrology, then you can

Find Your Astrological Sign (Click)
Find THEIR Astrological Sign (Click) the list of signs on this page. Click your sign's link, based upon the day that you were born.

If your birth, was on a day occupied by more than one zodiac sign, I have given you instructions at the beginning of the list below, how you can find your birthday's true reading.

For example, Libra's last day, in one year, might be October 23. Another year, it might be October 22, and then your zodiac's sign will be a Scorpio, not Libra.

Astrology's not meant to tell to you bad things that make you afraid, or that make you feel that there is "no way out of it. Numerology's not meant to be that way either.

Horoscopes are meant to tell you how to prevent or to avoid the bad. Whenever you read something bad in astrology, that means the writer did not write it correctly.

They are supposed to write how to get "into the good". If they did not do that, then they are bad horoscopes.


Find Your Astrological Sign (Click)
Find THEIR Astrological Sign (Click)



Some people try to use birthday astrology to reckon compatibility, but that is bogus. Yes it matters, but only a little.

There are so many other considerations, for exampe the Chinese horoscope, the ascendant, and the Chinese zodiac ascendant are all more important than your birth sign or your star sign.

If you know a Libra compatibility is their biggest concern. Aries and Libra get excited about each other, but they don't often stay together.

In fact, I would say of all the pairs of opposite signs, Aries and Libra are the most likely to get together on impulse rather than to do the research and patiently wait before making a decision.

You can find more of the love horoscope evaluation parameters -- I mean, how to reckon if you are compatible -- in my page about love astrology .

Your astrologie birthdate sign will give you ideas about what theme to have for your birthday's party. If you want to make it a love party, then find out your lover's sign and combine the themes of both signs. planets,

Before you get addicted to your daily horoscope, master your birthday astrology remedies that I give to you. Then probably you should get your complete birth chart done.

Your birthday astrology includes only the Sun. A complete chart includes ALL the planets. It is a much more professional job.

Then, only then, after you have mastered all the advice, then is the time to check your daily horoscope.




Read About Your (Or THEIR) Sign!

Solve Your (Or THEIR) Problems!

If you were born on an "overlap day", email me to find out what your sign is. I may need your time of birth. Or not, it depends.

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ARIES March 20- April 20

TAURUS April 19 - May 21

GEMINI May 20 - June 21

CANCER June 20 - July 23

LEO July 22 - August 23

VIRGO August 22 - September 23 ZZZ

LIBRA September 22 - October 23

SCORPIO October 23 - November 22

SAGITTARIUS November 21 - December 22

CAPRICORN December 21 - January 20

AQUARIUS January 19 - February 19

PISCES February 18 - March 21

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