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"Learn About...



Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:


  1. Educate Yourself About Aries Astrology!

  2. Some Folks Are Not Like Their Birthday Sign - Here's Why!

  3. Learn About The 4 Kinds Of Aries!

  4. Aries, How To Solve Your Own Problems. OR Friend, How To Counsel A Aries!

  5. Get A Detailed Report, And Make Yourself A Profit!


This is a good video (above), but it is simplistic. Always, if you are goin to try to read about astrology, it has to be simplified for you, by the writer. That is what happens, when you do not get a completed horoscope analysis, by an astrologer.

When you do get an astrologer's opinion, they are just as likely to convey their own prejudices and limitations, so I suggest, that you get many opinions, and, especially, to get the opinion of the God, of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Proverbs 15:22 -- " Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors they are established."


-- "Follow me", you say? Ok, where are we going? You like to be in the front, in the beginning, and to be the originator, taking the first step for others to follow you afterward.

Does anybody else have as much energy as you have? Not likely. Do you ever stop being active? I doubt it. Your mind is as active as your body. Since you like to be in the front, you are willing to compete to be in first place.

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There are 2 explanations, why Sun Sign descriptions do not always fit somebody. The first explanation is technical, for students of astrology, only. The second explanation is more accessible and understandable, if you are a layman.

  1. Learn Astrology -- Why Sun Signs, Star Signs, Or Birthday Signs, Don't Always Fit.
  2. Astrology Signs, Star Signs, Birth Signs, Birthday Signs, On Doug Up's Blog.



I am Erik, your astrologer! This is my own material, from my own research! You are not goin to find it anywhere else, at least for several years into the hereafter!

Anyone, born in this sign could be more than 1 type at once. Or they could be different types, in different times.

Here are the 4 types:

  1. The Energetic, Active Aries .
  2. The Intellectual, Innovative, Explorer Aries.
  3. The Muscular Guardian Fighter Aries.
  4. The Unlike Aries.



If you want a DETAILED REPORT about the 4 kinds of Aries, then become my publishin partner, for $2797. Here is what you will get:


  • Within 6 weeks, you will get a report, that will make you to be the first person, on Earth, to be so privileged, as to learn all the details, about the 4 kinds of Aries.

  • You will get half the profits from all subsequent sales of the report, until



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SOLUTIONS to your ARIES problems!

See if you have trouble with any of the following Aries difficulties, and I'll tell you what astrology says you can do about it, below:

  • Hard for you to follow advice.
  • Hard for you to take orders.
  • Acting too soon without thinking first.
  • Hard to finish what you started.
  • Upsetting other people by being too selfish.
  • Trying to lead people while you are too inexperienced to do it properly.
  • Failure to heed warnings.

Aries, here is what astrology says will cure you of the above:

If you think about the people around you, and observe them, you will be able to see when they need to be comforted. Some need to be comforted with a reassuring word, some with a touch. Call or visit them if you think they need it. Make time in your busy schedule to sit still and observe beauty.

You could get a picture-book, and art-book, or go to a good viewpoint to watch the Sun rising or setting. If you make music that soothes and calms other people down. it will help you to be cured.


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Look! There will be a time, when there will be a perfect master in your time, and it is up to you to determine whether or not you follow.

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