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Contemporary Arts -- Definitions

Once you start tryin to find definitions about art, you open a door to a world of confusion.

The word, "contemporary" means "together (con-) in time (tempus)", in other words, "right now". So "contemporary art" ought to mean the "art of now".

However, and notwithstandin, museums, or musea, that show contemporary artwork, have been found to show any art work, that has been made since the end of the second thirty-years war, or about 1945, year of our Lo'ward.

Whoopsie daisy! I said "any". That is not so. The established arenas for, observation and traffic of contemporary art for sale, have shown themselves to be utterly discriminatin.

Have a peek, at what a superb writer and critic has to say on the matter:

"A ceramic object that is intended as a subversive comment on the nature of beauty is more likely to fit the definition of contemporary art than one that is simply beautiful."

Peter Timms, What's Wrong with Contemporary Art? , UNSW Press, 2004, p17. ISBN 0868404071. Click on the title, to see a review of Peter's excellent book, or to order your own copy.

Contemporary Art Decor

Video Defines Contemporary Art for You


Contemporary Art Gallery

We have our own contemporary art gallery below this short text. See the beautiful works we have for you to enjoy!

There are literally dozens, of contemporary art galleries. I would venture to say, that there are literally scores of them, even hundreds, even thousands, even tens of thousands, even dozens of thousands, even scores of thousands. Of them.

Do I hear a million? Did anybody say "a million"?

I began, with the nearest top-quality contemporary art gallery, to my exact location and I told, to you, about it. Click you on the link, and you will see. The owner is a photorealist landscape artist, of the highest quality.

Next I broadened the range of distance and added more.

Take an adventure tour below in our beautiful Art Gallery:



Contemporary Art Painting

contemporary paintings, contemporary canvas art, contemporary oil painting, contemporary art paintings


Thumb "Winter in Park"

Glows in The Darkness

Winter in Park

47.2" by 31.5"

$149 Click Here to ORDER YOURS or read customer reviews!




Contemporary Art Sculpture


Paul Villinski -- If you are a low-budget investor, I think that Paul Villinski is a good risk, for you.  His career is "on the move".  From 2000 until early 2010, he did an average of over 5 exhibitions per year.

Many top corporations have bought Paul's art.  Relatively many potent magazines have reviewed him.

Personally I like the fact, that all, of his symbolism, the betokenin of his imagery, is good.  You can buy components, or you can buy assembled works.  The components are aluminum butterflies, and vinyl-disk birds.

If you want the components to be wall-mounted for you, a craftsman will be found, for you, in your area.  In the gallery, there is one wall display, of vinyl birds, that moves upward and to the left.

I would recommend, for the effect, upon your unconscious, unknowin mind, to have the birds, or butterflies, goin upward and to the right, or to be goin outward, in all wise, from a middle.

Paul was born in 1960.

See pictures, of Paul's work, at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery's web's site:  http://www.jonathanferraragallery.com/dynamic/artist.asp?artistid=16

Find out how to order his works, by callin, or by emailin the gallery:

Telephone:  (504)522-5471

Email:  info @ jonathanferraragallery.com



contemporary art print



museum of contemporary art


Contemporary Abstract Art


Contemporary Art Photography


Thumb "Woodland Sunset"

Woodland Sunset

by Elena Ray

Click on image to see a bigger one.

$56.88 & FREE SHIPPING Click Here to ORDER YOURS or read customer reviews!



Thumb Secret Worlds

Secret Worlds

by Steve Wall

Click on image to see a bigger one.

$56.88 & FREE SHIPPING Click Here to ORDER YOURS or read customer reviews!



Thumb "Brown Boobie"

A Brown Boobie Rests on A Marker for A Fish Aggregation Device

by Wallmonkeys

Click on image to see a bigger one.

$99.99 Click Here to ORDER YOUR PEEL-AND-STICK REMOVABLE GRAPHIC ART or read customer reviews!





Contemporary Art Glass


Image Lorenzo Vase


Lorenzo Vase

by Cyan

$848.20 Click here to order yours or to learn more!









Thumb "Kendall Manor Stained Glass Window"

Kendall Manor Stained Glass Window

by Design Toscano

Click on image to see a bigger one.

$170.95 & FREE SHIPPING Click Here to ORDER YOURS or read customer reviews!



Thumb "Compass Rose Stained Glass Window"

Compass Rose Stained Glass Window

by Design Toscano

Click on image to see a bigger one.

$259.25 & FREE SHIPPING Click Here to ORDER YOURS or read customer reviews!




Contemporary Art Auction

Below are contemporary artworks that you may bid on. Send your bid or inquiry to trukeesey at verizon dot net.




Original Contemporary Art

You will find original contemporary paintings by clicking here.




Reviews and Bios, of Contemporary Artists

Contemporary Artist -- Click on their name, to see a fun and informative review.

Chuck Close -- Modern contemporary hyperrealist oil portrait artist, photographer, and weaver.

David Griffiths -- Oil portrait painter to the Elite in Great Britain.

List of Painting Artists

List of Oil Portrait Artists


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