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"Old English deor "animal, beast," from Proto-Germanic deuzam,the general Germanic word for "animal" (as opposed to man)."


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Erik and his beloved goat Sarah at his residence in Bartow WV circa 1992

Erik feedin geese at the C&O Canal lock near to Old Town, MD.

It was here where God gave to Erik a pocket's knife 2 days after Erik asked Him for one.

This Llama was hoggin all the food at the pettin zoo 

at the Cass Scenic Railroad in Cass, WV

So I had to lower the food for the goats,

and create distance between the Llama and my left hand, holdin more food.

Horse at  Erik's former residence in Fort Ashby WV

Horses at Erik's former residence in Fort Ashby WV

Erik playin guitar for Comort the Way-Shower in Fort Ashby circa 1995


Candy the Contented Cat in Fort Ashby


I used to have a dream that I was wanderin around the ridge that overlooks my former residence there.  It was a very astral dream, and very lonely, lookin for friends and findin none.


Later, I realized that I was, while asleep, with this cat, and empathizin with her.  She appeared at the door of the residence just as Comfort the Way-Shower was in the throes of a mortal illness.


The spirit of Comfort told to me that it was urgent that Candy be allowed into the apartment, to do some kind of spiritual "baton passin" between Comfort and Candy.


But this the lady of the house would not allow, for fear of infectin the new cat with Comfort's illness.  I was rather distressed at this refusal of hers to cooperate with the wishes of the cats' souls, which was a matter of great importance to them.


However, years later I passed some energy, some holy spirit or prana, I don't know how to define it, but I passed it to the soul of the deceased Comfort, and he said to me,


"Oh, that was all we needed.  Since you have done that, it is no longer important for Candy and me to have gotten together before my passin."  I have expressed this communication in my own words.


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Candy, the Contented Cat



I had freely floatin agae, in a 10 gallon tank with the small end facin toward the back door. Sun was comin in through the open back door durin afternoons.

Freely floatin agae came.

I put an opaque picture blockin the sunlight on the end of the tank, and the freely floatin algae went away.

Kangaroo "Skippy" stars in real life rescue

September 22, 2003

A kangaroo has been hailed a hero after he helped rescue a farmer knocked unconscious by a tree branch durin weekend storms in north-eastern Victoria.

The kangaroo kept bangin on the door of the family's house in Morwell in Gippsland after findin the farmer lying unconscious in a paddock, Rural Ambulance Victoria paramedic Eddie Wright told radio station 3AW.

Mr Wright said the man, who has not been named, was checkin his
property for storm damage when he was stricken by a fallin branch and knocked unconscious on Sunday.

In a story reminiscent of an episode of Skippy, the kangaroo led the farmer's wife to where her husband lay with serious skathe to his head.

The kangaroo had been adopted by the family about 10 years ago, after swaymen let them care for the wild deer because it was blind in one eye, Mr Wright said.

The man was taken to Melbourne's Austin hospital with serious skathe to his head.

Mr Wright said the farmer could have died if he had not been found so soon.

"The kangaroo alerted them (the family) to where he was and went and sat down next to him and that's how they found him," he said.

"The farmer's wife followed the kangaroo because his doin was unusual.

"It's not a pet as such, it's just a deer that's adopted them (the family) over the years and comes and goes as it pleases, they were fortunate yesterday it was in the whereabouts."


Tale of a Wombat

by an Aussie

Yeah, folks don't see how tame native deer can become. When my family owned a farm, we raised a wombat after it was found in it's dead mother's pouch. It grew to full size, and new it's name like a dog, ie. you could call it and it would come a-runnin.

We named him Mad Max, or Max for short, as he would take a runnin up from the other side of the lounge room, sprint and head-butt the couch, (or your leg if it got in the way - ouch!). Wombats are like a solid ball of muscle.

He preferred to eat 'Meaty Bites' (a brand of dry dog food).

We kept him in a pen next to the house, but as he grew bigger, he started to dig big tunnels (as wombats do) under the foundations. So we had to give him away to the Wildlife Service, who took him deep into the Penrose State Forest.

But he came back! I don't know how many miless he travelled to do so. He also must've crossed the great highway that runs between Sydney and Canberra. A true Road Warrior!







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