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Oil Portrait Artist - The Choice,
In Britain, Of Freemasons, Druids,
And Papal Knights


Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE, or section:

  1. What Are The Chances, Of Buyin David's Art?

  2. Who Are Those, Who Have Honored Him?

  3. Paint Your Own Conclusions

  4. Examples Of David's Patrons

  5. David's Online Gallery




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Review by Jack Stand, Critic


David serves a truly exclusive clientele, of the highest positions in the babylonic order. As of the time, of this keyin, December, 2009, David's stuff has been sold, at Sotheby's, but not at Christie's.



Who are those, who have patronized David Griffiths's oil paintings?

To us, high-level masons, druids, and papal knights are known to be those, who have accepted the bribes of wealth, leverage, and sometimes fame and celebrity, in exchange for becomin slave to the foe.

They have turned against their own folk and their own family's best interest, in short, they are traitors. Naturally, when they commission an oil painting, whom will they select, but one of their own ilk?

oil painting reproduction


Those have been the selfsame ones, who have given employment to the portraitist, David Griffiths. Now, why did they choose him, above others, to do their hand painted fine art? I shall let you be to draw, or paint, your own conclusion.




Here are some of the notorious felons, who have employed David:

portrait artist, art painting, oil,

Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor

Styled "First of Ghouls" (Principal of Gauls, Gaels, Wales)

Lately, overwhelmin amount of testimony has led to the conclusion that this critter has surrendered his will to reptilian devils, evil spirits, in order to have an experience of power absent love.

W. T. Stearn

His portrait shows him wearin a Maltese cross. Thus he is either a mason, or a knight of Malta, or both. I sought, through the internet, to find out who is he, and I learned that he has done biological studies in Malta.    Malta!    Draw (or paint) your own conclusions.

James Nicholas

Styled "arch druid". His portrait shows him in his arch druid suit. High-level druids are known to have committed regular human sacrifices, and to have engaged in vampirism, addiction to human blood.

Sundry parliamentarians, diplomats, ecumenicists, and "old boys" ("knight" means "boy")

art, paintings

Many, of these, David portrayed in masonic-lookin regalia.

All of the abovenamed professions are known, by recent, and even earlier, testimony, to have been infiltrated by luciferian secret governments (styled "societies"), who, at their highest levels of command, have been known to commit ritual murders, sell their souls to the devil, and become addicted to human blood.

Incidentally, the founders of the Red Cross organization, known for collectin donations of human blood, are amon the members of the same secret governments (styled "societies").

Many, of the abovenamed critters, have been followin the Biblically forbidden practice of callin themselves "masters", "lords", "highness", and whatnot. That, alone, tells you whether they are the "good guys", obedient to the Bible, or whether they are the "bad guys", rebels against the Bible.

It is because of our past tolerance, of such felons as these, that God has cursed us with many misfortunes in recent times, as he promised that he would do, if we did not oppose them, and tear down and burn their statues, their painting portraits, their images, and their temples. The words "portrait", and "image" are, of course, synonymous.

With reference to his actual work, his portrait painting, I looked at his gallery online, and I found that his style is not "artistic", nor beautiful. He is able to capture a likeness of his subject, but I find his style to be "klunky". But who cares about that, so lon as you are pleasin the masonic secret government (styled "secret society") by helpin a brother mason, right?



If you want to see David's portraits online, here are the links to his own gallery online:



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