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Whatever famous paintings for sale, that you order, through this page, the benefit goes to the Bible Fixit Hubs, and their supporters! 


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Learn now, one example, of how my reviews, of art portrait oil painting, can help you:

Suppose that you seek after a birthday gift for someone, who is in your world, and you think that you might prefer an oil painting, to all other possible birthday gifts, for that one, who is in your life.

Suppose that you have checked online the available oil paintings, as unique gifts, for your special someone, and finally you decide, that oil portraits are the way to go, for you, and for them, at this time.

Suppose that you want your gifts for them, your fine art birthday gift, to be of the best quality. Or suppose that you want it to be of the best price.

In either case, for best painting in oil, or for best price, you check my reviews of oil painting portraits, and you find all the information, at your fingertips. All in one place. And the same principle applies for christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, or other occasions where portrait paintings artwork will be your present.

For famous or celebrity portrait oil paintings, or prints or posters; or for custom personal portraits, click the link and read the reviews, my friend!




Oil paintings are considered to be amon the finest, of the traditional fine art media. Artists, in Europe, began the fine art, of oil painting, earlier, than the year, of our Lo'ward, 1125.

Oil painting artists may have begun their traditions, by painting on shields. Oil paint strenthened shields more, than did the erst medium, tempera.

The way, of painting shields, is thought, by those, who are close to the knowledge, to have come, from Afghanistan.


17th hundredyears

Pieter Claesz Soutman - Dutch Golden Age painter, Royal Painter of the court of Poland.


19th hundredyears

William-Adolphe Bouguereau -- academic traditional realist.

Hippolyte Camille Delpy -- Barbizon school.

Narcisse Virgilio Diaz de la Peña -- Barbizon school.

James Jacques Joseph Tissot -- realist


Late 20th and 21st hundredyears:

Chuck Close -- hyperrealist. Expensive. As of December 2009, a recent work sold, at auction, for $230,000.

Virgil Elliott -- traditional realist, portraitist.

Daniel Gerhartz -- realist, portraitist.

David Griffiths -- portraitist. Sells only to top-ranks of the babylonian network.

James Groves -- Top quality landscape realist. Affordable prints.

Michael Mansfield -- outsider, primitive, visionary.

If you want, to see artist oil paintings, by the above artists, then click, on their links. You won't be disappointed!



You have been born, into a time, when oil reproductions both of famous fine art oil paintings, on canvas, and of subjects, in photos, have become easy to be gotten, in high quality, handmade art.

There is a reason for this, and I am goin to tell it, to you. Now. China made schools, to teach folks painting of reproduction oil paintings, as well as those, that would be done, from life.

Ambitions, and/or greedy merchandisin entrepreneurs have made deals with the graduates, of the Chinese schools. Numerous companies have shown themselves on the internet, offerin custom oil paintings and oil painting reproductions.

Now you know the other 7/16ths -- of the story!  Famous paintings for sale!



Canny investors have come, to see the art market, and, specifically, original oil paintings, as bein amon the best, of investments. Famous paintings for sale.  Such investors include Castlestone Management, and sophisticated criminal gangs of Northern Ireland, who have been found to launder money, by investing in original art for sale.

Emotional Assets Management & Research LLP has made a new bund, for fine art investing. Within it will be both a fund of funds, and also straightforward buying of art works. Their aim is a growth rate of 15 percent yearly.

The Fine Art Fund is another company, who leads the way, in art investment. It began to take vows in 2004. Now it manages $100 million. Castlestone Management's Collection of Modern Art manages $28 million.

Those 2 companies may be the only 2, that now manage above ten million dollars.

Since paper assets do not promise well, therefore the leaders, in investing, favor gold and works of art, particularly original oil paintings.

Until about the time of the Sotheby's sale of several works by Andy Warhol, November 11, 2009, prices had dropped, in some cases as by half, for some kinds of art investment, and other thins, that have oft been sold at auctions. Rich folks have, of late, taken hesitancy to invest in any structured art investment fund, both in Europe, and in the U.S. of A..

However, the recent extreme upswing in sales prices, at Sotheby's auction, of Warhol's art, may show a change in the trend.

If you are loaded, laden, with bucks, dinero, argent, and/or money, then clickque the lincque, to check out the Paintings, that will soon be auctioned at Christie's, listed alphabetically, by artist's name.

You may not have the kind of wealth, that is needed, to bid, on oil paintings, at Christie's, or at Sotheby's. What are some, of the strategies, by which you can start investing in art more modestly, yet be fairly sure to get bigly?

One, of the best, in my opinion, is to take a small risk, to buy oil paintings by artists, whose careers are expandin.  Followin are some, that I have studied, for you.  You will see some evidence, why their careers show promise, for your profit.


Daniel Gerhartz -- Kewaksum, Wisconsin.  Daniel's work has been sold at Sotheby’s, yet he has not yet become totally famous.  He was born 1965.  We reckon, that he has 30 years of career before him, wherein his fame, and, thus, the value, of his paintings, could wax.

I expect the worth, of Daniel's paintings, to go up, as time passes.

Daniel said, that he is willing, to do custom oil portraits. If you want to contact him, do so through his web’s site: http://www.danielgerhartz.com.


Virgil Elliott -- Penngrove, California.  Born 1944.  Virgil is listed in Who's Who in The World, and in Who's Who in America.  He has been honored, by a large number of proactive art-realism organizations.  Some are the American Portrait Society, the American Society of Classical Realism, and The Artist’s Magazine.

Virgil's book, Traditional Oil Painting: Advanced Techniques And Concepts From The Renaissance To The Present is in Barnes and Noble, and also in Borders Books.

Virgil will do commissioned portraits, and he also sells one print of one of his paintings, Nocturne.

Contact Virgil through his web's site, http://virgilelliott.com.


Michael Mansfield -- Windhoek, Namibia.  Michael is an "outsider artist", a.k.a. "primitive".  Besides oil paintings, he works in other media, includin charcoal.  His career seems to be a local one, but I have a hunch about his worth as an investment, that it will grow.

Michael has illustrated a children's book, The Rain Dance. Publisher: Out of Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Michael is listed in Who's Who in Namibia.  You can read a little about him in an article http://www.newera.com.na/article.php?articleid=10608

Here is how you might contact Michael:

Telephone: 064 461073
Email:  conan @ iway.na



Western Maryland Gallery landscape art for sale. Top quality realism.

Barbizon School Of Painting - 19th hundred years, of our Lo'ward. Serene landscape oil paintings. Barbizon a small town south from Paris, beside the Greenwood of Fontainbleau. For the first time, landscape oil paintings were made to be worthy, without showin a saga, or myth, in it.

For the first time, painting was done outdoors. The second Barbizonian generation was forerunner to the impressionist school of fine art. From them the impressionists learned to sketch outdoors, to brush freely, to look for new topics to be painted, and to use brighter colors.

Below, in the blurbs, about Barbizonian artists, I tell, to you, of their oil painting landscapes for sale, whenever I discover them.





Hippolyte Camille Delpy -- Born in Joigny 1842. A linkin personage, between Barbizon, and impressionism. Studied under Daubigny and Corot. His friends, Pisarro and Cezanne, heartened him to brighten the colors, of his paintings.

As of December 9, 2009, Delpy's L'Armançon à Laroche is still offered for sale, above 10 thousand dollars, by Art in the Afternoon, L.L.C., of Middleton, WI. Here is the page, where you can read more about him, and you can see an image of the painting: http://www.artintheafternoon.net/Delpy.htm  Famous paintings for sale!


Narcisse Virgilio Diaz de la Peña -- He was a follower of Rousseau's (below). From his names, we see that he was born into a heathen tradition.

An unsigned oil painting, in his style (as told by Bonham's of London) is still bein offered for sale, by Art in the Afternoon, L.L.C., of Middleton, WI.  Famous paintings for sale!

The title is Figure In A Clearing. The price is between 1 thousand and 5 thousand dollars. To see an image, and to find out more, here is your link: http://www.artintheafternoon.net/Rousseau.htm






Pierre Etienne Theodore Rousseau -- His Farm In Landes was bought by the Clark Art Institute, of Williamstown, MA, for an undisclosed sum, on, or before, November 23, 2009.





Western Maryland Gallery - Fine realistic landscape fine art oil paintings for sale, by James Groves.


Click Now To Find

A Convalescent, by James Tissot

Click On Here To See A Bigger Image

To the unknowin mind, this painting moves toward the upper right, where the Sun is implied by the light, shinin on the leaves.

There is a sense, that the woman, on the left, is a guardian angel, of the sleepin convalescent. The latter represents the anima of a male looker, and it is well, that she is bright and happy.

There is water, which represents the unconscious, and the anima-figure can be seen, by the looker's unknowin mind, to be within the water. Any figure underwater betokens some idea or other.  An idea.

In this case, the anima's white clothin shows that the anima is illuminatin an unknown idea, to the viewer. Light colors, and white, betoken knowin, enlightenment. This can only be good.

It is not happy, that the stones, of the marge of the pool, appear to be dirty.

And are the lit leaves dead? I'll not go into the phallic symbolism, which betokens the animus, for female lookers. Animus figures are rightly multiple, and anima figures are rightly lone.

I shall venture to say, that this picture could stand alone, as a complete success symbol, except for the deadness of the lit leaves. But maybe they are not dead, maybe it is a particular species of tree.

Mandala Upper Left Stead

The reason, for my sayin, that this painting could stand alone, is the movement to the upper right, and the goodness of the overall tokenry.

If it is to be used, as an element, in an arrangement of works, in a mandala, then it should hold the upper left stead.

Satisfy your longin, to own a hand-painted reproduction, on canvas, of this beautiful artwork! Click now on the image!



Click Now To Find

Song Of The Angels by William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Click On Here To See A Bigger Image

This painting would be considered to be a Jung mandala, if the figures were radially symmetrical around the baby. Any happy baby is a token of the selph. A token, of the selph, ought to be in the middle of 4 other thins.

All of the tokens are good. Angels, musical instruments, and mother-with-happy-child -- all good.

The lack radial symmetry is as if to say "we're almost there".

Since the motion is down, and toward the left, I think that the painting ought not to stand by itself, but to be in the lower right corner of a wall arrangement mandala of 5 artworks.

Satisfy your longin, to own a hand-painted reproduction, on canvas, of this beautiful artwork! Click now on the image!



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