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"Will Paris Hilton

Prevent Her Next Catastrophe?

"Paris Hilton's Future Astrology Horoscope


Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. Are You Paris Hilton's Fan?  Here Is A Note To You

  2. Get The Address Of Paris Hilton

  3. Introduction To This Service

  4. Paris Hilton's Personality Until December 14, 2010

  5. Background To The Next Herein Foretold Event In Paris Hilton's Life - Part 1   (Updated Sep 11).

  6. Background To The Next Herein Foretold Event In Paris Hilton's Life - Part 2   (Updated Sep 20).

  7. Prescriptions For Paris Hilton's Protection Until December 14, 2010

  8. Introduction To The November - December Event In Paris's Life

  9. Paris Hilton's Personality From November 5 To December 4 2010

  10. Paris Hilton's Dangerous Event Some Time Between November 5 And December 4 2010   (updated Nov 6)

  11. Paris Hilton's Most Needed Lifelon Remedy (updated Sep 27)


by Erik the Vermilion

What I Will Tell, To You, About Paris Hilton

Everybody has more than one personality.  Just about.  I am talkin about astrology here.  For a few months or years, one personality is activated, is stimulated.  Next comes another.  I will tell, to you, all of Paris's personalities, one at a time, and when they will be stimulated.

Also, will I tell, to you, the days, when care will be needed, in Paris's life, and how she can protect herself against dangers of sundry kinds.


Paris Hilton's Personality, Until December 14 2010

First I am goin to tell, to you, which, of the many personalities, of Paris Hilton, will be "activated" durin this time.  Then, at the end, of this section, down below, I am goin to tell, to you, an event, that will be comin up, for Paris Hilton, in either November or December, of 2010.


[find much more, below]

"Paris Hilton's Best Friend

- Click the image, and Get Your Own!

Biblical Bible, Paris Hilton's Best Friend






[Paris Hilton's Personality Until ~December 14, More]

This will be a dangerous event, and I want to help to protect her against the danger, if she will read my recommendations, how to prevent the danger.  But that will be down at the end of this section.

One of Paris's personalities I will call "Admetos".  She is under that personality, til about December 14, 2010, plus or minus 6 days.

Paris has this personality, in the most positive of ways.  I am goin to quote a famous astrologresse, Eileen Nauman from her blog, because it will take less time, than if I read it and restate it in my ain words.

You might not recognize the Paris Hilton, who is described below.  But if you lived in the same house with her, you would.  This is the Paris Hilton, in her home.

And I will tell, to you, one more thin:  She will become more and more like this, like the writins below, the older she gets.  More and more.

Since Paris Hilton is the postivie Admetos type (sometimes), therefore I took the negative out of these quotations.  They are from Eileen Nauman's excellent medical blog : LEARNING ASTROLOGY.

"... a deep inner life...

"Inward (shy/introverted/inward seeing and perceiving). And some will say they are “cold” or “chilly” to them as a result of this because people misunderstand their seeming aloofness.

"...Shy/introspective/an “inny” (introvert) not an “outy” (extrovert)

"Secretive.  Closed mouth.  They listen more than they speak.  They hold many, many secrets and will never give them up to others.  What is said to them stays with them.  Forever.

"...Blunt (speaking)

"...The truth above all else, no holds barred...  If you ask, you get their truth.  They don't sugar coat anything.


"...Alone and liking it.  [or likes to be with a select few - Erik].

"...Loner/hermit [or likes to be with a select few - Erik].  Give them the mountains, hiking, camping, fishing, riding and they're happy.  They don't like crowds.  [remember, this is one personality of many, for Paris Hilton.  Also, it is the way she is, when AT HOME, and in the 2nd half of her life.]  They are introverts by nature.  Being alone recharges their battery.  Being with people/groups/crowds energetically sucks them dry.

"...Restriction....The “strong, silent type” is the Admetos person.

"...Mother (...integrating feminine energy within ourselves/...mother archetype).  Every Admetos person has [extra-important - Erik ] mother [roles, or themes - Erik]....They had ...breast milk as an infant, which personifies life giving nutrients, nurturing and maternal love.  And by ‘breast milk', I'm saying the mother did ...nurture ....  Admetos may search all of ... her life for sustenance, life quenching, life giving experiences through people, places and things.  It is a lifetime of ... breast milk to sustain and help them bloom, metaphorically speaking.

"... Relationships with mothering or nurturing kinds of relatives/friends. Admetos people ... will usually ... draw nurturing people who feed....they choose people who lavish them with the food of life

"... Admetos people ARE survivors.  And isn't it interesting?  Admetos people prefer a desert to live in where there is no water?  Water equals emotions.  They... [rather not - Erik] deal with an over emotional world.  And there's a chance that the mother was a drama queen times ten; hence, their ...[preference not - Erik] to want any place where it's raining all the time.  That's the equivalent to raining of emotions....  Hence, their love of the DRY, rainless desert!

"...Seed.  No one has more ideas than Admetos.  The secret is that they are either consciously or unconsciously tapping into the world of archetypal symbols, past and present.  When one does this, the treasure chest of all knowledge from all times and cultures becomes available to them.  They are seed idea people.  Want a new idea?   Just ask an Admetos person.  They write or talk or teach on a wide, broad canvas that few people can match or imitate.  Many times, they are referred to as “Renaissance people.” 

"The right hemisphere of their brain is directly connected to the Cosmic Treasure Chest.  New ideas, concepts, visions and manifesting them here on Earth is the Admetos' skill that is unmatched by any other planet.  Admetos simply sees the multidimensional worlds through his or her multi focused lenses.  They are a seed of all possibilities from all times/eras.  They are often inventors.  They love all the ancient sciences.  At the highest level, some are hooked into the fractal world and reflect completely new theories and concepts.  

"...Germination (of an idea, a vision...).   No one germinates more than Admetos.  They are a Cosmic Garden on steroids.  Best of all, Admetos not only gets the idea, but runs with it and is able to work hard to make it manifest here on Earth.  They finish what they start....

"...Development Room (processing film negatives). Although the digital camera age is upon us, if you've done dark room processing you have the exact image/metaphor of what happens to Admetos when they get an idea from the Cosmic Treasure Chest.  It start as a intuitive hit, and then, it begins to develop more and more over time. Finally, the print, the photo, the idea, becomes perfectly clear and Admetos can not only see it, but verbalizing, draw or write about it.  They have an amazing creative process.  Writers with a strong Admetos tend to write a lot of books over their lifetime.  They are amazing producers of information on any and all levels.  As artist, musician or song creator, the Admetos person, once they get entrance into that world, continue to thrive in it for decades.  They are long distance runners when it comes to creativity.  Even Mercury can't hold a candle to their communications endeavors and production.  Admetos leaves Mercury in the dust!  And if you notice, the glyph for Admetos has Mercury in it!

"...the high side of Admetos draws in mentors, experiences and situations that allows Admetos to bloom over a long period of time.  Another reason for the “late bloomer” tag that we put on Admetos.  When they do's an ongoing, amazing process that leaves people in awe.  They are idea factories.

"...Where ideas begin--seed ideas...

"...Specialist -- best at what they do--in relation to a doctor/surgeon/or whatever career they choose to express


"...Limited [ limited number of friends, favorite places, likes routine and sameness - Erik].



"...Late bloomer

"... Primal matter (they like to work with basics, foundational building blocks, they are simple, straightforward -- no shallow persona in place, they like 'shit'; may be compost for the garden, their own internal 'shit', or they may become a therapist to deals in other's 'shit', buzzard medicine (shit medicine)

"..."Root cause" (they are good at finding it; detective, good at police work, as a homeopath, they want to understand the beginning, the basis, for things in their life or their life work).

"...Original cause

"...Going back to basics (speak in every day language; they are not academicians with one dollar words)

"...Building a strong foundation (their physical body is always strong and can endure incredible hardship and beatings from Life before breaking down).

"...Very muscular (regardless of gender), very strong. They like weight training. They build muscle easily and retain it. They are also "strong" emotionally....

"...All learning is experiential with Admetos types.  They aren't book learners.  Real “life” is their ultimate teacher and educator.

"...They have great depth of thinking and intuiting processes. Slow to answer. Never the type who has a quick "come back"--they think of it hours or days later after the confrontation.  They listen far more than talk.  Talkative people drive them crazy.  It drains them energetically.

"...They are a specialist in some career area--and they will be the best at what they do. ...It means s/he is the best at their trade.  These people are “peer” group individuals.  They may appear to be a treasure trove of unlimited and vast information in many different areas.  Press a button and they have something of worth and depth to say about a myriad amount of subjects.  They, more than any other planet, are able to tap into the Archetypal connection with archetypes to pull vast storehouses of knowledge out and verbalize or write about for everyone else.  “They know what they know without knowing why they know....”  E. Nauman.

"...Very hard to 'draw out' if trying to take their case homeopathically. They do not yield out vital information at first. You may get what you want months later after they 'trust' you. They "hide" their real selves from the prying eyes of the world.  And a traditional doctor may well be stumped because Admetos people simply don't communicate much.  It's like pulling ‘teeth' to get information out of them.

"...Like a very slow blooming flower. Blooms late. Or seen by others as a  “late bloomer.”  The Ugly Duckling Story and Cinderella fits them to a tee.  They have a rich, inner life. They are the children who played happily alone and didn't need others around in order to be entertained. Reminds me of the Century Plant flower essence: Breakthrough via slow but sure, persistence and endurance.  And this is why they aren't externalized very much.  Their inner life, their fertile creative mind and rainbow emotions keep them forever enthralled.  For someone on a spiritual path (and we all are), the Admetos person has a vast, rich connection with the Other Side.  Shamans are found in this position.

"...Powers of endurance on every level of being are legendary. Like a bull elephant who can just keep going, and going, and going.....but when they exhaust themselves; it's deep and their recovery time is slow.  Or, the “energizer bunny,” is also a good symbol for their inexhaustible energy supplies. 

"...Ability to concentrate--deeply and with laser-like focus.  Shamans need this ability or they can't journey.  A doctor who is a surgeon needs it.  There are many jobs that require this high degree of focus.  They usually have a career that is “behind the scenes,” and they dislike the spotlight and hate Paparazzi.  [remember this is one, of many of Paris Hilton's personalities - Erik].  They truly understand that the “power is behind the throne,” and not in front of it.  If given a choice, they would rather remain in the background and not out front. They know they get more done working alone and hermit-like than ever being like a Hollywood star/politician, who is just the opposite of them.

"...Conservative by nature. Symbol: work horse in a harness or an oxen in yoke working to plow a rich field of soil.  And the inner soil of their being is so incredibly fertile that they are forever self-entertained.  Their inner life is continually unfolding to them in a multitude of ways.  They truly are multi-facteted, but you couldn't tell that by just looking at them.

"...Has a lot of patience and perseverance to see something through. Their word is their bond.  They watch what a person does, not what they say.  Their ‘walk is their talk.'  What you see is what you get.  There's no varnish on an Admetos person.  They are plain clothed, unassuming, like silent shadows that walk among us.

"...Very reliable. Hard worker. Will work themselves into exhaustion--they do not know when to stop and rest if you have their loyalty.

"...Chameleons, they know how to fit in and fade into the background.  Admetos people of this ilk have great perception of the human condition and manipulate it....  And no one is better at this than Admetos.

"...A veil of secrecy (whether right or wrong).  Not telling the whole truth.  Telling a half-truth.... 

"...the Admetos person may discover the rich inner treasures of themselves and connect with their many talents.  Of all the Uranian planets, ...They ... “bloom” and discover their inner treasures and later in life begin to utilize and share them with the world.  It can be a painter who paints, a writer who writes, a musician who sings, a songwriter who writes songs, ect.  One of the most talented of all the Uranian planets, when Admetos gets her or his house in order, gets the wounding healed up within them, they can go on to enriched lives that fertilize the world in the most positive and uplifting of ways on large or small scale. 


More About Paris Hilton's Life From Now Until December 14 (+/- 6 days) 2010

All that astrology, above, is about Paris Hilton herself - her personality.  Now I want to tell, to you, about the situation, that Paris Hilton is in, durin this time.  Specifically, there are 2 similar motives in the current cycle.  Follow the descriptions, thereof:

PART 1)  "Neighbors, Relatives, Nicky, Everyday People Around The Town, 1)   Visitors, People You Run Into While Travelin About."

2)  This is a time, of conflict, with all the above folks.

Arguments, disputes, trouble, disagreements.  The description fits Paris's recent events, the conflict with the Police, and the visitor with the 2 knives.  Those are typical of this cycle, but also there will be private disputes, that do not reach "the press".

There are folks, in her life, who are probably considered to be friends, or members of her same social group.  Unfortunately, I don't know enough, about Paris Hilton's connections, to be able, to say, just who they are.  But if I read, to you, enough details, from her horoscope chart, then maybe you will be able to identify the folks.

I am thinkin, that most of them will be involved in this phase, or cycle, of Paris's life. 

Some of them are under her same roof, or else of her same heritage, as she might meet, for example, in a "Norwegian Society"; in other words, some connection to her same roots.

I am goin to go into a lot of detail, to describe these folks.  They are aggressive folks, but could well be, what they call "passive-aggressive", at times.  These are main folks, in her life, durin this time.

Under same roof, possibly, and in the same social sphere, maybe considered to be a friend.

Possibly Paris has more, than one roof, I don't know about that.

The people, the social connections, with whom Paris has contentions, in this cycle, of time, there are other possibilities, of who some of them may be.  They may be in farmin, gardenin, minin, or real estate.  They may be those, who maintain the home, such as construction, remodelin, repair, or maintenance.

Of course many of the latter could be interested in earnin a livin, in an honest way.  It is not well to suspect everybody, but to narrow it down to the truth, so that the innocent may not be accused, even in our thoughts.

I just thought, of another one.  They could be in the hospitality profession, which is what Paris's family's business is.  I suppose, that could include pubs and night clubs, as well.

Remember, the person, whose identity we are tryin to learn, is somebody in Paris's social circle, thought of as a "peer".  Thus, if there is, for instance, a gardener under suspicion, he does not count, unless he is also in Paris's social circle.

[NOTE: the previous paragraph, is it true or false?  Was the intruder, with the knives, a "peer", or of Paris's social group.  I saw no mention of it in the newses.]

Now I will describe the people for you:

3)  In the first place, they are aggressive, impulsive, and passionate.

They often have been caught, foiled, ambushed, or locked up, as a result of their own dishonesty.

Next, they are probably into drugs, alcohol, and deception a lot.

They dominate other folks, by demandin attention, to their own problems.

They are weak and indecisive, and they vacillate.

They brood over their resentments.

They express disagreements and resentments, only in a subtle manner.

They do thins secretly, to avoid bein confronted.

They are greatly emotional, and prone to tears.

By repressin their anger, they become neurotic, and psychosomatically sick.

Secret sexual affairs have brought trouble into their lives.

All right, the descriptors, above, indented, I know to be true, about the folks, in Paris's life, who are in conflict with her, durin this cycle.

Here, below, are some other possible word-associations or descriptiors, possibly interests, that may identify the folks whom I am talkin about.  I am less sure about these, than about those, above.

After I give them to you, I am goin to prescribe some remedies, for Paris, which, if she is intelligent enough to follow them, will prevent her, from bein susceptible to that kind of treatment.

A deep red star, a contagious person, havin a virus.

A jockey.

PART 2) -- A Provocative Person In This Period

NOTE: After I wrote the first part (below) some time passed, before I made the notes, for the detailed description.   The first part (below) mentions possible attempted theft, of Paris's money. 

As I wrote the second part, the detailed description (of who might try to steal from her), I began to feel, that it was describin me.  11th house can be an astrologer, which is a keyword, that I didn't think to mention, in the first part, below.

I do not intend to steal any money from Paris, but let me tell, to you, how the description "kind of" fits me.  This project began a few years ago, when I looked into the horoscope of Gandalf's bar and restaurant, here in Frostburg.

I foretold a catastrophe, and published the detailed report, and offered to try to pinpoint the day, and more specifics, to help prevent it, if the staff would work together with me, on it.

However, I was disappointed, when a group of the staff accused me of concoctin the report out of "eavesdropped" material, when, in fact, I was actually quotin from astrology books.

A few months later, the place burned, because of an electrical problem in the ancient furnace, and it was a total loss, and the owner had to go out of business.

In spite of the fact, that I had "stricken the nail, upon his head", I did not get any business from the incident.  Therefore I thought, if I do another report, it ought to be a higher profile business, where the publicity, from it, would not be just local.

For years the idea kept incubatin, and, eventually I decided to switch from a business, to an individual celebrity.

I assumed that the celebrity would ignore, or be unaware of, my report, but I would try to contact them, and tell their receptionist about it, who would ignore me, then, when the catastrophe happened, I would be able to say, "see, they should have listened to me".

Then, hopefully, they would get wind of the fact, that I had foretold the catastrophe, and next time would cooperate, to prevent more, or, even if they didn't, the publicity would be in my favor.

Therefore, below, when you read about "theft", the real idea was more in the nature of, sort of frightenin the person, into participatin, for their own benefit, rather than stealin from them.

Eventually I picked Paris Hilton, because, if you are goin to spend a lot time thinkin on somebody, it might as well be somebody that you like.

After I got the thin rollin, I kind of switched from thinkin about the publicity, to thinkin of her as somebody, whom I was counsellin, or tryin to help, to get the information, that she desired; or even sometimes information that she might have been in denial about.

OK now you are prepared, to read the first part, of the description:


There is somebody, in her life, who is probably considered to be a friend, or a member of her same social group.  Unfortunately, I don't know enough, about Paris Hilton's connections, to be able, to say, just who it is.  But if I read, to you, enough details, from her horoscope chart, then maybe you will be able to identify the person.

Either it is somebody under her same roof, or else of her same heritage, as she might meet, for example, in a "Norwegian Society"; in other words, some connection to her same roots.

I am goin to go into some detail, to describe this person.  It is an aggressive person.  This is a main person, in her life, durin this time.

They are excited about whatever Paris Hilton possesses, and it would not be hard to suspect, as an astrologer, that they would try to obtain stuff, from Paris, by theft.  Under same roof, possibly, and in the same social sphere, maybe considered to be a friend.

Possibly Paris has more, than one roof, I don't know about that.

The person, the social connection, who might steal from her, there are other possibilities, of who they may be.  They may be in farmin, gardenin, minin, or real estate.  They may be those, who maintain the home, such as construction, remodelin, repair, or maintenance.

Of course many of the latter could be interested in earnin a livin, in an honest way.  It is not well to suspect everybody, but to narrow it down to the truth, so that the innocent may not be accused, even in our thoughts.

I just thought, of another one.  They could be in the hospitality profession, which is what Paris's family's business is.  I suppose, that could include pubs and night clubs, as well.

Remember, the person, whose identity we are tryin to learn, is somebody in Paris's social circle, thought of as a "peer".  Thus, if there is, for instance, a gardener under suspicion, he does not count, unless he is also in Paris's social circle.

All right, the descriptors, above, I know to be true, about the individual, in Paris's life, who might be tryin to steal from her.






Instigator amon his friends

Wants to do good -- stron urge

Much activity

Reformist tendencies

In danger, of discardin old ways, before bein able, to replace them, with better ones

Desire to overthrow the established order, rather than to regenerate, and improven, it

Needs to learn the art of harmonious functionin with friends in groups

Desire to convey socially significant message, to the folks of Earth, and to produce drastic doin

Incendiary restlessness

Concerned with large-scale problems, and humanitarian issues

Plays with fire, without fully knowin the danger

Is too much "hot to trot"


Tries to spark action in others, turnin thins upside-down


Leaps forward in spurts and spasms


Prescriptions For Paris Hilton Until About December 14 2010

Paris's birth's chart says, that she is not able to look, at her own faults.  If anybody tries to talk, about her faults, she will change the subject.  That is how she was born.  I don't know any cure for it, unless it might be to listen to Prem Rawat and his Premies, givin "discourse".

However, if you are a fan, of Paris's, then at least you can look, and see, if she shows any of the followin faults.  If she does, then you will be able to comment profusely, to help her with the cures, that I give, below the list of possible faults.

Check out Paris, has she been showin any of the followin traits?

  • Assumin, takin things for granted

  • Deceived by others

  • Confusion, delusion, vagueness, unclarity

  • Lack of clear goal

  • Reluctant to ask for help

  • Assumin thins that have not been said or agreed upon

  • Easily imposed upon by others

  • Lack of confidence leadin to inactivity

  • Fantasy, woolgatherin, daydreamin

  • Escapism (drugs, drinkin, night life)

  • Lookin away from details

  • Hopin that others will understand, instead of explainin thins to them

  • Afraid to tell the truth

If Paris has been any of the above, then you can help, to protect her, by commentin, and advisin her to follow the followin procedures.  But first I want to explain.  Some advice may be more fittin than others.  Our Lo'ward said, that "revelation" will be the rock, whereon his church is founded.

That means, you can read advice, you can hear advice, you can form an opinion; but only God can reveal to us, which is the best advice, and what will succeed.  Therefore, we ought to make oursleves familiar with God, and not with other influences so much, by readin the Kin James Bible, and listenin to the videos, of Prem Rawat at Inner Peace.

Hatha Yoga is supposed to also clarify our awareness, therefore part of the prescription is to increase the amount of sadhana daily.  I will include readin Bible and listenin to videos of Prem Rawat as sadhana.

For Bible videos and audios, there are bibleortraditions on YouTube about Revelation, Pastor Peters, Kent Hovind, and some, of the videos, for the Prophecy Club, notably Fritz Springmeier, Al Neal, and Bill Schnoebelen.  Http:// has audio and video that teach well about the Bible.

The point here is to attract our guardian angel, and to become familiar to God, so that we can receive revelation about what our best guidance is to be.  My recommendations may or may not be the right ones, but with revelation you can't make a mistakin.

So here, below, is some advice, for folks, who show any part, of the list, above, of faults.  Paris will not be able to see herself, but you, her fan, will be able to.

This method has worked in the past, and should work, to prevent Paris from associatin with folks, who would rip her off, deceive her, or have a bad influence on her, at least in the context that I described above, which is the context she is in til December 14.

So help her out, and advise her to do the advice above, and the advice below.  This advice is from my free ebook:  "How to Become Prosperous Through Your Birthday Astrology".  Click the link and you can get the ebook for free.  It has to be a PC and a later version of windows.

"If you see that you have been doin too much of Neptune (see above), then doin the deeds, that are ruled by Uranus, will balance your energy toward the outer world, from where prosperity comes to you.

"Friendship means that you unexpectedly do somethin for somebody, exactly what they need, then you leave out of there, before they even have time to thank you. It means doin thins, for free, for your husband, wife, children, co-workers, and even perfect strangers, without carin how it is goin to make you feel.

"It also means you have to think and analyze what they need. Astrology is a great tool for people needin to use more Uranus.

"If you read about people's signs, and study astrology, or even consult with an astrologer, that will help you.  But don't accept everythin they say.  You have to test to see what works and what doesn't work.

"Other thins you can involve yourself in are:  electronics, social reform movements, science."

The way, wherein the above remedy works, is to remedy the energy of one planet with the energy of another.  For instance, the remedy of Mars is Venus, the remedy of Venus is Mars.  Too much work, the remedy is pleasure, too much pleasure, the remedy is exercise.  A simplification, but just to give, to you, the idea.

Next I am goin to help Paris to avoid catastrophe in November and December.


Paris Hilton's Danger Comin Soon

[NOTE:  read also the section, for the wider period, that this event falls into: PARIS HILTON PERIOD.]

Paris is already in danger, as I described to you, above.  Also, please remember, I am not tryin to do a "complete" foretellin, only to focus on one event, comin up.  What I wrote, above, is the background, the scenery, to the event, that is comin.

From November 5 to December 4, there will be another one, of Paris's personalities, activated, durin that shorter period, of 1 month.  The type of dangers durin that time resemble the same type as durin the larger period, specifically, restraint, drugs, and unreliable associates.

First I will describe Paris Hilton's other personality, one of several, which I will call "Chiron".  Paris's Admetos personality is extremely on the positive side, but her Chiron personality partakes both of the weaknesses and the strenths.

I don't want to be scary here, remember my goal is to help Paris to prevent catastrophe, with my advice.  For now, I'll just say, to anybody, who wants to deal, with the issue of imprisonment, read again the story of Paul and Silas.

Here is the short version, of the story, by 2, of the cultural giants, of our people (but I still recommend that you read the story):



I told, to you, already, that this is the personality, of many of Paris Hilton's personalities, that I call "Chiron".

This side, of Paris Hilton, is somebody, who finds solutions, to problems, that have never been thought of, before.  She likes to identify with wilderness and wild animals, such as one might find in a jungle.

Paris also has the knack to find the error in somebody else's thinkin, or in their motivation.  Under stress, she might sarcastically point out the error to another person, and, so might hurt, or offend that person.

Although she might be right to "call out" the other, about their bein out of place, nevertheless she would be wron to go about it in such a painful manner.  I know about this one, it is one of my own biggies, to ease up on folks when I'm "callin them out".

Other starry lawyers (astro = "starry"   logers = "lawyers") claim that a Chironic person gets wounded, then learns to heal themselves, and, from that, learns to heal others.  Definitely I say they find "on the spot" fresh solutions.  They see right into the heart of the matter, even when somebody else might not recognize, that there is even a problem.

One starry lawyer, Eric Francis, summed up Chiron in one word, "awareness".  An other, Melanie Reinhart gave the word, "transition".  This personality, of Paris's, has the ability to make others aware, so that they can move across the barrier.

Next, I'll describe the danger that will be comin in November/December, so as to prepare and avoid any catastrophe.  The timin can be truly specific, to where you can just watch your step for a few hours, and relax most of the rest, of the time.

But, if Paris follows my remedies, the energy, where the danger comes from in the psychic world, will peter out.  By that, I mean it will be dissipated.



Update November 6

I must back up on my earlier guess, about the meanin, of Paris's event, foretold by starry law, in this period.  My earlier guess was in the update of November 4, below.

As I was meditatin, somebody was tryin to psychically send, to me, a message, that Paris is not the type of person to sneak in love, and that she loves Cy.

As I thought, about whether that is true, based upon her starry law's chart, I decided that there is a good chance that it is true. Her affections are not easily discontinued, and she is probably not a sneak, in the matter of love.

Therefore, my guess, about the meanin, of the event, in this period, was probably wron. I suppose, that we will just have to wait, and to see, if anythin comes out in the news.



[note, added Nov 6:  I think this guess was wron.  The reason, why I think it was wron, is given in the Nov 6 update, above]  Watchin Paris's postins, it looks as though the event is goin to involve a "love" affair with the DJ Tiesto.  Notice below, I mentioned both "love" affairs and DJ as possible manifestations of this event.

Without knowledge, of what is goin on, in Paris's life, it would be hard to actually pin down the precise nature of the event.  But the period hasn't started yet, and I am guessin that the affair with the DJ is the event.

Evidence I saw a Hallowe'en photo of Paris and Cy, it looked like they were not gettin alon, like he was expectin her to act like a wife, and she was bossin and controllin him whenever he did that.

Of course she is not goin to act like a wife.  They stole the prize without runnin the race, how they expect to be able to keep the prize?  Sex is for the honeymoon, not before.  A wife is a helper, not a bossy woman.  No way it was goin to work out.  It was a fantasy.  Folks into drugs are also into unreality and fantasy.

What kind of relation ship it was?  It was not a wedlock, it was not an engagement, therefore it was a whoredom.  So how you gonna expect her to act like a wife in that situation?

So they are both dissatisfied, Cy can't pretend to be pleased by her, and a woman needs to feel that she is pleasin you, so this guy Tiesto is pleased by her attention, for the moment, and he is a "man of brass" as the I Ching states, and she is the "foolish woman who loses her head when she sees a man of brass".

Since Chiron rules her 12th, of self-undoin, she acts as her own worst foe, and will probably try to culminate the wedlock, without any wedlock, which always cheapens the girl, and adds the probability that restlessness will happen later in the relationship.

So 2 of her lessons (see below) in this experience, the "right" course, as determined by whether she will be happy -- or suffer from the experience -- would be to demand a traditional chaste courtship of 1 year, followed by a chaste engagement of 1 year.  Is she up to such a challenge?  I doubt she even has a clue how important that is, because I am the only voice in her world of millions, who is sayin it.

Sexual energy can be managed, durin the 2 year period, by hatha yoga, fastin, and energy work.  No problem.  After that you can have a REAL wedlock, if other conditions are met.

The other lesson is not to be "star stricken" by the "man of brass".

Therefore, the "love" affair will brin undesirable consequences for her (if I am right in guessin that is what the event will be).  See below to get more pieces of the puzzle.

I am showin to you pieces of a puzzle.  I have not put the puzzle together.  When the event happens, it will be like when you see the picture, on the puzzle's box, and you can say, "I now see how the pieces go together". [end of November 4 update]

Some events are not preventable, and might be hard to postpone.  However the sufferin can be reduced to zero, when you apply my remedies.

Please, I beg, of you, to bear, in mind, that the followin tries to describe the danger.  With use, of the remedies, the danger may not happen.  Also, I am not tryin to be specific, and narrow down to an exact prediction.  That might be done, with a lot of work, and a lot of thought, and askin a lot, of questions.

But I want to describe the event, without actually tryin to pin down what it will be.  Two reasons for that, one it is hard to do that, and two maybe the event will be better than expected, if Paris will do the remedies.

After it happens, you will be able to see that all, of the followin descriptions fit.  Some might be small errors, but the overwhelmin bulk thereof will fit.  It will be good for Paris, if she gets familiar, with some of the more positive descriptors below.

Hard and painful life passage.

Could it be that this time is meant to sensitize Paris to others?

Paris will become aware, so that she will be able to move across the barrier.

A big hurtin, from the past, brought to life, again.

The event feels, truly, to be unfair.

False sense of safety, suddenly interrupted.  Thinkin that she has been good, then suddenly punished, when the reason, for it might not be seen.

When she feels the old hurtin, it opens the way, for her to release it, and, thus, to become more fluid.

Divine guidance always comes with this type of experience.  Paris will be able to see it.  If there is pain, then she was probably headed in the wron way.  The guidance will enable Paris to make a "course correction", a "makin right, of the way".

Paris's guidance coud come, to her, in a truly simple way.  Or not.  For showin, it could be a book, or a short talkin with someone.  Some kind of a token might be given to her.  The guidance will be with her.

To use a sports analogy, Paris may "lose the big game" durin this period.

It is more, than likely, that Paris will consult with some sort, of a mentor durin this period.  A special teacher will be available.

The type, of hurtin, that might be replayed, in this time, involves issues, of her power, and her sense of self-esteem.

We can expect Paris to be involved in alternative healin, of others, in her own way, durin this time.  Today she expressed a desire to found a school in Haiti.

It will not be unexpected, if she were to attempt to have fun, or enjoy life, with some person, who is wounded, a healer, an underdog, an astrologer, or a humble maverick.

The type, of relationship, involved, in this event could be either a playmate, a lover, a child (she might become pregnant), a DJ, her mother's half-sister Kim Richards, or her father's father Barron Hilton.

Someone might buy, for her, a washin machine (text continued after video):

Likely, there will be only 1 relationship key to the event, in other words, 1 person.  I have listed more, than 1.  I don't know these people.  If you want to narrow down the list, then see which, of them, fits the other descriptors, in this section.

I am not tryin to be vague, but there are only 12 houses in a horoscope.  Each house symbolizes 1/12 of all the zillions of possibilities.  To get specific, you have to be able to interview the client, to narrow down the possiblilities.

Her notions, of what is appropriate, in this relationship, with one, of the above folks, will be challenged.

In Paris's case, I wouldn't even trust an interview, with her chart bein the way, that it is.  She could imagine an answer to be true or relevant, and she could be so confused that whatever she said might not clarify, but becloud, the story.

Paris will want to have fun, and to be creative with alternatives, with healin, with solvin of problems.  The issue will be, what is appropriate?

Part of Paris's Pain, that might be replayed, in this time, would be restrictions that were imposed durin her childhood.  She may have been discouraged from developin her creativity and skills, in some areas.  Then she had to put barriers, to protect her self-esteem.  This complex may be replayed.

Paris will feel an urge to give romantic advice, to others.  She'll want to be a coach, a mentrix, at this time.

Satisfaction in love will be difficult to attain, durin this period.

Afterward, Paris's lifestyle will be changed.

Paris's self-taught strategies, will be challenged.  Her manner, of obtainin freedom.

Here is a part of a video, that might help you, to understand that, which this period, of time, might mean, symbolically, rather than analytically:



I know, that you care about Paris.  You want to protect her, to help her.  There are remedies, that can prevent the worst, from happenin to her.  I am not goin to publish them yet.  First I have to know that Paris will do them.  If Paris will contact me at erik @, then I shall move forward, with the remedies.

YOU CAN HELP PARIS!   If Paris wants to know the specific days, and hours, to watch out, and to be careful, durin this period, I shall publish them, here, if she will contact me, and show, that she is willin to put these excellent recommendations to use.

So, if you are her fan, and you care about her, then you should encourage her to contact me at email: erik @

Post comments on Paris's videos, blogs, and forums.  She reads them, and her friends tell her what is said there.  Tell her to email me, if you care.



There is an urgent need, shown in Paris Hilton's horoscope, her birth's chart.  Here I planned to show the remedy to her fan(atic)s.

As I began to get into it, my Lo'ward said to me, (paraphrase) "You are not gettin any benefit from bein Paris's friend.  Go back to the original plan, and don't waste your time on this."

Therefore, what you see, below, will be only whatever I already keyed, before my Lo'ward said that, to me.  It is incomplete, therefore.

First a list, of what she will be remedyin:

  • Denial of righteous close relationship, such as best friend, husband, attorney, doctor, agent, therapist.

  • Fear, that the worst will happen.

  • Tendency to associate, or be thrown together, with twisted, immoral, dark, irreverent, witchy, and satanic folks, socially, and in business.  This can never end out well, and is one cause, why she hasn't been able to form the righteous relationship.

  • Attraction toward psychologically damagin "dark", immoral, or amoral entertainment, publicity, and business practices.  This bends the mind away from the righteous, and satisfyin, possibilities.

Here, below, is the short introduction, to Paris Hilton's remedy, that will remedy the above list:

One is the duality of: information versus hands-on. If you find yourself thinkin, readin, watchin news and entertainment, chattin, askin and answerin questions a lot,

Then think about what kind of diy you might enjoy doin, that involves tools.

Like, fixin electric appliances, paintin the house, landscapin, sewin and repairin clothes. I'm not so much talkin about housekeepin and cleanin, but more like maintenance and repair, what the man usually does.

Then there is a second concept, "the best". There is a lot of explanation, that I must do, on that concept, but only here I'll give part thereof.

Is there such a thin, as "the best whore". Well, if she's a whore, then she already is not the best person, so we have to kind of step back and look at the big picture first.

I am goin to have to write a whole essay about it. Bible says that folks, of the best bloodline, become thousand times worse, than the actual children of the devil, if they have chosen to break bad.

So there may be somebody, of the best bloodline, but they are not "the best", because they took a wron turn back there.


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