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Get The Address Of Chris Singleton

Christopher Verdell Singleton was born August 15, 1972, in Beulah Land. We might suppose that he made use of a baseball ticket at a truly early age.

He has been a center fielder for the Chicago White Sox, the Baltimore Orioles, the Oakland Athletics, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. No longer has he played the center field; no longer has he played professional ball.

Every future baseball player has played a fantasy baseball game in their mind, before they ever developed the skills, and gat the experience, that they needed to sign a sports contract to play major league baseball.

There is no record of his ever havin played as an all star. I mean, so far as I have yet found. By far, his favorite baseball league has been the major league. Most of the teams, whereon he has either played, or publicly commented, have been in that same league.

Chris eventually wound up as a broadcaster on ESPN. As of 2009 June 4, accordin to wikipedia, Chris is an analyst on that network's show, "Baseball Tonight".

I have not found any source that has been willin to disclose whether Chris Singleton is a member of the freemasons, or a papal knight, or whether he has any other private affiliations.

There seems to be some wonderment about why Steve Stone was not given the job of Steve Phillips's on-air collaborator, instead of Chris Singleton, who is thought of as bein underqualified for the job. A connection to freemasonry or to a secret papal society, such as knights of columbus, for example, would explain all, if it were to be found.

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Get The Address Of Chris Singleton

Christopher Matthew Eamonn Singleton was born July 21 1977 in the Viking town of Dublin, Ireland. His mama was an environmentalist, by golly! He has left his homeland, and been photographed in a foreign land, by the London Bridge.

He is known for takin his own course in his career, and also for twisted morals, which is a euphemism for "perverted", which is, itself, another way of sayin "mistaken" or "erroneous".

Apparently he suffers from the allergy that causes folks to habituate in cities.

Six folks make up the band that plays behind Chris. Each of them has established himself in well known other bands ere they joined with Chris.

Only 2 zodiac signs, when risin, give a larger-than-usual head. Chris's head is just such a one, therefore his risin sign must be either Leo or Pisces. Alternately, the planetary ruler of his risin sign would occupy either of those 2 signs.

Chris has chosen music to be his life's work, at least up to June 4, 2009. Who knows what life's work he may choose afterward? Who can say, or who can even know?

Chris Singleton claims, as musical influences, beatles, david bowie, and pink floyd. I detest them all. Matter of fact, I don't hear the resemblance to their music. Chris Singleton's music I like about 4 times better than most male bands his own age. Although the words are basically reject, owin to his diabolical nature by birth, nevertheless the sound production and expression are dramatic and confident, which I like.

Some day, Chris may decide to surrender his will to God, then his next album will be far different from those, which will have come before it.


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Get The Address Of Chris Singleton

Chris ended his experience as a high school student, at Dunwoody High School, in the year of our lord 2008. That was the same year, wherein he was Georgia's high school basketball player of the year.

As a forward, he was McDonald's all american in 2008.

Chris's height is 6 feet 8 inches, only 4 inches taller than mine, so I could easily sock him in the chin, if I had to.

As a college basketball recruit, Chris committed to the university of Florida State on the 4th day of November, in the year of our lord 2007. The name of the college basketball team is "The Seminoles".

He has proven to be good for the 3-point range.

I could have invented basketball drills but what would be the use? After you drill them, they wouldn't bounce any more.

W. McIntire, on the hoops message board, thinks that Singleton will have made the biggest impact on the nba durin the year 2009.

Here is a video of Chris Singleton doin some basketball for you:

Wasn't that fun?!! To my way of thinkin, football recruits, and, for that matter, football, are an whole other matter. For that reason I'm goin to move on to the next Chris Singleton --




Get The Address Of Chris Singleton

Chris was born February 20, 1967, in Beulah Land. Chris played the college football game for the University of Arizona.

His NFL experience included not one, but 2 teams -- the Miami Dolphins, and the New England Patriots.

Kevin Saleeba cited Chris as one of the 10 worst footbal picks in the history of the New England Patriots. He was the 8th pick in the 1990 nfl draft. Kevin's reasonin ran as follows: Chris played in 33 games, and started in 22 of them; he did not use much strenth to rush to forestall passin; he tackled the quarterback only 4 times.

Truly, he was a linebacker, and of that there can be no doubt!


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