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Explanation for Christians -- God assigns a celestial sponsor to each race of human beings.  Odin and Wotan are not demons, nor false gods, but are servants of the supreme and immortal god.  They have been assigned to the Teutonic race as sponsors.


Explanations of Songs


"Battle of the Gods" - Instrumental


The composition, "Battle of the Gods" , an Tru original, is an electronic instrumental that vividly evokes a feeling of battle -- celestial battle, battle in the craggy snowclad peaks. This is one of Tru's originals.


Album:  Dig This



Song - "Brynhild's Bower"


The favourite hero of all Vikings is Sigurd. The princess Brynhild so admired him, that she went to great length and deprivation to entice him to become her loving husband. The song, "Brynhild's Bower," an ancient lay, put to music by Tru, tells of her effort to allure Sigurd. The tune is a "haunting" one, folks have said.


Album:  Legends,  Dreams, and Myths



Song - "Dancing Whales"


Another of Tru's original songs, "Dancing Whales," is a fantasy that takes place on the sea, of interest to seagoing folk.  This is the short instrumental version.


Album:  Way Out There



Song "King Harald Wartooth Goes to Valhalla"


The song, "King Harald Wartooth Goes to Valhalla" combines several elements of Odinist literature, from the translations of Paul B. DuChaillu, all put to music by Tru.


Harald Wartooth was a major king of northern Europe and Scandinavia in "the dark ages."


Details about Valhalla, the hall of the fallen warriors, and of the Valkyrias, who choose them on the field of battle, are included, along with a narrative of the manner in which King Harald Wartooth decided to go to war.


Album:  Legends,  Dreams, and Myths



Song - "Ragnarok"


Tru put to music the words of Paul B. DuChaillu's translation of the Ragnarok saga in the song "Ragnarok."

Album:  Legends,  Dreams, and Myths


Song - "Sibyl's Vision, The"


The song, "The Sibyl's Vision" evokes an image of a Holy Sibyl about to hold forth about "our old spell o' heros."


Album:  Legends,  Dreams, and Myths



Song - "William the Conqueror"


William the Conqueror is one of the main links between Viking society and the later British Empire. He was a descendant of the viking, Walking Hrolf, who was booted out of Norway for breaking the King's peace by raiding in Norwegian territories. The saga of William's conquest of England is told in the song, "William the Conqueror", an original song by Tru.

Acoustic Album:  Legends,  Dreams, and Myths


Electronic Instrumental Album:  Way Out There


Electronic Album With Vocal:  Dig This




Why Icelandic Skalds Were Preferred


The people of Iceland captured people in Ireland, and brought them to Iceland as slaves. Eventually the slaves outnumbered the native Icelanders 2 to 1. This means that 2/3 of the people in Iceland were Irish. Eventually the Irish slaves interbred with the Icelanders, and the population became uniformly 2/3 Irish.


Irish make the best skalds, and I am about to tell you why:


About 200 years Before Christ, the kings of Ireland honored skalds, whom people now call "bards", but what is the difference -- skalds, bards. This is a Norse page, so I'll call them skalds.


The kings of Ireland subsidised the breeding of the skalds, so that those with the skaldic genes multiplied their kind faster than did the other Irishmen. They became so numerous, in fact, that there was not enough food in Ireland to feed them all, and some had to be deported overseas.


That is the reason why Irish make the best skalds, it is because of selective breeding done in 200 years before Christ. And it is the reason why the Icelanders today uphold the skaldic traditions, and it is also the reason why the kings of Scandinavia preferred the skalds of Iceland -- because they were 2/3 Irish!


You want sources? You find them and email them to me. If I get the chance, I'll put them in here.




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