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Electronic Dance Music cd (42 Minutes)




This Album is not now available for sale, but you can hear the samples below.

However, if you want to pay me for my time I'll get the files to you. If you want to partner to produce an album or some other method of delivery I'm open to that also. tru keesey at verizon dot net.


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FAN'S DESCRIPTION:  Here is how a fan of Nick's describes the music in The Craig Muir Projekt:  "The Craig Muir Project is decent and refreshing. Like pumped Super Nintendo music (In a good way) with some trance elements added into it."

Truman Keesey The Vermilion

Here is the story of "The Craig Muir Projekt"

After producing two Electronic Musical albums, I saw one night Craig Muir hastening on one of the streets of Frostburg, Maryland. He asked what have I been doing, and I showed to him the CD's. He purchased a copying of the CD "Way Out There."

After listening to "Way Out There," Craig said to me that the music is twisted, but that I need to do a CD with beats. By that I understood that he meant what is known in 2002 A.D. Electronic Musical parlance as "dance beats." He said I needed to produce a Trance album.

So I made a list of all the tunes that I had produced to date that could be reworked with dance beats, at about 140 bpm, or beats per minute. I consider a decent full-length CD to be 45 minutes or longer, and the list I had gave about 3 CD's worth of material.

Using the equipment of the (then) production department, whose name is Marc,  I finished 3 of 4 compositions. "Unexpected" had already been completed for the album "Dances for God."

There was a lapse of several weeks before I had once again access to the equipment. Marc left me in his house overnight while he was out of town. I was refining the sound on "Hygienic Celebration Deep Tribal House Folk" and "Old Hundred Deep Tribal House Folk," and was doing the entirety of "Anthony Wayne Deep Tribal House Folk," minus the movie tracks, which were added later by Marc.

At one point, I had to wait a long time for something to be captured, and, so I decided to play a few CD's on the CD player, while the computer was tied up. The first one I played was a verily quiet CD, and I had to turn the volume way up.

This was about 4 a.m. in the morning. There was a CD that Marc had done with his partner Tyler Ralston. It was a satire of Screaming Lord Sutch. I put it on the CD player, and it began with a demonic actor saying in a blood-chillingly cruel vein: "I am going to scream," followed by a verily persuasive horror scream by an actress.

The volume was turned so high on the CD player, from the previous CD, that the demonic actor and the horrified actress nearly blasted me out of my senses. It was incredibly loud, and psychically I felt that the sound had awakened one of the neighbors.

I thought no more about it, and went back to work, screening the composition "Hygienic Celebration," which was to be used on another CD. All of a sudden, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I felt somebody looking in the window, with the intent to kill me.

There were no blinds for the windows, so I escaped into another part of the house and turned off the lights to hide from the killer, while the song, "Hygienic Celebration" was being played loudly by the computer.

Psychically, I could feel that the would-be killer was intending to come into the house and to find and to kill me, and that while devising his plan, he was hearing the song, "Hygienic Celebration," and was thinking, "That is disgusting!" Then it dawned on me that the scream had caused the neighbor to call the police, or, perhaps, to investigate for himself the source of the scream.

Then, seeing a stranger in Marc's house, he must have assumed that I had slain one of the people of the house, at least, and that a female had screamed. As I became aware of this, I felt psychically the would-be killer arriving at the correct conclusion that it had been a recording, and not a real scream, because the hairs on my neck stood back down again, and I felt the threat passing away.


Nick's Popular Electronic Dance Music, done with a Korg Electribe M Groove Box

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1) Unexpected  mp3

2) Hygienic Celebration mp3 (original)

3) Anthony Wayne Deep Tribal House Folk (revolutionary tune)

4) Old Hundred Dance Remix

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