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Horary Question:

Is The Prader-Willi Syndrome Real--

--Or Is It A Symptom Of Somethin Else,

As In The Case Of "Bipolar Disorder?"


What Is The Ruler Of Our Question?

When there is doubt about what may be the ruler of the question that you are askin, the chart tells you.

Here are ways you can find out what the question is about:

  • The first house rules the question. Whatever sign is on the first house, the question is about that. This can be an asteroid, or a hypothetical planet, if it fits the question.

    Cancer risin, it is about a hereditary condition.  Moon, ruler of Cancer, in Aquarius, it is about a mutation.

  • The planet in the first quadrant, which is closest to the ascendant, is what the question is about.

    Sun represents chronic conditions, versus Moon, which rules passin conditions.

    In fact, when I asked the condition, I was concerned with certain people, bein under the rulership of the Sun, and whether they were bein attacked, as an act of covert war, by members of the medical profession.

    As I am one, of them, any such attack would mean a debilitation, that could lead to a loss, in the competition for resources, for us.  Thus the Sun rules the 2nd house.  It is in favor of a positive answer, to the question, because of its bein in its own dignity, Leo.



Horary Astrology Question:  Is Prader-Willi Syndrome Genuine?

  • The house havin the part of fortune tells you what the question is really about, you know sometimes people ask the wrong question, and they really have somethin else in mind at the bottom of it. That is shown by the part of fortune.

    Pars fortunae was in the 7th house -- the doctors or researchers.  I was wonderin, whether they were deliberately scammin us.  The lo'ward, of the 7th, Saturn, was in its own exaltation's sign, which shows honesty and integrity, on the part of the researchers and diagnosticians.

    They could have been wron, but not on purpose, and, besides that, they are extremely competent.

  • The lord of the first house applies to a conjunction of a planet that rules the question.

    Moon rules the first house, and her next major aspect was a parallel to Neptune.  Thus the question was about fraud and confusion.

    Neptune, a natural malefic planet, is here lo'ward of the 9th house, which makes it to be a benefic planet.  When benefic, it is a ruler of inspiration and psychic realization.  However it is retrograde, so there is some error.

    Also, it is afflicted, by the lo'ward of the 12th house, Mercury, the planet of mental capacity, so there is definitely some confusion involved.

    Moons last aspect, I mean final, before leavin the sign, that she is in, will be a conjunction to Neptune.  Same interpretation, here, as the parallell.  But it is the final outcome, the "bottom line" - inspiration and truth combined with confusion, and/or deception.


Let's See That, Which Ivy Has to Say, About It

Ivy is always the authority on horary starry law (astro = "starry", logy = "law").  Let's see that, which she has to say, on the topic:

Is The Report, Or Rumour, True?  "Yes", if:

Any planet in the house in question:

8th house, the research, has a planet, Neptune.  That gives a "yes".

6th house, the medical condition, has a planet, Pluto.  That gives a "yes".

7th house the researcher, has a planet, Moon.  That gives a "yes".

The ruler is in an angle:

Jupiter rules the 6th house, the medical condition.  A cusp is not a boundary of a house, it is only the most powerful point in the house.  The house begins before the cusp.  That is why signs' boundaries are not "cusps", it is a confusion.  Jupiter is in an angle.  That gives a "yes".

Saturn, the lo'ward of the 7th, the physicians, and the 8th, the research, might be in an angle.  It is 7 degrees before the cusp of the 4th.  Since all the other indicators, thus far, have shown a "yes" answer, then probably Saturn is in an angular house, and we might learn, from this ensample, that the angular house extends as much as 7 degrees before the cusp.

Any dignified planet rules also a chart.  Sun, bein the next to rise, is dignified, and is also a ruler, and is also in an angular house.  That gives a "yes".

The ruler, if not in an angle, is with another planet:

Let us suppose that Saturn might not be angular.  It is with other planets, Mars, Venus, and Lilith.  That gives a "yes".

Jupiter is both angular, and with another planet.  That gives a "yes".

Moon in a fixed sign, or with her own north node:

Moon is in a fixed sign.  That gives a "yes".

Gossipin 3rd cusp, its lo'ward, or a planet there, or Moon's north node there, in a fixed sign:

Lo'ward of the 3rd, Mercury, is in a fixed sign.  That gives a "yes".

If the Moon is angular, and in good aspect to a benefic, it denotes protection, so a good report is true.

Moon is angular, and aspects the lo'ward of the 9th house, Neptune, a benefic in this chart.  A "good" report would be that there is no fraud, no trickery, no mistakin.  That gives a "yes".

Moon in good aspect to Mercury:

Moon is in no aspect to Mercury.  This does not indicate falsehood.  It is just as though you have 10 witnesses, all sayin "true", and the 10th witness isn't there.  Still the answer is "true".

There Is A Refranation

Mercury leaves Leo, before Moon can complete the opposition to Mercury.  That means that the matter will be dropped.  In other words, I am not goin to pursue it any further, since it appears, to me, that there is no great deal of danger in the report.  In other words, it is a genuine syndrome, therefore I am not goin to raise an alarm about it.

Asteroids And Unconventional Planets In A Horary Question

Put them in the chart only if they rule somethin in the question, or if they conjoin a ruler of somethin in the question. In the latter case, they become co-ruler.

Sometimes you can learn more about the meanin of an asteroid or unconventional planet if it is in the first quadrant near to the horoscope (ascendant). That means it rules whatever you are askin about. It is a good research tool.

I could have included Hygaea, the asteroid of healin, in the chart, but it didn't seem to contribute anythin to the answer.  It was in Virgo, which may be the sign, that it rules.

Lilith was also in Virgo, which suggests a flaw in the diagnosis, however it is cadent, and hasn't much power to contradict all, of the other testimonies.

Surt, the planet of diagnosis, is exalted in the sign of Gemini.  A dignified planet in the 12th house shows penetration into hard-to-be-accessed lore.

Erik the Vermilion @ Clairvoyance · 53 Meshach Frost · Frostburg · MD · 21532 · USA


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