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"ORIGINAL ART PAINTINGS - Art Paintings Original - Art Original Paintings!

Whatever you order, through this page, goes to the benefit of the Tru University, and its supporters!


Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

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  2. Reproductions Of Famous Paintings

  3. Modern Art Work Online

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  6. Art Auctions

  7. Is It Original Or Copy?



Title Of Original Painting: Hide And Seek

To see big picture, click on thumbnail.

Done: ~ 1877

Spot: National Gallery Of Art, Washington, D.C.

Chester Dale Fund

Own a hand-painted reproduction on canvas, by clickin here!


Title Of Original Painting:
A Convalescent

To see big picture, click on thumbnail.

Done: ~ 1876

Spot: Graves Art Gallery 1949


About: Tissot's garden in Saint John's Wood

Own a hand-painted reproduction on canvas, by clickin here!



'Agatha Bas, Wife Of Nicolas Van Bambeek' by Rembrandt van Rijn

Title Of Original Painting: Agatha Bas, Wife Of Nicolas Van Bambeek

To see big picture, and a review, click on thumbnail.

Done: 1642

Spot: Musée Royal Des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Own a hand-painted reproduction on canvas, by clickin here!



James Jacques Joseph Tissot French Victorian Neoclassical artist born 1836 - died 1902



Question: I need ideas for original artwork to purchase for my girlfriend for Christmas. I do not know much about art, and I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive piece, around $150 or so. My girlfriend has an art history degree, so I would like to get her a famous piece of artwork.

I have looked at a few paintings on Ebay, but don't know if they are authentic or not.

Answer: For $150, you won't be able to buy much; however, try [our link]. The prices are very reasonable. You can find oil portraits of photo reproductions. [our link & some benefits] Your girlfriend will be happy with a timeless, original gift.


Question: Where can I find inexpensive prints and original art paintings?

Question: Where can I find original, inexpesive art, such as oil paintings, in my homeland?

Question: What is a good website for findin original art work and oil paintings in the $100-$300 price range?

Answer: If you want original paintings for the price of a print, you will get what you pay for.

You are probably more likely to get a higher quality work of art at a local art fair or college student exhibitions at the price. Beginnin artists are more happy to sell their work for less. I suggest looking at local art schools, or galleries, gift shops in your neighborhood?

You might even find a a talented high school student that would be happy to paint somethin you want. Try to support your local artistic talent.

Try your local library, too. They might have displays of local artists who you might be able to meet. The prices should be reasonable too.

Here are some websites, used by inexpensive artists, many, of whom, are good:

Art Wanted


Deviant Art



Question: Where can I attend art auctions that offer original art paintings done by famous artists and antiques?

Answer: A good auction to attend would be The Antique Roadshow. Also, see Christie's auctions, below:


Christie's Auction Schedule

Christie's Upcomin Auctions. Click the little "Grazr" box to expand the view.




Christie's Auction Outcomins. Click the little "Grazr" box to expand the view.




Reproduction Oil Paintings -- Review of the best source, that I could find, for you.

Oil Portrait Painting Reproduction


Question: How do I know if a painting I own is an original art painting?

I have a painting that looks like it might be famous, and I would like to know if it is an original and the price of the painting.

How can I tell if I have an original painting or a print?

Answer: One way to determine if the painting is original is to see if you can feel brushstrokes. If it's a print, you can look closely and possibly see little dots.

You can also look at the canvas it's painted on, at the back of the picture. If the work is in a frame covered by glass, it's probably a print, watercolor, drawing, pastel, or etching. If you think it's of value, it's best to get an evaluation.

You can also look at the side of the painting and see if you find paint on the edge or paint caked up.

Here are some resources for gettin your artwork to be appraised:

Appraisers Association of America

International Fine Art Appraisers

They'll give you an idea of what it would cost to verify your piece(s) and give them provenance where they stand in the artist's oeuvre over his/her lifetime and what other similar pictures have fetched at auction or through private sales -- sort of a formal passport for your picture -- you'll need if you wish to sell them on.



Modern Art Work Online



Contemporary Art Work Online



On Abstract Art Work For Sale

Question: What is a good search engine for famous art that gives information about famous original art paintings and other artwork.

Answer: Mark Harden's Artchive and Artcyclopedia are good resources.

Click Now:  Get Your Famous Oil Painting Reproductions


Nude Descending Staircase No 2 by Marcel Duchamp

Title Of Original Painting: Nude Descending Staircase No. 2

To see big picture, and a review, click on thumbnail.

Done: 1912

Spot: Philadelphia Museum Of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Own a hand-painted reproduction on canvas, by clickin here!



King Gustavus Adolphus II of Sweden

Title Of Original Painting: Portrait Of Gustavus Adolphus The Great, King Of The Swedes 1592-1632

To see big picture, and a review, click on thumbnail.

Done: 1650

Own a hand-painted reproduction on canvas, by clickin here!


Look! There will come a time, when there will be a perfect master in your time, and it is up to you to determine whether or not you follow.


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