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by Rembrandt van Rijn


Agatha Bas, Wife Of Nicolas Van Bambeek, By Rembrandt Van Rijn

"Portrait of Agatha Bas, Wife of Nicolas Van Bambeek"

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by Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606-1669)

Review by Mick Snutz

This is an oil painting on canvas. You can proudly display a top quality replica of this fine art painting, hand-painted on canvas.

The work has been kept in the so-called "Royal Collection" in Buckingham Palace, in London, England. It was painted in 1641.

This painting is signed and dated "Rembrandt f. 1641". 'Tis labeled "AE 29".

There is acompanion, to this painting. It is in the Musée Royal des Beaux-Arts, in Brussels. The subject, of the companion-painting, is Nicolaes van Bembeeck (1596-1661), the husband of Agatha.

The size of this portrait is 40.9 inches by 32.3 inches. When you order your reproduction, you have a choice of sizes, as you will see.


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The woman, who is in the painting, breathed from 1611 until 1658. Her family was of Amsterdam.

Agatha's father was Dirk Jacobszoon Bas. Dirk was a director of the Dutch East India Company. Several times had he been the burgomaster of Amsterdam.

She was wedded to Nicholas van Bambeeck in the year of our Lo'ward 1638. Nicholas breathed from 1596 until 1661. He was from Flanders. The business, of Nicholas, was to sell wool and cloth.

The couple abode in the Sint Anthoniesbreestraat. Rembrandt there dwelt also beginnin in 1631, year of our Lo'ward.

Probably Rembrandt had known Bambeeck for a good while, before he painted the portrait of Nicholas, and also the one that we now study.

In 1640 did both Rembrandt and Bambeeck invest money in a business of an art-dealer, Hendrick van Uylenburgh.


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I am goin to analyze for you the unconscious symbolism of this painting. "Analyze" means "break down".

I am, for you, goin to break down the hidden meanin of this painting. I have chosen this artwork, for you, because the symbolism is helpful and healthy.

To begin with, the middle is bright or white. This sends a truly important message to your unconscious, that your own psychological middle is to be conscious. It is desirable to be conscious, not unconscious, therefore the white middle helps us.

In the middle section, of the painting, is a jewel. It is highly beneficial for you to see a jewel in the middle of a painting. This is based upon the psychological research of Dr. Jung.

Dr. Carl Jung observed the way, in which the unconscious mind generates images, for the purpose of psychological "compensation". The images can be generated in dreams or in spontaneous fantasies.

When psychological "compensation" is tried, by a person's unconscious, in dreams or in spontaneous fantasies, often it is a jewel, that is put in the middle of the image. The same symbolism, the jewel, is to be found in both arcane, and folkloric, sources as well.

It is hard, from the image of the painting, to tell for sure, but it looks as though the jewel is in the form of an 8-parted mandala, which is also beneficial to the viewer of the portrait.

Surroundin the middle are 4 parts: the head above, the bodice below, and the 2 parts of the shawl on either side. That makes the middle of the portrait into a Jungian mandala, highly beneficial to be viewed.

Pearls are to be seen on her wrist and her neck. Each pearl, or each jewel, by Jung, is a "symbol of the self". Symbols of the soul are always ultra-good. They help us, when we gaze upon them. Now shall I tell to you that, which say the dream-books: pearls symbolize one's own beauty, a state of bein beautiful, particularly inner beauty.

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Pearls symbolize becomin aware of God and of your own self, which is a synonym for soul.

Pearls symbolize good business, wealth, social prestige, good social events.

Jewellery, in general, symbolizes havin whatever is valuable to you, includin material, intellectual, emotional, or spiritual thins. Healing energy is symbolized by jewelry. For a woman, jewelry symbolizes love.

Agatha Bas wears pearl bracelets. Bracelets, say the dream-books, symbolize havin money and love; also the strenthenin of your abilities. Bracelets symbolize also deep and fiery passion. For a woman, an early and happy wedlock, and posessions and property.

A necklace symbolizes love, a lovin husband, and a beautiful home. It helps to attain whatever you want.

In general, the fortunate directions of movement are either clockwise, or else to the right and upward.

Agatha's hands pull our attention to the right, and then the highlight on the wooden frame, that she is holdin -- the highlight above her left hand, afterward draws the attention upward, if you happen to be observin the details of the portrait.

Therefore, the motion in the painting sends a favorable, fortunate, and healthy message to the unconscious.

One more thin, that is beneficial about the design of this portrait -- the figure faces toward the viewer. For mos purposes, that is to be desired.

The reason, wherefor I say "for most purposes", is that an image can have a specific purpose, such as to help the viewer to be more practical, or more spiritual. Such purposes are only for specific individuals in specific times, and are not regarded as bein desirable for every painting.

I looked up the meanin of Agatha's name, and it is from the Greek word for "good".


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The ebony frame, used as a "prop", is a new invention of Rembrandt's, for this particular painting. I here paraphrase the ideas of another critic.

The frame makes an imaginary bound between her space and that of the viewer. Her hands penetrate into the viewer's space, thus givin to us a feelin of involvement with her.


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In the year of our Lo'ward 1805, Louis Bernard Coclers held this painting in Amsterdam

Nieuwenhuys imported it into England. He offered at Christie's, London, 29 June 1814. Someone there bought it.

Later, John Smith bought it. John sold it to peer Charles Townshend.

A peer, by the name of Yarmouth, bought the painting for George IV for 74 pounds and 10 shillins, through Robins of London, on the 4th of June, year of our Lo'ward 1819.


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