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FAMOUS PAINTINGS by clicking here

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Here, for you, is a description, of that famous painting, by Marcel Duchamp, who was one, of the pioneers, of modern art paintings.

The painter bound together about 20 sundry shots of a nude woman, and sundered, stripped, and lessened them, then lapped them over one another.

An art critic for a newspaper, called the New York Times, was named Julian Street. He wrote, that Marcel’s original painting looked, as if it were "an explosion in a shingle factory".

The artist said, that the stop-motion photography of Étienne-Jules Marey flowed into this fine art painting.

There was a book, that the artist may have seen, by a critter, by the name, of Eadweard Muybridge. That selfsame book was made in 1887. Animal Locomotion
was the title of the book. In it was a chain of twenty-four imitations, of a naked woman going down a stairs.

Marcel may have seen that book, before he created his abstract painting art.

Thomas Eakins, of the U.S.A., did also chains of likenesses movin in time. The painter may have seen these, as well as the others, before he made his oil painting.
Here is a video of a tune, havin the same title as the famous painting:

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