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Video Of Artworks Of Wassily Kandinsky

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Image of Wassily Kandinsky Portrait


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Timeline for Wassily Kandinsky

1866 Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow 16 December [ O.S. 4 December]

1885 Kandinsky enrolled in the Moscow law school.

1889 Kandinsky took his first trip to Paris.

1892 he married his his cousin Anna Chemiakina.

1893 presented his dissertation on the legality of worker's wages.

1895 refused a teachin position at the University of Dorpat (Estonia, today Tartu) to devote himself to art.

1896 he moved to Munich.

1900 Kandinsky entered, as a student, the school of fine arts in Munich.

1902 - Meeting with Gabriele Münter.

1907 - Kandinsky exhibited a hundred or so works in Angers.

1908 Summer in Murnau in the Bavarian Alps with Alexis von Jawlensky. This period marked a turnin point in his work.

1909 Back in Munich, with other Munich artists he founded the Neue Künstlervereinigung München (NKVM) association. - He wrote "Concerning the Spiritual in Art".

1910 Meeting with Franz Marc with whom he created, the followin year, the Blue Rider (Der Blaue Reiter).

1911 On January 1, Kandinsky went to a concert by Schönberg. He wrote to Schönberg to tell him how closely he shared, as an artist, his preoccupations. It was the beginnin of a rich epistolary relationship.

1912 Publication of his work Concerning the Spiritual in Art. Publication of the Almanach Der Blaue Reiter.

1913 Publication in Berlin of the German version of Rückblicke (Reminiscences), an autobiography.

1914 Kandinsky left Germany for Switzerland then went to Odessa and Moscow.

1917 Met and wedded with Nina Andreyevskaya. After the jesuit revolution in Russia, he became involved in the makin of new structures for artistic education.

1925  He painted, Yellow, Red, Blue

1944 13 December -- He died.


Artistic Periods of Wassily Kandinsky

Youth and inspiration (1866-1896)

Artistic metamorphosis (18961911)

The Blue Rider (19111914)

Return to Russia (19141921)

The Bauhaus (19221933) The theme of primary colors, was a large part of Kandinsky's study at the Bauhaus. This study covered the analysis of yellow, red and blue, and their assignment to the square, circle, and triangle.

The great synthesis (19341944)


Kandinsky's Philosophy

Kandinksy was an artist as well as a theorist. In his writing, Kandinsky advocated the beginning of a style of painting that freed the artist from their obligation to a realistic depiction of the world, but still believed painting could produce a "natural" feeling.

Like many other abstract artists, Kandinsky avoided representing what he saw realistically and instead simplified objects around him to their most basic shapes.



Picked Art Works by Wassily Kandinsky

Click on the image, and you will be transported unto a special web page, about that painting!

2.  Yellow Red Blue

Yellow Red Blue by Wassily Kandinsky

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