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By Wassily Kandinsky

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Abstract Painting Yellow Red Blue By Wassily Kandinsky




  • Year -- 1925

  • Medium -- Oil on canvas

  • Size -- 50 inches by 78.74 inches

  • Whereabouts -- Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France.



Biography, saga of Wassily Kandinsky you will find here:  Wassily Kandinsky.

Nina Kandinsky gave this painting to the Musée National d'Art Moderne in 1976.

'Twas done during Kandinsky's "cold romanticism" phase.  The painting, "Yellow, Red, Blue", composed in 1925 was completed during Kandinsky's time teaching at the Bauhaus.

The theme of primary colors, was a large part of Kandinsky's study at the Bauhaus. This study covered the analysis of yellow, red and blue, and their assignment to the square, circle, and triangle.

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Thumb of Yellow Red Blue By Wassily Kandinsky


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Thumbnail Abstract Painting Yellow Red Blue


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Video -- Yellow Red Blue Made Into Animation





About this painting, Kandinsky said the following,

"A circle, which I use recently so often, could not be called otherwise but romantic. And the present day romanticism is essentially deeper, more beautiful, more substantial and more salutary - it is a piece of ice, in which fire is burning. And if people feel only cold and do not feel fire - so much the worse for them..."

Yellow, Red, Blue has a a variety of main forms or shapes.  In the painting you see a vertical yellow rectangle, a slanted red cross and a large dark blue circle. There are checkerboards that are black and white and in color.  The painting also features many straight black lines, vertical and horizontal. Many of the painting's forms can be simply identified.

But their relation to each other begs deeper thought.

The canvas can be divided in half. The forms on the left side of the composition are primarily yellow surrounded by blue, while on the right side, the forms are blue sorrounded by yellow. In the middle of the composition, the eye is drawn to the red forms.

The lighter portion of the painting can be judged as the sun, while the darker, blue half can be the moon. The painting is also a representation of dawn and sunset. What can be seen in the painting is the birth of the red color, in the midst of a battle between yellow and blue.

The painting is a fine showin of abstract art. It uses form, color, and line to make a dynamic array. Upon seein the painting, the seer is unsure if Kandinsky had a visual reference in the physical world to base the composition on.

Without knowledge of Kandinsky's process, it is up to you, the seer, to judge what the shapes may show, if they show anythin at all.


Lines Of Yellow Red Blue By Wassily Kandinsky


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