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Abstract Painting "GREAT BALLS OF FIRE" By Mick Snutz


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Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. Image --"Great Balls Of Fire"

  2. Get Your Own Signed, Numbered Collector's Print, 1 of 10!

  3. Own A Hand-Painted Reproduction Oil On Canvas!

  4. The Fundaments, Lore About "Great Balls Of Fire"

  5. History of "Great Balls Of Fire"

  6. The Compostition Of "Great Balls Of Fire"


Image -- Great Balls Of Fire






  • Year -- Some time from May, 1997, to 2001. Probably closer to 1997.

  • Medium -- Rustoleum, day-glo paint, felt marker, poster board, poster paint, and digital print.

  • Size -- 22 inches by 22 inches

  • Whereabouts -- In possession of the artist, Mick Snutz, Frostburg MD USA.



Biography, saga of Mick Snutz you will find here:  Mick Snutz .

Finally I decided to stop workin with collages and to begin paintin mandalas.  An intuitive person suggested that I make abstract ones, although I had a different bent.

My bent was toward tryin, to combine diverse real (not abstract) images, into a seemly pattern.  That was my aim in the collage mandalas, but I was never able to produce a really coherent mandala made up of diverse images.

When I began the first paintin, I didn't have much paint on hand -- I had some rustoleum, some brown poster paint, some day glow orange, and some gold spray paint.  I still had varicolored poster boards, and also I had some felt markers.

So I decided to make a multi-media mandala.  Since I made it, I have made several variations digitally.

Look below, and you can see where I sprayed the rustoleum, then painted the middle with brown poster paint.  I cut a disk of poster paper, spray painted the edge with gold spray paint, then painted the orange day glow paint in the middle of that.  I glued it to a larger disk that I colored with a blue felt marker.

The image in the middle was a logo that a friend made for Erik the Vermilion.The yellow flames, the shapes inside them, and the corner borders were all cutout poster board.

A large wall print of this mandala, in a dark room, looks like 4 whirlin balls of fire in midair, the arms stand out from the dark background in the dark room, as if suspended in the air.  Quite a fascinatin sight!



I had 10 prints to be made, by Dave Duncan, of Duncan Photo, LaVale, Maryland, USA. 3 I sold or gave away. 2 were stolen. I have 5 more, signed and numbered. These will eventually be truly valuable, as the mandala will replace other subjects in art, eventually.

No more, of them, are planned to be printed, because I believe that the colors ought to be brightened in future prints. So these are historical "originals" of the future modified prints.

If you are a collector, an investor, a homeowner, or you want to see the spooky effect, that this art produces, in a dark room, you can get your own print at this link:



This painting is a Jung Mandala, a Jungian Mandala. It has a middle, surrounded by 4 equal parts, whirlin in a clockwise direction. The imagery is good. However, I believe that the field should be brighter, optimally pastel, in order to have the best effect upon the unconscious, unknowin mind.

The idea is that the individual is irradiatin his surroundins with light. But I think it fails in this, because our unconscious does not see the surroundins bein enlightened, in the painting, but stayin dark, around the blazin flames.

Future prints will be brightened, so much as can be done, while keepin sharpness, power, and comeliness.



I have selected, for you, an excellent company, with a staff of top artists, who will reproduce this painting, for you, on canvas, at an extremely modest price. Visit their website, read and watch video testimonials.

When you order your reproduction, be sure to put them in contact with Tru Keesey, to get permission to reproduce the painting. Here is his email: trukeesey AT verizon.net.

Here is the link, to get you your Reproduction Oil Painting.

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09 Jul 24

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