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Betokenin, Meaning of Hippos, of Hippopotami

Hippopotamus Symbolism (click for VIDEO)

By Mick Snutz

But first, a word, from our sponsor.

"Look! There will be a time, when there will be a Perfect Master in your time, and it is up to you to determine whether, or not, you follow."

The word, "hippopotamus", is a foreign word. In our speech, it means "river's horse".

The river's horses are more closely akin to whales, than they are to horses.

If you want, to strenthen these traits, whereabout I am about to tell, to you, then add sights, of the river's horse, to your wall, to the composition, of your art works.

"Animal" is a foreign word. The plural form is "animaux". In our speech, the proper word, for all animaux, is "deer". However, the word, "deer", that we need to use, in this keyin, has come to be misunderstood.

Therefore, heed me, when I say, to you, that whenever, in this keyin, I use the word, "deer", I mean all animaux.

The sight, of any deer, for example, in a painting, or in a mandala, betokens our Traits

The sight, of any deer betokens our Instincts,

And Could be a message, from the unknowin part, of our mind

If the deer is a domestic one, then we sway those feelins, we fit into our surroundins.

Wild deer, hidden feelins.  We do not sway, but the feelins may sway us, causin us to not fit in, to our surroundins.

Rivers' horses are deer of the water. So, to understand them, we must understand water, and that, which it means.

Watch The Video Instead

Happy Hippopotamus Symbolism Meaning




Water, our feelins and thoughts, our ways, that, whereof we are unaware, unknowin or else psychic.

Water betokens emotion, and unreasonable and instinctive responses, motives.

Water betokens the whereabouts, in our body, below our diaphragm. In Bible, water means below our diaphragm. Above diaphragm is known, below diaphragm is either unknown, or else psychic.

Fertility and pregnancy come from below our diaphragm, and the emotions that lead to pregnancy also.

So a river's horse, in the water, betokens some, of our desires, and our feelins.

Water means to be quenched. It means, also, our ability to change, to adapt, to fit in our surroundins, and for us to spread out. A river's horse, in water, means all, of these thins, and more.

How about flowin water? Rivers' horses abide in rivers. What betoken rivers?

I, even I, shall tell, to you that, which betoken rivers. Even now.

Flowin water restores emotional freedom, whereas, on the other hand, a swamp, bog, mere, or quagmire might betoken emotional hangups and stagnation. Yet swamps are extremely fruitful, nevertheless.

A river means, that the energies are flowin, the emotional energies. Here are some, of the meanins:

•  The passage of time. A river's horse stays in the same wise, despite the passage of time.

•  The ability, to withstand the currents, of bein in a body.

•  Joy ful pleasures.

•  Peace.

•  Wealth.

•  Control of the border.

Rivers' horses guard their homeland, and, so, if you are an outsider, then they betoken the foe.

All livin beins, in the bailiwick, of the river's horse, must have the river's horse, to keep alive. Their bein alive is bound to the doins, of the river's horse.

The fishes, the birds the plants, all need the river's horse, to keep alive.

The river horse stays with its own group. Deer, who stay in groups, have been said, to betoken wealth. One diviner said so, that those kinds, of deer, who stay in groups, betoken wealth.

Accordin, to the knowledge, of the mind, it will make sense, if those kinds of deer betoken inner harmony.

It will make sense, if the kind, of deer, who stay in groups, betoken parts, of us, that fit together well, with singleness of aim.

Here are some, of the betokinins, of the river's horse:


Group dominance on an emotional plane

Hidin, from sight, our traits, our thoughts, our motives

Not showin, to others, who we are

The hidden, unknowin, basis, for a group's unity


Hidden strength

In art, we want our good tokens to face toward us, and either straight toward us, or toward the right and upward, rather than toward the left or downward.

However, if the individual piece is a mandala, then we want 4 parts to move in a clockwise circle, so that the top part faces to the right, the bottom part to the left.

The left part faces upward, and the right part faces downward. That way, when you put them all together, the elements form a clockwise goin.

Any deer, in a work, of art, ought to be friendly and happy. To make it white, or to add wings to it, will increase the strength of its goodness for us.

If a deer talks, to us, that betokens high knowledge.


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09 Jul 24

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