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SOLVE OR RESOLVE YOUR PROBLEM.  Some people do not have the faith nor the experience to strengthen their belief in the ability of Jesus Christ or God to accept their prayers for the removal of their shortcomings, and to surrender to God's will and to His control of our every thought and action, so that success and health will manifest in their lives.

So I do this for you, if you ask me to, and also I map a program for you to follow to actively correct the course of your life.  Click on the title  (above) of this blurb.  You don't have to be a believer to receive this service.  It is a free service.  I would appreciate a donation, and the act of giving would open you up to receive healing of your life more fully, strongly, and soon.  

BOTTLE OF CHARGED HEALING WATER.  I'll do this for selected people for free.  When you drink the water, it strengthens your resistance and helps to restore health.  I have to buy the water already bottled, and I have to pay shipping, so I pass these costs along to you.  All together, I reckon that for a pint of water, I have to pay about $10, including the commission to the credit card broker.

If you want to apply for a bottle of charged healing water, then email to me at  I don't make any money off of this, except some odd change left over from the round figure that you would have to pay.  It would be helpful if you would make a donation above that cost, but I do not require it.

QUESTIONS ANSWERED.   I will answer questions for you, about your personal situation, or else about religion, philosophy, and so on, provided that I have permission from God to handle your specific instance of question-asking, and so long it does not interfere with things of a more pressing nature.

1)  Questions about God, religion, philosophy, and so on.  This is a free service, but a donation would help to make equal your karmic balance, and would also help to advance Heaven on Earth.   Please feel comfortably to email to me with your question at

2)  For advice about jobs, relationships, decisions, and so on, the fee is $90.  This advice is very reliable.  To pay by credit card click here.

3)  MISSING POSSESSIONS, PEOPLE, AND PETS.  Horary astrology discloses information about the location and condiditon of missing possessions, pets, and people.  The market price for this service is $180.  To pay by credit card click here.  In the event of an "unreadable" chart, only $150 are refundable.  It means you have to ask again at a future date.

HELP YOU TO SUCCEED IN YOUR CAREER.  I discuss with you your choice of career and your location for best success.  I give to you an astrological analysis of your career calling.  I invoke the Celestial Hierarchy, including Jesus Christ, to remove the obstacles to your success.   Feng Shui is also considered, and you will be invited to receive an acupressure treatment to remove any psychological or spiritual blockages and allergies that you may possess.

The fee for this service is $497.  Click HERE to order the service using credit card.  If you are temporarily impoverished, then email to me at, and we will see about possible alternative arrangements.  

SANCTIFICATION OF MARRIAGE OR OTHER BEGINNING.  (New Job, School, New Home, and so on) Let's talk about this one.  Email your phone's number to me at

HOLY COMMUNION, BAPTISM.  I do immersions and am authorized to sanctify the blood and the body of Jesus Christ, to magnetize you to His holy vibration.  Email your telephone's number to me at  

Various Levels of Priesthood

When you are considering a priest, you want to be aware, was he "called" to the priesthood by God?

And beyond that, which level of initiation has he been given?  How focused is he in practicing the techniques by which a priest is to remain in the Grace, and to be an arm of God?

Attributes and Services Possible to a Priest

When you are willing to accept the gifts of our Father, then the priest is the spiritual physician whose wand of prayer and love brings down to your soul and mind the pattern to be imprinted in you, for you to resonate with the plan of divine abundance, joy, and health.

A priest is also given the grace of being able to answer for you questions having to do with the attainment of health and happiness, such as interpreting scriptures, dreams, or life's experiences.