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What You Are Looking for is Within You

What Is the Difference between a SOUL MATE and a TWIN FLAME? (Interpret Soul Mate)

Getting Together With Your Twin Flame:

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Make Yourself Compatible --

"The Secret Of Relationships Is


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Pleasingness the Secret of Successful Domestic Relationships

Are you ready for your Twin Flame or Soul's Mate? When you are both ready, then they will come to you without any effort on your part.

Pleasingness is a quality that has been researched by psychologists, in connection to marriage-success.  What they have found, is that when both partners score highly on a pleasingness test, then the marriage lasts and lasts, and is happy and harmonious.

Therefore, friend, before you ever will be ready for your Twin Flame or Soul's Mate, you must learn to be pleasing. I have collected writings from many sources, teaching you how to please your prospective mate, and thus win their love for you.

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This is an aspect of the paranormal and Twin Flames. The Twin Flame comes when you are ready. That is paranormal.

What You Are Looking for Is Within You

We can be happy with our Twin Flame or Soul Mate only when we are ready. Learn how to prepare yourself for either your Twin Flame or your Soul mate.


An Email To My Client

There is so much garbage out about Twin Flames and Soul Mates.

I was just checkin the subject on the internet, and everything I found was garbage! Twin Flame or Soul Mate is a gift, not our own achievement.

The idea of replacin The Giver with our own talents stems from Orvandel [Nimrod/Osiris], the servant of the serpent.

You can pretty much recognize the validity or invalidity of a school of thought by checkin to see whether it relies on The Giver or on our own strengths.

So what is to be done?  It is to court The Giver.

Maharaji told a story about a king who put all his movable possessions into one room, and invited all the people to come in, and whatever they first put their hand on, it became theirs. So one clever guy came in and after a dialogue with the king (I'm in a hurry) put his hands on the king, so he got everything, the land, the palace, everything.

Young I got into this bad habit of tryin to learn by wondering "how do the others do it?"

For example, when I wanted to get out of poverty, I wondered, how do the successful business people do it?

The mistake was in lookin outside myself.  Their way shouldn't necessarily be my way.

In elementary school I always found the right answer because of my habit of "being with God" or "asking God", it's hard to express what I mean, but it came from my religious tradition.  Instead of thinking, I would just "ask".  This was not conscious, but a habit.  "Ask and it shall be given."

But later I somehow got tricked into lookin outside for answers, and that is how I ended up puttin theosophical misinformation on my web page.  I got (partly) separated from The Giver.

One covey of researchers was tryin to analyze the Stradivarius fidlas.  They tested all sorts of ideas, but did not discover the answer.

Another guy was not interested in previous fidlas, but in discovering new principles (so he thought).  This was a documenatary on educationally couched propaganda tv.

The second researcher bought I think 100 or 1000 cheap unfinished fidlas.  He experimented with planing them in different ways.

There is a peg inside of fidlas that presses outward on both front and back.  He discovered that the position of the peg in a particular placement increased the overtones vastly.  That turned out to be the secret of Stradivarius's fidlas.

Also, I think they had exceptionally finely grained wood So the first batch was concerned with more like looking at what others did, and the successful researcher was trying to discover something fresh, although what he did discover was not new, he found it by looking "newly".  That is the point.

NOTE: So what does this anecdote from tv have to do with Twin Flames and Soul Mates? The point is don't fill yourself up with so many theories from the "new age", channeled and theosophical junk. Remember the definition of disinformation it is the 98% of truth to trick you into the 2% of lie.

What is the difference between a SOUL MATE and a TWIN FLAME? (Interpret Soul Mate)

Your TWIN FLAME is part of you, and you are part of them, together you form one complete person, half male and half female. Sometimes the male half is in female body or vice versa.

You could both be male or both female, one could be old and the other young, or one dead and one alive.

The "New Age"/Theosophical theory claims that until 180,000,000 (180 million) years before 2005 AD, humans of Earth had both sexes in the same body, but the Earth and the bodies weren't that physical at the time. This is according to sources which I used to accept until having experiences of my own;

...but now much suspicion is cast upon Bailey and Blavatsky because of their having been self-admitted devil-worshippers.

At that time (they claim), the "division of the sexes" happened, each person was divided into two bodies.

According to Lobsang Rampa, and the Tibetan/Atlantean tradition that he represents, whenever we get a boyfriend or girlfriend, we think it is our Twin Flame, until we find out later that we were fooling ourselves.

A SOUL MATE is somebody else's Twin Flame, who is temporarily compatible with us, for a specific purpose in this life's time. Often we find that a Twin Flame may not be accessible for now. That is when it is desirable to hook up with a Soul Mate.

In either case, whether you are preparing for your Twin Flame, or for your Soul Mate, the key to happiness is being able to please them. Click Here Now to find out how to become pleasing to the opposite sex.

How to Recognize Your Twin Flame

When you are in love, it is so-o-o easy to imagine that the feeling of love is an indication that THIS is your Twin Flame.

In truth, your feeling of love is coming from the temporary activities of the planet Venus in your life. Temporary. But we always imagine that that feeling of love means that we have our Twin Flame with us. Not so.

Therefore, you have to be told who is your Twin Flame. If you do a lot of sadhana, or holy deeds, over a long, long period of time, then you may attain sufficient discrimination to tell the difference between being "in love" and being in the presence of your Twin Flame. In my case, I did not rely on myself, but was told who is my Twin Flame.

Next comes the question, told by whom? Again it is a matter of having discrimination between truth and falsehood. Living a Godly, righteous and sober life lends itself to "hearing" or "understanding" things better. Get with it.

This is an aspect of the paranormal and Twin Flames. God, who may be to you unseen, causes your question to be answered.



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