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Whatever you order, through this page, goes to the benefit of the Bible Fixit Hubs, and their supporters!

Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. Unique Gift Ideas For Women

  2. Gift For Men

  3. Gift Ideas For Girls

  4. Sympathy Gift Baskets

  5. Tea Gift Baskets




  1. Books -- Whether Kindle or paperbound, a good read is something that any woman can appreciate to help relax after a long day of work, or to pass the time.

  2. Chocolate -- A timeless go-to, chocolate can be the perfect treat for any woman in your life that you care about, work with, or love.

  3. Flowers --Elegant, yet simple, flowers are always a welcomed surprise, whether for a special occasion or out of the blue.

  4. Jewelry -- Some people think jewelry is another word for expensive, but a nice pair of ear rings or a necklace bought with thought is considered priceless to some women.  Be sure that the color matches her outfit.

  5. Clothing -- This option doesn't have to be nightgowns and dresses. A simple scarf, hat or pair of gloves is sometimes all it takes to tell a woman she's beautiful.

Abstract Wall-Sculptures






Some may joke, but it isn't impossible to find the best gifts for men. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or anniversay, the options are out there if.

Gift baskets are a great gift idea for any occasion. If you're tryin to find those perfect birthday gifts for him, try a nice coffee basket or grillin basket, full of all the supplies for a great time. Anniversary gifts can range from a nice back rub to a weekend cruise dependin on the type of guy and budget.

Cologne is a great, low budget gift that makes both men and women happy. If she buys it, it's because she likes the way it smells, and if he wears it, he makes her happy. It's a win/win. For those with a higher budget, trips or cruises make great gifts.



Girls like gifts that are pretty or sweet.  Females like pillows and cushions.  Teenage girls like pastel colors, and especially pink.  Click on the headin of this blurb, and you will find tons of ideas to make you appreciated by the girl, whom you want to please.



"PLEASE - does anyone have any ideas for classy, inspirin sympathy gift baskets that aren't corny.

"Let's go over-the-top with inspirational messages, especially Bible's verses.  I'm sure she would appreciate anythin we give her, but our friend is a very hip, young, modern woman, with good Biblical taste.

"Please list your top 3 suggestions for thins that are classy, tasteful, that will soothe her in her grief."


With Deepest Sympathy -

"With Deepest Sympathy"

(click on the image now!)

Help to bring them out of their misery, by knowin that you care about them.  Send our most highly regarded sympathy gift basket filled with an abundant selection of gourmet foods and gift items.

Their spirit will be buoyed with the knowledge that you care, as they enjoy the wonderful selection of crackers, cheeses, chocolates and cookies

They will be grateful to you, for consolin them with a lovely gift boxed silk rose petal assortment, Damask designed pocket tissues, and a burgundy wine scented pillar candle.  $136.99


Comforting Thoughts of Sympathy - WebGift

"Comfortin Thoughts of Sympathy"

(click on the image now!)

Let them feel that you care.  Send, to them a beautiful basket of gourmet foods to express your heartfelt sentiments.

They will be cheered with thoughts of you, as they uplift their spirits, with cashew crunch, cheese straws, almond Roca, focaccia crackers, cheese spread, roasted almonds, Cary's English toffee, Nunes Farms Crunchie Munchies, chocolate chip cookies, a Ghirardelli? chocolate bar, a cheese spreader and a book sharing words of comfort.   $89.90


With Sympathy -

"With Sympathy"

(click on the image now!)

Light and happiness will re-enter their world, thinkin of you, when you send your condolences with a beautiful gift basket filled with wonderful comfort food.

They will be cheered, by the thought of your carin, as they enjoy the flavor of caramel clusters, gourmet cheese and crackers, zesty cheddar corn, dark chocolate coconut cremes, almond roca, Lindt truffle box, Chocolate wafers cookies, Bellagio hot cocoa,& Ghirardelli squares.   $60.99



1. Irish Tea Baskets- Irish tea gift basket make a great St Patrick's Day gift, and is great for giving year-round. Usually packed with Irish goodies like Barry's Tea, Boland's Custard Creams, and Cadbury chocolate, this wonderful gift basket is sure to delightanyone.

2. Green Tea Gift Baskets


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09 Jul 24

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