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George Bush And The New World Order: Skull And Bones Society Illuminati

I got this information from researchers and insiders, who put it on the internet. I only claim that they said it. I believe it to be true.

Proving it is another matter, but sometimes you have to take action before the proof is all out in the open, or else there won't be a "you" to take any action!

Both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and their cousin John Kerry, are members of the "Brotherhood of Death".

This has come to be known as the "Skull And Bones Society", although the correct name is the "Brotherhood of Death".

That brotherhood was created by the "outer" "illuminati". Leo Zagami, who was raised from childhood in these organizations, and whose family has been in them for generations, said there is an outer and an inner illuminati.

He said the one you find in the records is the outer one; the inner one consists of families, insiders.

It has come to light in many arenas that the Jesuits created the outer illuminati for the purpose of getting the freemasons under their control.

The way they did this was to create the outer illuminati, and then get the members of it to join freemasonic lodges, and afterward to change the beliefs and practices in the lodges.

J. Edgar Hoover, who, while he yet breathed, was boss of the FBI, and was also a 33 degree freemason, created a memo stating the George Bush was messing around the times and places involved in the high-profile human sacrifice of JFK (George Bush Sr.)

JFK was an enemy of the jesuits. The CIA and the mafia have for a long time been merely soldiers working for the jesuits.

The CIA connection to the pope can be proven by the fact that almost all directors of CIA have been knights of Malta. This means they take their orders from the archbishop of New York.

Why was there a human sacrifice? Because the pope is the high priest of Babylon. He only poses as a Christian in order to get money and manpower.

He wears an ancient Babylonian fish-god hat, and observes the feast of Ishtar. That isn't all he does, but this article is about George Bush, not about him. I only wanted to explain why they didn't just get rid of JFK quietly.

The pope and the jesuits used to be enemies, but they became friends. The pope gave to George Bush Sr., and to his son Jeb a knighthood of Malta.

Presumably the knighthood given to George was for organizing the human sacrifice ritual of JFK.

Seemingly, the brotherhood of death requires that you kill somebody before they trust you with big public jobs, like head of CIA, or president, etc.. George Junior was absent an unaccounted for for 3 days while John F. Kennedy Jr. was being killed.

It is assumed that this was Dubya's "blooding", his initiation into the more inner levels of the brotherhood of death.

Dubya's mother, Barbara Pierce Bush, was a daughter of the satanist, Aleister Crowley, of British intelligence.

British intelligence created the CIA. George H.W. married her in the hope of creating "the antichrist". This is commonly known among inner illuminati circles, according to Leo Zagami.

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