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How Long Do You Live With Cirrhosis Of The Liver?
Find Out How To Recover And Live:

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Everything you need to know to keep you liver healthy.

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How to restore your liver to a healthy condition.


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THREE STEP BACKUP PROGRAM -- General tonics are plants that strengthen your whole body. Edgar Cayce said that tonics are a "must" for having good health. Here is a list:...

Chapters Cover Everything You Need to Know

I. Emergency Liver Repair

1) Signs That You Have Advanced Liver Disease

2) The Five-Step Emergency Self-Treatment Program

3) The Three-Step Backup Self-Help Program

4) Your Friends or Family Can Help You

5) Professional Care

II. Non-Emergency Liver Repair

1) Signs That Your Liver Needs Repair

2) Additional Medicines That Can Help Your Liver to Recover.

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Keep Your Liver Healthy

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"Saving Your Liver "

Easy Self-Help Booklet by Erik the Vermilion

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