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Here Are the Principles and Goals of the Re-ruralizing Movement

It has been a matter of thousands of years in which the process of destroying natural living conditions has replaced lovely farmsteads and wilderness with overcrowded, dirty, and crime-ridden cities.

Degeneration happened slowly, at first, but, since the beginning of mass-production methods, it has been happening so fast as to threaten the existence of Life-sustaining conditions on Earth.

Until now, there has been no force working in opposite direction to the removel of human habitat. Farms have gone to suburban housing, but suburban housing has not gone to farmland.

Suburban housing has gone to garden apartments, to stores, and to offices; but garden apartments, stores, and offices have not gone to suburban housing.

Everything has gone to high-rise building, but not the reverse. High-rise has gone to skyscraper, but not the reverse.

Our function is to reverse the process as it has been happening, so as to increase the amount of human habitat. That we can do so, control must be gotten over zoning boards, land must be bought, and then re-zoned, step-wise, back to agricultural.

To gain control of zoning, we must put our people into zoning boards. It may be helpful to uncover payola that has happened, or is being tried, toward zoners & zoneresses.

The first step, after gaining sway over the zoning of land, is to remove all high-rise and apartment buildings from a given county. Next we remove town houses & shopping centers. Third, the removal of suburban neighborhoods, and, lastly, the skyscrapers.


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