Erik the Vermilion Ministries

Travel Adventure Game

Join us in finding out about different places on Earth, and helping them to improve their condition. Astrology is involved. We are creating an adventure book based on our research.

We are going through the sidereal zodiac one star at a time, and finding out what cities those stars are passing through. Then we interview people from those cities to find out what the conditions are, and apply astrology of fixed stars and other cosmic points to see what is really happening, and to help to improve it.

Our Adventure

God has told me to write this book. So I begin the typing 2003 12:48 A.M. Eastern Daylight Saving Time, Frostburg Maryland 39N39, 78W56. For the last few days He has been revealing to me the format of the book. The typing is not the beginning, not the birth of the book. It is a stage in the gestation of the book.

The book is to be a puzzle, exciting, per God. He told to me, that my fame and fortune will come from writing a book. He said that the supporters whom I need, for the Sacred Heart Music Camp, in the Heart of Jesus in North Carolina, will be attracted to me by reading this book. This camp is to be the prototype for future world civilization, solving all the present-day so-called problems prevalent on Earth.

So, friends, my good friends, here is what we are a-going to do (and this is per His instructions, by-the-way): We are going to travel through the sidereal zodiac one star at a time, searching for the person or organization on Earth, who represents the embodiment of that star's consciousness. Each such person or organization will be a piece of a puzzle. And in the end of the book, we are going to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle into a humongous picture of a harmonious Whole-Earth Choir, singing the praises of the giver-to-us of life and joy.

The idea evolved out of some research that I was doing, concerning the positions of stars relative to the positions of cities on Earth. I found that the present day center of evil for the whole Earth, which is London, is located at the same location as the star known as "the head of the dragon." Let's wait til we get to that star before going into the history of the Draco and their role in modern history. If you want to do researching on your own, then look for the following combinations of keywords: collier draco; icke draco; branton draco; pleiadean draco; andromeda draco, dulce draco.

The earliest Chinese histories state that the rulers of China were not humans, but were dragons. This is to be taken literally, however the dragons in question are humanoid. They have been depicted in early 20th century comic books. But enough for now. Next, I found out that the star called the "head of the medusa" is at the same latitude as New York City. In Chinese, this star is called "piled up corpses", and in Arabic, "the demon".

New York City is the Western Hemisphere's capital for all evil. If somebody gets sick or poor or has a misunderstanding with the family or friend in any place in the Western Hemisphere, it is a result of decisions that were made in London and New York. How can I say that? Because the ways of living in harmony would have already been disseminated by now if it were not for the policies from those places.

When people suffer, it is because of ignorance of the healthy lifestyle. It is of interest that there is a Medusan-looking statue in the harbor of New York, claiming to be The Goddesse of Liberty. I was told that the real Goddesse of Liberty is atop the Capitol's dome in Washington.

Any how, friends, the first star in my list is called Kurdah, with dots under the "k" and under the "h"'. It is located, within one minute of arc or less, in exact opposition to the wonderful and extremely significant star called, "Arcturus." You can read some about this star (Arcturus) in Aliens Among Us by Ruth Montgomery, but we'll be going way beyond her report later on in this book also. The two stars are moving at about the same rate, and so will be acting as a pair for many centuries to come.

Kurdah is located in the head of the constellation Cepheus, King of Aethiopia. For the time being, I believe it to be the "Head of Cepheus", symbolically. Cepheus is the same being whose spirit is spoken of in the legends or myths of the gods Ocean, Wotan, Wodin (sponsor of Wednesday, which is Wodin's Day), Gwydion, and the Hindu rain-god Parjanya (the same word as the Scandinavian "Fjorgynnr").

This god, Wotan, and Odin are like brothers, according to clairvoyant Frank Winn's sources, and have been confused each with the other. Odin is the same as Ygg, Ug, Og, Ugly, and Rhea.

Wotan is associated with priesthood, the power of divine speaking which is the attribute of true priesthood, rain, the ocean, blonds, whatever is highest or best, and the Scandinavian culture. Therefore, we are going to be searching for individuals or organizations, in the targeted cities, who represent the foregoing ideas.

The head is often the ruler, so we might expect to discover, in the cities that we are researching, the headquarters or headman of something widespread. But the head ought to honor and to be ruled by the heart, and so, we will ask whomever we meet in Cepheus's head's city, whether they honor the person or organization that we will later find in Cepheus's heart's city.

If they honor the heart, then we can say to them that they are healthy. If they do not honor the heart, then we will try to help them to understand better. In fact, I just had an idea. Friends, you are going to help me to write this book, if you want to. We will contact people in the target cities, find out what is going on there, find out if they are following the heart, and, interact with them to help them to understand. Then the documentation of our conversations can become the chapters of the book. What do you think of this idea? It is late at night, I'll wait until tomorrow to see how it looks, does it look like a good idea. Yes, I think, but I'll have to play the editor and the censor. Well, I love you, and here is signing off for tonight.