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From: Tru Keesey
Tuesday 4:03 pm

Dear Kidneystone Sufferer,

Kidneystones hurt, and they can be expensive. Doctor visits, hospital visits, expensive procedures, surgery...

...and most of all -- you are uncertain of whether folk procedures might be cheaper, faster, and less painful than the "doctor's" methods.

When you try to find fast remedies on the internet, such as herbs to reduce kidney stones fast, and vegetable home remedies for kidney stones...

...the results can be very confusing!

The problem is: TOO MANY CHOICES! Which products work? Which will work for ME? I want my pain to be gone NOW!

Should I Use A Cleanse
To Get Rid Of My Kidney Stone Pain?

Cleanses are great. You find a lot of sites on the internet that say to use cleanses to cure your stones.

Yet, I have thoroughly combed the internet for years, looking for facts about kidney stone cures, and I found that --

See What Jason Bauserman
Of Bartow, West Virginia, USA
Has To Say

About My Incredible Fast Remedy #1:

"After a few months of suffering and pain, I tried the "Incredible Fast Remedy #1"...

"... that you can find in Truman's book. I got relief from my pain within a few hours.

"It was a great blessing to me. Now I can finally work again in comfort. " -- Jason Bauserman




I have never seen nor heard anyone claim, "I tried a cleanse and my stones went away in 4 hours." No one has made that claim

Here Is The Low-Down
On The 2 Best-Known Products!

There are two products that you find most often in your search results. One is an actual product they sell in a bottle, and I checked with people who use it.

They say it didn't work. Many many testimonies in forums on the internet have said they tried it for their kidneystones and it didn't work.

See What Jim Barron Has To Say About My Incredible Fast Remedy #2:

"I tried in in desperation when I had a bad kidney stone...

"...and was isolated in a remote area with no transportation.

"Within a few minutes I got total relief with NO PAIN...

"...(I could actually feel a VERY pleasant cool sensation travel down the previous route of pain and continue past the point of blockage all the way to the bladder).

"This has worked outstandingly every time I have tried it.

"My father had severe kidney stone problems for years (had to be rushed to hospital on occasion).

"It worked for him every time he tried it and he never had to suffer from kidney stones for the rest of his life."

--Jim Barron

To avoid lawsuit, I don't want to mention the product's name, but almost any search that you do for kidney stone remedies will give 2-3 sites selling this product.

Kidney stone sufferers say it doesn't work.

The second product you see most often is a formula for grocery items. This is called the "coca cola and asparagus cure."

The patients say IT WORKS.

However, it is not a natural remedy for kidney stones, it is not a naturopathic remedy for kidney stones, but it is a home remedy for kidney stones that works.

The problem is, you have to drink 2 six-packs of coke in a short time. This does not feel good and it is not healthy for your overall health.

Sure it works, and I'll tell you the exact formula if you want to use it as a "last resort," but there are better, nicer methods for fast relief of your pain!

THIS WORKS: I found that that there are simple, complete remedies to be found in nature that dissolve away your kidney stones fast! These work for all sizes of kidney stones.

You don't have to rely on only a single method.

My methods for natural healing of kidney stones can work for you and give you speedy relief, while avoiding expensive surgery and hospital care.

I can show you numerous vegetable home remedies for kidney stones! Would you like to learn natural kidney stone remedies, and the use of herbs to REDUCE KIDNEY STONES?


Who Am I To Tell You About
Natural Healing Of Kidney Stones?

I was born into a family of several generations of doctors. You could say that traditional medical "knowledge" was almost a “household word”.

You want to know about herbal remedies for kidney stones? I began learning everything I could about plants and herbs at the age of 10.

In college (I went to prestigious American University in Washington, D.C.)...

...I majored in pre-medicine, long enough to learn about anatomy and how our body works -- I got A's in anatomy and chemistry --

-- but I realized that the true healing lore (that I was destined to eventually share with you!) was not being taught in schools.

So I branched out, and I glutted on every possible bit of alternative information I could find.

I became a fanatical medical researcher. I started in the 60's, and I've been studying and researching alternative medicine for 40 years!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: I am someone who has spent years combing the internet for reports made by former kidney stone sufferers, like yourself.

I have found out what naturopathic remedies for kidney stones ACTUALLY WORKED for THEM, according to THEIR testimonies.

Now YOU can avail yourself of these same remedies that worked for others!

Over time, I learned lots and lots about home remedies for kidney stone pain. People kept telling me that I should share my findings with others, and write a book. So I did.

Sharing my discoveries with others like you, I became a recognized and sought-after pert.


So You See
That I Am Able To
Help You With Your Problem!

I want you to take advantage of my 40 years in medical study, and my specialized experience in helping people learn the natural healing of kidney stones.

Get Started Right Now On A Stone-Free Life

  • Because you get a digital version, You can download the E-book in less than 5 minutes and start achieving optimal health immediately.

  • STOP WASTING PRECIOUS TIME, waiting for a remedy to work...

    ...when these home remedies for kidney stone pain can take less than 48 hours -- in many cases only 4 to 5 hours!

  • VERY EASY FOR YOU TO GET! Your kidney stone remedies include herbs to reduce kidney stones, that you can easily get at your grocery store...

    ...so you will have no frustration hunting for unheard-of plant remedies from Siberia and Mozambique.


  • PRESCRIPTION DRUGS ARE DANGEROUS! Do you know that a high percentage of prescription drugs cause cancer?

    Here is a quote from theNew England Journal of Medicine:

    "Today, 290 people in the United States will die from the adverse reaction to prescription medicines."

    That's 290 people every day! With my vegetable home remedies for kidney stones there is no danger. You learn the natural healing of kidney stones!

  • THESE REMEDIES ARE COMPLETELY SAFE! These simple home remedies for passing a kidney stone are completely natural...

    ...so you will be happy to discover that they are absolutely safe.


  • YOU SAVE MONEY! It pays you to find out about home remedies for kidney stone pain with this ultra-convenient E-book, follow-up E-mails, and research updates!

    Did you know that the average prescription costs over $50? With this natural cure for kidney failure, you spend less than $10.

  • STOP THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY! You are going to get MORE THAN ONE vegetable home remedy for kidney stones, that all work...

    ...and you can stop throwing your money away on quack remedies, and snake oil remedies.


  • YOU GET EXACT DOSAGES! You won't have to guess how much of the herbs to take --

    -– I'm going to give you an exact dosage, so you don't risk overdose when you take the vegetable home remedies for kidney stones.


  • YOU ALSO GET ALL THE SECRETS! I'm going to give you the top 10 insider secrets of natural healing of kidney stones.

    I'm going to teach you how to stay permanently free from kidney stones, and I'll show to you the importance of potassium in home remedies for kidney stone pain --

    -- plus herbs to reduce kidney stones.

  • YOU CAN BE TOTALLY SURE! I'm going to let you in on the 4 kinds of kidney stones. For each type, you get a different vegetable home remedy for kidney stones.

    If you have the less common types of stones, you want to don't run the risk of being given a useless treatment.

Cyndi from Durham, NC Lost Her Pain Using My Incredible Fast Remedy #3!

"I have suffered intermittently from kidney stones for nearly 9 years. One was so bad I had to have surgery to remove it."

Then Cyndi tried my Incredible Fast Remedy #3

"... believe me, this really works! The stone(s) will pass within 24 hours.

"I have eliminated at least 8 stones with this remedy and have not gone back to the urologist since I started taking this."

6 Criteria You Must Look For In
Natural Healing Of Kidney Stones



Home Remedies
For Kidney Stone Pain

Fits Your Particular Type
Of Kidney Stone!

Your kidney stone may be any 1 of 4 different types. Each type needs a different treatment. I am going to give to you specific kidney stone remedies for each of the 4 known types of kidney stones.



Home Remedies
For Kidney Stone Pain

Allows You To
Access Your Remedies IMMEDIATELY!

You don't want to have to wait in pain any longer than you have to do. You can download my remedies within 5 minutes, and immediately take effective steps toward total relief!

Brian From Miami, Florida Got Speedy Relief, And "Good Bye" To Surgeons!

"I tried the [Incredible Fast Kidney Stone Remedy #3]...

"...since I have had surgery on kidney stones before I thought what the heck...well it works, that simple.

"Pain went away and for the next 24 hours saw pieces of stone in my urine.

"This really is amazing. I feel like I was let in on a big secret. Thank you so much."


Home Remedies
For Kidney Stone Pain

Give You Immediate-To-Fast Relief
From Your Pain!

Definitely you get fast relief with my remedies. In some cases, it can be felt immediately.



Home Remedies
For Kidney Stone Pain

Gives You
ALL The Proven Alternatives!

You may have seen remedies offered elsewhere, including herbs to reduce kidney stones. Some of these are valid.

I have collected these alternatives for you, and included them in the book, so that you will know that you are not missing out on anything that is offered somewhere else.


Home Remedies
For Kidney Stone Pain

Provide You With An
Excellent Followup Program!

Half of all kidney stone cases get them again and again. After your kidney stones are gone, you don't want them to come back.

So I have given you advanced knowledge of how you can remain stone-free for the rest of your life!



You can get Home Remedies
For Kidney Stone Pain

Without Risking Your Money!

When you order your "Vegetable Home Remedies For Kidney Stones Report", I assume all the risk. You have a full year to prove to yourself that my remedies work for you in the long term.

You may get a full refund at any time!


Use These Fast, Safe Remedies,
Or Even Thousands Of Dollars!

By using the remedies that I am offering to you, you get fast, safe relief from your pain!

But more importantly you will avoid repeated doctor visits, expensive unnatural prescription drugs, and possible shunts or surgery, with hospital costs.

For the amount of money and time I am going to save you, you would be justified in paying as much as $500.00.

Definitely you will save that much in time, medical costs, and inconvenience.

Home remedies for kidney stone pain save you time and money by helping to prevent future complications.

There is great value for you in using wholistic methods, rather than poisonous cartel drugs and intrusive procedures which add chemical stress and other stresses to your body.

Those stresses can increase your sickness later in life, causing a concomitant increase in medical bills, lost time, loss of work, suffering, discomfort, and inconvenience.

By using these remedies, you are going to save at least $3000.00 in preventing future complications!

Clearly the value of these remedies in your life can be reckoned in thousands of dollars.

Now that you have thought about it, I am sure you can agree that, compared to the value of the benefits that you will be getting, FREE is a very low price to pay for this incredible knowlege!

Yet, to encourage you to take immediate action,

I am giving you the chance to try these strategies (including the 4 superbonuses) all for FREE! if you make a donation, in any amount!


I Am Really Committed To Seeing You
Attain Optimal Health,

4 Super Bonuses That Are YOURS
FREE! To Keep
-- No Matter What!

(A $266.85 value, Yours FREE!)


Super Bonus #1:

"Neglected Ayurveda Secrets" E-book

(A $69.95 value, Yours FREE!)

You will find out the potent secrets of East Indian medical tradition, herbs to reduce kidney stones...

...and vegetable home remedies for kidney stones, based on the three energies and a practical, good-tasting diet.

These powerful ancient secrets are a must for any complete study of kidney stone remedy.

Your unusual and one-of-a-kind special E-book will answer for you questions that other health-sources, and particularly other ayurvedic sources, have neglected to tell you:

  • What is the most powerful style of healing?

  • What is the best healing method for our modern age, and why?

  • What are the differences in healing between one age and another?

  • How can ancient wisdom be adapted to modern times?

  • Which hatha yoga practices prevent disease and cure your kidney stones?

  • What was hatha yoga originally?

  • Has your condition been caused by violating any taboos?

  • Why is ayurveda so effective?

  • Could demons or thoughtforms be involved in your condition?

  • Which energy type are you? What special practices fit you the best?


Super Bonus #2:

"Step-By-Step Personal Guidance"

By E-mail

(A $69.95 value, Yours FREE!)

Perhaps you are like me, in that you find difficulty in keeping up with a program, once you have read about it.

Just to be sure that you aren't missing anything, or forgetting anything in your recovery program...

...I am going to keep reminding you from time to time, by E-mail, how you can take simple steps to keep your kidney stones from coming back.

This is going to keep you healthy, and make you feel safe and secure.


Super Bonus #3:

"Top 10 Kidney Stone Facts

You Should Know "


(A $29.95 value, Yours FREE!)

The main principles that even doctors haven't caught up with yet are going to be yours, at the tip of your fingers.

You will see the gist of the subject of kidney stone prevention condensed into a quick, easy, and convenient reference guide.

This valuable knowledge is a big help for you in understanding why and how the program works for you, and motivating you to stick with it!


Super Bonus #4:

"Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Medical Research"

By E-mail

(A $97.00 value, Yours FREE!)

Every so often, scientists, or even kidney stone sufferers themselves, make new discoveries about how to stay healthy and stone-free.

For your benefit, I make constant effort to discover any and all new information on the subject of kidney stones.

For example, there is a new field of research, "nanobacteria". These are related to kidney stones, and new information is being discovered every year.

You are going to be "on top of the game" when you receive updated research information from me, as it is released to the public!

This will save you the time and headache of trying to find the information yourself, it will be "delivered to your door", so to speak!



$266.85 value, yours for FREE, when you order your “Vegetable Home Remedy For Kidney Stones” report, and learn about natural healing of kidney stones.


Kidney Stone Remedey


Here's How You Can
Start To Get Relief RIGHT NOW!
...Freedom From Pain For You
-- And A NEW LIFE!

[Note: the "instant access" feature is available if you have a PC with Windows 98SE, 2K, ME or XP. If you use a MAC or any other browser, then you will get your first lesson in 1-3 days.]

Use Pay Pal, Visa, or Mastercard to MAKE A DONATION IN ANY AMOUNT, and I'll give, to you, your FREEVegetable Home Remedies For Kidney Stones” report, and learn the vegetable home remedies for kidney stones,


"CLICK THE "DONATE" BUTTON NOW! -- I'll rush to you your Fast Kidneystone Program, and I'll also tell, to you, how you can get your FREE SUPER BONUSES! (call my voice mail, if your condition is urgent: (301) 687 - 0205

    Tru Keesey, Kidney Stone Pert

    P.S. I know you want immediate relief from your pain. You can have access to this valuable information within seconds, so I heartily advise you to click the order link now to...

    ...save yourself, and also get the $incredible $reduction before it is too late for you.

    P.P.S. This life-saving information is going to relieve your pain, save you maybe thousands of dollars, and put your life back on an even keel.

    Go ahead and press the your choice of the link above, and start enjoying your life again!

    P.P.P.S. Remember, the super bonus E-book, "Neglected Ayurveda Secrets " contains information about kidney stones and natural remedies that you would not be able to find anywhere --

    -- unless you were to do some traveling combined with some very thorough research combined with knowledgeable sifting of information!

    That is how I obtained the information, and it was not easy for me to get it.

    So don't delay! order now and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to get FREE the medical secrets that I had to go to such lengths to get for you.

"CLICK THE "DONATE" BUTTON NOW! -- I'll rush to you your Fast Kidneystone Program, and I'll also tell, to you, how you can get your FREE SUPER BONUSES! (call my voice mail, if your condition is urgent: (301) 687 - 0205






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