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Whatever you order, through this page, goes to the benefit of the Bible Fixit Hubs, and their supporters!

Here Is That, Which You Will Find, ON THIS PAGE:

  1. Experience Gifts

  2. Baby Gifts For Girls

  3. Gift Baskets For Women


Experience Gifts:

  1. Driving Experience Days -- Everyone thinks they can drive, but do you have with it takes to race?  Drivin experiences are always a good gift idea for anyone with a lead foot and a little road rage.

  2. Champagne Balloon Flight -- Half adrenaline hush, half serene get away, a balloon ride will satisfy any adventure's needs.

  3. Aqua Spherein (aka Zorbin) -- This is something that'll have them talkin for months. Rolled down a hill in a giant inflatable sphere filled with 30 liters of water, what more could a thrill seeker ask for?

  4. Indoor Sky Divin -- Less risky than actual skydivin and somethin people of all ages can enjoy. Indoor skydivin is somethin safe and affordable that'll give you the same rush in a safe enviroment.


Experience Gift -- Zorbin!



Baby Gifts for Girls:

  1. Activities Centers--Always a good option for keeping your little girl safe and secure, while still being fun. Available in all sizes and colors online, finding the right fit for your child is just a point and click away.
  2. Meaning of a Name Prints--This fun gift idea combines your child's initial, name and historical meaning of their name, and prints them on a canvas to be displayed for the child to read.
  3. MiYim Cat in the Hat Plush-- Made from cotton that's untreated, unprocessed, and unbleached, this toy will make a great friend for your baby.
  4. Eco-Friendly Baby Mobiles-- Hand crafted and super soft, these mobiles will make a great addition to any child's crib.
  5. Girls Hand Knit Colorful Face Throw Pillows-- These hand knit, 100% cotton construction pillows are just as soft as they are cute, adding a a touch of style to any girls bedroom. They come in any color to show any face.


Gift Baskets for Women

Spa and Bath Gift Baskets--With a lush collection of soaps and body washes, bath and spa gift baskets are a great "anytime" basket for that special woman in your life who likes to relax with a nice bath.

Candy Gift Baskets--Any woman with a swet tooth will love a candy gift basket. Full of sweets and chocolaty treats, this basket is sure to make anyone one happy.

Coffee and Tea Gift Baskets--A great idea for women who like a hot cup for a warm conversation or just something that helps them relax afrer a day at the office.

Fruit Baskets-- Great for someone who watches their health, fruit baskets are full of, you guessed it, fruit of all kinds, as well as various nuts and berry mixes. Some even come with chesse!

Wine Gift Baskets--This is a gift basket for women with fine tastes. Comeplete with chesse and crackers, these baskets are meant to stimulate the taste buds and the mind, while being relaxing at the same time.


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