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It began decades ago. I learned a lot from studyin graphology, a.k.a. handwritin-analysis. I learned, from graphology, that every picture has an upper, middle, and lower space. Every picture has a left and a right.

From the art and the science of graphology, I learned what all the dimensions mean -- the right, left, upper, middle, lower. I learned what they symbolize.

At the time, I didn't link this graphology, to the thoughts of how to design art. I didn't make the connection between graphology and design, yet. That came later. I am goin to tell to you about it now.

I picked up another thought, from studyin graphology. The thought is, that you can change yourself by changin your writin. This is similar, to thinkin that a symbol can change you.


I Wanted To Be A Spreader Of Good Symbols

Next, I took to studyin and learnin about dream symbols. I picked up the idea that there are both positive and negative symbols. I also learned that symbols can have individual meanins, that differ, from one person to the next.

Let me put it to you in a different way. A symbol, a picture (for example an animal, a flower, an object)....a symbol has its own meanin -- most of the time. But for you, or for Ted, or for Liliana, it might mean somethin else.

Not only it might mean somethin else, it also might change meanin for that person. Today it might mean one thin, and tomorrow somethin else.

Another thin that I learned about symbols, their meanins can change with different context. They can change with different colors, too.

Here are some examples: A white bat (animal) means differently from a black bat; A symbol that is underground, or underwater, means differently from one on the surface, or in the air.


How I Discovered Dr. Jung's Secret Formula

My study of dream symbols spanned several decades. Eventually I got my hands on a book, by the famous psychiatrist and researcher, Dr. Carl Jung.

The book was truly hard to be read. I had to work painstakinly just to understand what he was sayin. I had to look up a word every 2 minutes or so. It was truly hard.


How I Discovered The Perfect Symbol -- The Symbol Of Perfection

Ultimately, I came to realize that this Dr. Jung really knew his stuff. It was apparent, from his research, that the best symbol, of them all, is the 4-part mandala.

The blueprint, for such a positive mandala design, he gave to us, piece by piece, scattered throughout Dr. Jung's mandala book.

This book of Dr. Jung's was not easy for folks to read, so I made it my job to unscatter the lore, and to put it together in an easy-to-read form, for artists, designers, and scholars to use.

Now you know the story, of how I came to write The Mandala Handbook.


Secrets Of The Ancients --

-- Secrets Of The Unconscious Mind!

Dr. Jung discovered that ancient texts and art, from all over Earth, contained the same mandala formula that he found in his patients' unconscious minds. True Mandalas are a universal and natural phenomenon.


Are You In Danger

Of Generatin Bad Karma?

I have found, that more and more folks have been realizin the importance, of usin discrimination and knowledge, to design special symbols.

Good symbols --> Good karma :-)

Bad symbols --> Bad karma :-(


(Have You Been Generatin

Good Karma -- Or Bad?)

I must suspect, that the use, of bad symbols, will brin bad karma. By the same token, the use of good symbols would brin to you good karma.

For that reason, every artist, and every designer, would be doin themselves wron, unless they learn how to tell which is which.


For You I Have Designed A HEALTHY Mandala

Friend, I have been studyin symbols, and Jung's research, and that of his students, for 4 decades. I have boiled down for you the basic truths that Jung discovered about the differences between healthy mandalas and unhealthy ones. To this I have added some useful information about specific images that can be used in mandalas.


Warnin! Your Karma May Be In Jeopardy!

To make the true mandalas for you, I learned the answers to the followin questions:

  • What are the 14 most helpful images to put in the middle of your mandala?
  • What is the number of spokes, or rays, or sections -- in your mandala -- that invite you into your true self?
  • In your mandala, what would be the number of spokes, rays, or sections that would lure you away from your true self?
  • What are the 4 functions?
  • What are the 4 colors of the 4 functions?
  • What colors, in the middle, help you, and what colors hurt you?
  • Regardin those mandalas, that appear to rotate -- which direction symbolizes consciousness expansion, and which direction symbolizes regression?


Artists, Designers, And Scholars -- How To Improve The World, And Also Raise Your Own Karmic Credit!

  • Animals -- what position, of an animal, symbolizes consciousness, and what position symbolizes ignorance?
  • What secret organizations have been, deliberately, puttin hurtful symbols into our environment, and why? These organizations get weaker, the more that we learn about them.
  • What are some truly positive images, that we can put into our mandala designs?
  • What do flowers mean in a mandala?
  • What do animals mean in a mandala?
  • What do colors mean in a mandala?
  • Which images are helpful symbols, and which ones are hurtful?


If You Are A Lover Of Goodness,

You Can Make A Difference --

-- Through Knowledge Of Symbols!

Babies 2 Mandala has been designed, accordin with the principles given in The Mandala Handbook, which is the only readable source for karma-savin information. The only other source, that I know of, is Dr. Jung's book, and it is too hard to be read.

Eventually, every respectable artist and designer will be displayin their knowledge of the principles in The Mandala Handbook.


The True Mandala Is A Helpful Tool!

Here is what True Mandalas affirm to your unconscious mind:

  • Make you sane
  • Balance your life
  • Balance your mind
  • Make you efficient
  • Make you win
  • Give you a successful life
  • Help you to achieve total functionin
  • Help you to manage all relationships at full tilt
  • Make your soul and your mind a 4-part symphony



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The Effect Of Mandalas Is Limited

A view of any symbol has a booster effect, only. In my opinion, a symbol is not a primary cause. Symbols boost the effect of other causes, yes.

For example, if you just look at mandalas, that is not enough to cure a mental imbalance; but it may act as a booster to some other cure technique. A catalyst. A trigger. But it is not the bullet, only the trigger.


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