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Information Encyclopedia Online COM

The children of mankind learn at different rates. If you are here, to learn at different rates, then I hope that you are ready to learn in English, for English is the lingua franca of today's, and Webster's, new world.

This website is growing into an encyclopedia, every so often we add a page or two. For the time being, it is not an encyclopedia, but I specialize, for you, in the topics, that you see in the menu, on your left.

If you are looking for a dictionary, you will find it here. It is also about any English dictionary, that you will want to learn of. Plus, you will find lore and information here, that will complement that, which you find in your online dictionary.


Building A System of Knowledge

Each instance, of building a system, of knowledge, goes out from a "worldview," a philosophical, perhaps metaphysical, foundation that informs decisions regarding:

the getting

the organizing, and

the showing

of knowledge, following in the latest tendency to "try value-neutral telling", of information, lore.


The Purpose of Encyclopediae

Although not followed by all, many claim that the purpose of encyclopedias is to organize human knowledge in a way that allows a reader to learn information, lore, as distinct from propaganda, or slanted presentation.


Value-Neutral Telling

That is what is meant by "to try value-neutral telling". It is never value-neutral, but the writer tries to make it to be so.

It is widely believed that the underlying goal of the encyclopedia is to promote knowledge that leads to happiness, well-being, and world peace.

That, in itself, is not a value-neutral goal. Encyclopedias are an ever-growing body of knowledge that lately hold thousands of carefully picked articles written by experts on the subject.

A higher quality encyclopedia brings together informative ways of writing, with carefully edited oversight by scholars, with the traditional review of facts, grammar, and values.

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The Encyclopedia Song By Jiminy Cricket




If you want an internet encyclopedia, then look no further, than this site, we will point you in the right direction. Of course, you can still find many print encyclopedias, but if you prefer, a free encyclopedia online is a great option.


Encyclopedia On Line -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia Free Trial -- Click the link to get your free trial.

Online Encyclopedia for Kids -- Britannica Kids Online -- Free snippets and 7 day free trial

Encyclopedia Online -- The Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia Internet Database indexes over 25000 records, providing users with abstracts for all of these topics.  It is a general encyclopedia in Searchasaurus. FAQ.


Free Online Encyclopedias

Online encyclopedias free are options if you do not want to pay a subscription for an online encyclopedia. They supply to you many articles on most of the topics you can think of.


Online Searching Tips

Tip 1 -- Wikipedia is the best free online encyclopedia, if you are new to a particular topic, and just only getting started in it.  (Read about the caution in the next bit, below).


Free Online Encyclopedia -- Eleventh Edition Britannica Online Encyclopedia Free

Encyclopaedia -- Online Encyclopedia Catholic

Encyclopedia Online Free -- -- This is a kind of searchin engine, that searches only online reference websites, such as encyclopediae, dictionaries, and thesauri.


Kid Encyclopedia Online -- Yahoo Kids Encyclopedia Free Online

Online Free Encyclopedia -- Fact Monster Free Online -- For children.

Stanford: The Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is a freely had online encyclopedia done by folks, of Stanford University. Each writing is written, and kept up, by an man, or woman, who is strong, in the field.  Some are professors, from over 65 schools, worldwide.


Tip 2-- to do a search, key "wiki" plus your topic.  So, if you want to learn about the Isaurian dynasty, then you would key "wiki isaurian dynasty".  You needn't bother to capitalize any word.

Tip 3 -- If you are looking for a movie, a moving picture, or an actor, or the name of any filmmaker, then key, "imdb" plus your topic.  For instance, if you want Paris Hilton, then you would key "imdb paris hilton" and the top result will be her page in the Internet Movie Data Base.



Many topics, that you might search about, have more than one "point of viewing".  In any encyclopedia, usually either:

  • Only one side is presented to you, or

  • Both, or all, sides are presented, but with subtle prejudice against some, of the points of viewing.

For examples, in the last few hundred years, the following topics have been altered, and many false lies have been spread, and have become taught in the universities, and in the mass media:

  • History -- the "accidental" viewpoint has been taught, instead of the more correct "conspiratorial" viewpoint

  • Race and culture

    The Bible, the young earth, and creationism have been discredited, by false information, lore

  • Many lies have been taught, in support of the "theory of evolution"

When you use encyclopedias, you are going to find a lot of false doctrines, that "everybody" has been taught to be true, though they are false.  How can you find out what is the truth?  "Ask and it shall be given."  If you are obedient to Breathgiver, and you "tune in" to Breathgiver often, during your day, then ask him to guide you to the truth, and he will.

However, when we find the truth, it might not fit what we believe.  Therefore we must ask also, to have our fears and our doubts removed, so that we will be able to accept truth.  That covers you.

What are some good, reliable free encyclopedias online? Look below for a helpful list. There are plenty of free encyclopedias online for you to download for offline viewing. We show you the best free encyclopedia online.

Tip 5 -- If the topic is extremely technical, or hard, I go to children's material for an introduction to it.  For example, technical science, such as lasers.

Tip 6 -- Researchers into politics, history, anthropology, and social studies have recommended using the earlier editions of the Encyclopedias Britannica.  They claim that later editions have purposely distorted these topics, for varous reasons.

These excellent researchers have recommended such editions as the 1911 and the 1905 Encyclopaedia Britannica.





The Encyclopedia from Britannica is considered to be the premiere encyclopedia for sophisticated work.  My family owned a set, when I was a boy, and a teenager.  I found it to be extremely scholarly.

Nowadays, whenever I want to "get my feet wet" on some topic, that is new to me, I go to Wikipedia first.  After you get the basics down, if you want more depth, then go into the Encyclopedia of Britannica.



DVD-ROM -- "ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA Ultimate Reference Suite 2011"

Britannica Online Encyclopedia Free Trial -- Click the link to get your free trial.

Britannica First Edition Replica Set (3 vol.) (Britannica Black) [Hardcover]

-- Read User Reviews and order online

Encyclopedia Britannica First Edition

Encyclopedia Britannica Eleventh Edition Vol Xxvi [Kindle Edition]

User Reviews (see also the free online version, below)

1.  Don't buy this! Waste of time and money. Useless list of words with no search function. Doesn't seem like an encyclopedia at all. I want my money back...

2.  What a shame, this Encyclopedia hasn't been optimised for Kindle and there is no handy table of contents or section breaks. Difficult to browse randomly.

3.  There is no table of contents which makes this virtual encyclopedia virtually useless. I am finding it impossible to find anythin - let alone anythin of use when I can't even search for my subject matter.

Eleventh Edition Britannica Online Encyclopedia Free

The Encyclopædia Britannica Eleventh Edition

...(1910?1911) is a 29-volume reference work that marked the beginning of the Encyclopædia Britannica 's transition from a British to an American publication.

Some of its articles were written by the best-known scholars of the day. In the third era (10th?14th editions, 1901?73), the Britannica was managed by American businessmen who introduced direct marketing and door-to-door sales.

The American owners gradually simplified articles, making them less scholarly for a mass market.

The 10th edition was a rapidly produced supplement to the 9th, but the 11th edition is still praised for excellence; its owner, Horace Hooper, lavished enormous effort on its perfection.

When Hooper fell into financial difficulties, the Britannica was managed by Sears Roebuck for 18 years (1920?23, 1928?43).

Save Money When You Order Older New Or Used Sets Of Encyclopedia Britannica

Click on the link, and you will find a list of available recent and used Encyclopediae Britannica.

encyclopedia britannica online, online encyclopedia britannica, britannica encyclopedia online, online britannica encyclopedia


This series is chunk full of history and doctrine.  I must warn you that God has told his people to "come out of her".  "Her" God defines as "the city on 7 hills", which is Rome, "drunken on the blood of the saints" (God's language, not mine).

The catholic church has always murdered saints, and then counterfeited sainthood for those, who have traitorously supported her. Anybody, says God, who has benefitted from association with her, is to be given double the same amount of sufferin, as the pleasaunce that they got from her.

Online Encyclopedia Catholic is free.  There is an alphabet, near, to the top, of their page.  You click on the letter, of the alphabet.  Here is the link:

Catholic Encyclopedia.

Vatican Assassins on CD ROMVatican Assassins Hard Copy New and Used

By A Customer

Vatican Assassins (VA) is a sweeping and sometimes daunting book. I really enjoyed it in spite of it's disturbing revelations.

For anyone with an interest in world affairs - past, present & future - or the political ambitions of the Vatican (which Phelps argues is really one in the same) this is a valuable perspective to gather. Phelps does a very good job illustratin the ubiquitous nature of Jesuit insidiousness throughout modern political, economic & cultural history.

In highlightin the diabolical essence of the order, he sheds light on the unequivocal and nearly universal disdain for the Jesuits by heads of state since their inception in the late 1500s.

These include Napoleon Bonaparte (who, in his memoirs, called them a military order, not a religious one), Oliver Cromwell, George Washinton and Abraham Lincoln. The rationale for many the arguments is well documented.

The book contains endless quotes and citations. That said, I still think Phelps is on target and proves more than enough of his points to be taken seriously.

The book is well organized. It covers much territory.

While it can be considered both an introductory text and more of an advanced study, the average reader will likely need to do additional readin and investigation outside of what Phelps gives.

(thus the reason for the several full length books included on the CD-ROM that comes with VA). According to Phelps (and I think he makes his case) ignorin the Jesuits & the Vatican as a political, financial, cultural and spiritual force, is perilous to a free society and free people everywhere.

It's a very timely readin and is one of those books you'll want to read many times if you take the topic of world affairs (including economic/cultural globalization and the 'War on Terrorism') seriously at all. Definitely buy it.


Secret History of the Jesuits [Paperback]

Out of Europe, a voice is heard from the secular world that documents historically the same lore told by ex-priests. The author exposes the Vatican's involvement in world politics, intrigues, and the fomentin of wars throughout history.

It appears, beyond any doubt, that the Roman Catholic institution is not a Christian church and never was.

The poor Roman Catholic people have been betrayed by her and are facin spiritual disaster. Paris shows that Rome is responsible for the two great world wars.

Catholic Encyclopedia [Paperback]

The Modern Catholic Encylcopedia (Michael Glazier Books) [Paperback]

The Catholic Encyclopedia: An International Work of Reference On the Constitution, Doctrine, Discipline, and History of the Catholic Church; [Paperback]

The New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition (15 Volume Set) [Hardcover]

New Catholic Encyclopedia (19-Volume Set) [Hardcover]  -- Used

1914 Catholic Encyclopedia on CD-ROM (Software) [CD-ROM]



Here are some websites, where you can download the Encarta Encyclopedia:

Encarta Encyclopedia 2014 -- Softonic

Microsoft Latest

Online Live World


Microsoft Encarta was a digital many-media encyclopedia made by Microsoft Corporation from 1993 to 2009.As of 2008, the whole English version, Encarta Premium, held more than 62,000 articles, sundry photographs and illustrations, musical clips,

...videos, interactive contents, timelines, maps and atlas, and homework tools, and was available on the web by yearly subscription or by buyin on DVD or sundry CDs.

Many articles could also be seen online freely, a service paid by advertisements.Microsoft published like encyclopedias under the Encarta trademark in sundry languages, speeches, with German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese.

Localized versions may hold contents licensed from available national sources and may hold more or less than the full English version. For instance, the Dutch one has content from the Dutch Winkler Prins encyclopedia.

In March 2009, Microsoft told it was stoppin the Encarta disc and online versions. The MSN Encarta site in all countries except Japan was shut on October 31, 2009. Japan's Encarta site was shut on December 31, 2009.The Encarta online dictionary at is yet run by Microsoft.



This is a kind of searching engine, that searches only online reference websites, such as encyclopediae, dictionaries, and thesauri.


Encyclopedia for Kids -- My First Britannica (13 vol.) [Hardcover]    $299

Encyclopedia Kids -- DK First Encyclopedia [Hardcover]    $11.55

Everything You Need to Know: An encyclopedia for inquiring young minds [Hardcover]    $16.49

Childrens Encyclopedia: The Usborne Internet-Linked (First Encyclopedias) [Hardcover]    $13.46

The Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia (First Encyclopedias) [Hardcover]    $22.79

Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia [Hardcover]    $25.54

One Million Things: A Visual Encyclopedia [Hardcover]    $16.49

Scholastic Children's Encyclopedia [Hardcover]    $16.49

The New Children's Encyclopedia [Hardcover]    $19.79

The Kingfisher Children's Encyclopedia [Hardcover]  $21.86

Children's Encyclopedia of American History (Smithsonian Institution) [Hardcover]    $19.79

DK First Atlas (DK First Reference Series) [Hardcover]    $11.55

Yahoo Kids Encyclopedia Free Online

Fact Monster Free Online

Britannica Kids Online -- Free snippets and 7 day free trial



First Science Encyclopedia [Hardcover]    $11.55

First Human Body Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference Series) [Hardcover]    $11.55

First Animal Encyclopedia (Dk First Reference Series) [Hardcover]    $11.55

National Geographic Encyclopedia of Animals [Hardcover]    $16.47

First Space Encyclopedia (DK First Reference) [Hardcover]    $11.55


DVD-ROM -- "ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA Ultimate Reference Suite 2011"

The World Book Encyclopedia

The New World Encyclopedia


There are 3 different "New World Encyclopedia"s:

1)  The Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia database indexes over 25000 records, providing users with abstracts for all of these topics.  It is a general encyclopedia in Searchasaurus.For FAQ, go to 

Webster's New World Encyclopedia.  1 Volume.  It appears to have been out of print since 1994.   You can get these as cheaply as a penny, with 4 dollars shippin. Webster's New World Encyclopedia [Hardcover]  1993

Features information boxes on subjects of special interest, extensive cross-referencin, invaluable visual aids, maps, charts, graphs, and tables.

Webster's New World Encyclopedia [Hardcover] 1992

This revised edition of The Hutchinson Encyclopedia (1990. 9th ed.), a British publication, marks Webster's New World's entry into the select field of one-volume encyclopedias.

While comparable to other one-volume encyclopedias, such as The Random House Encyclopedia (LJ 11/15/90) and the Cambridge Encyclopedia (LJ 11/1/90), this work's entries are more akin to definitions than articles, in marked contrast to those sources.

In the field of one-volume encyclopedias, this is a fairly run-of-the-mill work, like the American Spectrum Encyclopedia (LJ 12/91).

3)  There is one done by the Moonies, the worshippers of Sun Myung Moon, the Korean who is circuitously an agent of Rome. It is an online encyclopedia that, in part, picks and rewrites/spins some Wikipedia articles, with their own propaganda twist, or spin.

Here are their claims:  "... integrates facts with values."  Sure.  Their values, not ours.  "Written by online collaboration with certified experts."  In a world at war, each side certifies their own experts.  Their experts are not necessarily our experts.


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is a freely had online encyclopedia done by folks, of Stanford University. Each writin is written, and kept up, by an man, or woman, who is strong, in the field.  Some are professors, from over 65 schools, worldwide.

You might click either, of the above lincques, to arrive at the web's page, of the Encyclopedia Stanford.


This is a good place to begin to study any topic that is new to you, if you are fairly well educated to begin with.

Bear in mind, the cautions, that I gave to you, in the section above. You can't believe everythin, that you read, but you will get one point of viewin, and an idea of what some of the issues are, and a general outline of the topic.

Afterward you can do deeper research, under God's guidance, and find out the real truth.

How To Use Wikipedia

Here is how you use it:  go into any search engine and key in "wiki", and then the topic whereabout you want to learn.  For instance, if you want to learn about hosiery, then key in "wiki hosiery".


World Book Online -- 1 Year Web Subscription    $49.95

The World Book Encyclopedia 2011    $1,044.00

World Book Encyclopedia 2010 Edition [Hardcover]    New and Used from $929 (save $115.00 or more)

Save Money When You Order Older New Or Used Sets Of World Book Encyclopedia

Click on the link, and you will find a list of available recent and used World Book Encyclopedias.

encyclopedia world book, world book of encyclopedia, worldbook encyclopedia, world books encyclopedia, world encyclopedia book

world book online encyclopedia, world book encyclopedia online



The World Encyclopedia Online is any one of a few free online encyclopedias for you to browse. The World Encyclopedia Online collects information for you on all kinds of topics in one, convenient whereabouts. Just enter your searching phrase and you will be given more, than one encyclopedia article, wherewith to be informed.

There are several types of the World Encyclopedia Online that you can browse for free or pay a subscription service for. Try and you will find a World Encyclopedia Online, that is a great service for find what you need.

These phrases, "world encyclopedia", "encyclopedia world", "encyclopedia of world", and "encyclopedia of the world", may refer to any of the following:

New World Encyclopedia (click or see above)

World Book Encyclopedia (click or see above)

World Encyclopedia Online -- (click or see above)

Any of the other encyclopediae described in this section



The word "dictionary" comes from the word "diction". "Diction" means talking, speaking.  A dictionary should be a book, about how to speak. It is true, there are marks that tell you how to pronounce the words, in your dictionary.  I am going to discuss those marks, for you, but, first, let me key about 2 concepts.




Word Dictionary -- To find out word meanings, as they are used today, or as they are to be found in writins of old, simply do a google search, "define", plus the word, whose meanin you want.  For instance, if you want to know the meanin of "socks", then go int google, and key "define socks".

World Dictionary -- If you don't find the meaning, whereafter you seek, then try "wiki" plus the word, whose meaning you want.  In this example, it would be "wiki socks".

In my opinion, we understand the meaning, of a word, only when we understand the meaning, of the root, that that word comes from.  Therefore, I use the etymology dictionary online almost every time, even for common names of people.

We have come far, from the dictionary Webster made.



This is the dictionary, that I like the best, for it has the best etymologies, goin clear back to Indo-European.  Why is this important?

Because, to an intelligent person, the root meaning is the real meaning of a word, and the later meanings can be seen to be either metaphorical, or erroneous, when once we know the etymology, of any word.

However, future dictionaries will have etymologies, wherein every word will be followed back to Hebrew.  They will be better dictionaries, than the ones, that are havable now.

The American Heritage Dictionary: Fourth Edition (21st Century Reference) [Mass Market Paperback]     Sundry new and used from $8.47

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition [Hardcover]     Sundry new and used from $3.96

The American Heritage College Dictionary, Fourth Edition [Bargain Price] [Hardcover]      Sundry new and used from $4.05



The Encarta online dictionary at is yet run by Microsoft.



If you want to find out the REAL meanin of a word, from its roots, the click the title of this paragraph.



Children's Illustrated Dictionary [Hardcover]    from $6.99

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary [Hardcover]  $14.76



1 of 6) Book Encyclopedia -- The Big English Encyclopedia 8.3 Encyclopedia 2 Download

Publisher's description From Sidebar Gadgets:This Encyclopedia gadget has 40 of the Best online Encyclopedia sites.

American Studies







Legal US               



Library of Congress     












Medieval Studies   



MIT Sciences      


CIA Fact Book





World Wars



Yahoo Kids




The best addition to any students knowledge base for finishin homework assignments. This version is the first release on CNET

2 of 6) Encyclopedia Book -- Encyclopedia 3 Download

Edit By BS Editor: Encyclopedia v3 has 42 of the Best online Encyclopedia sites, smaller design and a Google Search bar.

American Studies        




Jewish Reference


Legal US



Library of Congress            












Medieval Studies



MIT Sciences                      


CIA Fact Book






World Wars



Yahoo Kids




we added the eBay Search bar. The best addition to any students knowledge base for finishin homework assignments.

3) Free Encyclopedia -- Reference Boss

4)Encarta Encyclopedia 2014 -- Softonic

5)Microsoft Latest

6)Online Live World



For your information, Jack Stand, and his team, review for you every art gallery, that they think is worth talkin about. For the purpose of this encyclopedia, a new gallery review is added every 4 months or so.

The first reviews are scheduled to be in English.

art print, new world art, painting, posters, Webster's print, poster, artist, online artwork arts for sale encyclopedia, oil painting, fine art, art paint, abstract art, artist, oil painting, pillow artwork for sale rates information new worldonline, art for sale, oil painting, English dictionary


I guarantee you won't find this in Webster's new world! To learn astrology readings, take astrology classes and courses online.Press release: By the English dictionary, the zodiac means zoös=animals in the stars in a ring around Earth.  Your horoscope literally means in Greek language the point on the eastern horizon.  Sort of it means the ?hour circle?.

The online dictionary says that horoscopes ought to be diagrams centerin around the eastern point of the sky at your birth.  Ought to be.An astrology course will tell you that a star chart depicts the stars in the sky, the traditional meanin is what we lately have called the Sun , Moon, and planets.

Astrology reading tells you the horoscope of the astrological sign of every star in your star chart.Online encyclopedia says an astrological sign is the same as a zodiac sign.  They are symbolic areas, named after constellations, but the real constellations move, while the zodiac signs do not move.


Learn astrology.  Twelve house astrology refers to makin a cross of the horizon and the meridian, and dividin each quarter into 3 spaces, called houses.  The zodiac house interpretation comes in each astrology lesson in the astrology courses and astrology classes of Erik the Vermilion's online astrology school.

Learning astrology and to learn astrology then become fun for you, and you will be able to do astrology reports and charts and  astrology readings of the astrology signs.

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